The London Gazette, July 26 - July 30 1683

bAnd ech ft ws fir.J, with extreme indigratian r hat |the horrid Afl'ajjmftion 0/ your Mayfly and bis Hoydl 1 Higb/tAi (n>)/ fjC i r ve tremble 10 mertion, but in thanks for ttf d-japfointment) v cat fir f t laid 10 butt been execu­ted in tbu very County ,where Tour Majefly has fo many Loyd H e in sand Hands devoted to Your Service, ami ready at Tour I{oyal Comm ism \H'e efleem our fe vet obliged in x more particular manner, to take thu opportunity o f renewing our unfeigned Qefvlutions and Proie fiat ions o f un-move able Duty aid. be ally to Tour Majefty and the I{oyal Family, according to the Legal J^jght o f Succelfion. And cbearfuBj to prefert to Tour Majefly’sdifpojal, our Lives and Fortunes, for the de­ fence and honour o f Tour mofl Augufl Perjon, Crown, and Dignity. And for the reducing to due Obedience either by aft rift Execution o fLaws, or by jujl force oj Arms, i f need be, all tbofe Tour M ayfly's Enemies whom now we have great reafon to believe, no other u­H man: means will ever be able to make inoffetfive to Tour Government Since even fo many repeated Ails of- Tour M ayfly's unparalell’d Grace and. Mercy, have not been able to do it. And therefore tve do with Humility and Faithfulnefs offer unto Tour Majefty, a Troop to be formed o f the principle Gentlemen o four County, under Tour J{oyal Commiffion, to be ready at all timet to guard Tour Ma- jejly’s Sacred Ptrfon at Tour R^oyal Palace o f YVhitchail, ore ft where, whenever Tour Mayfly Jhall fleafefo to command us. iVe conclude, with our moft folemn Vows and Prayers to Almighty God for the continuance o f Tour M ayfly’s Health, Profperity ,and Glory wijhing and hoping that all Tour Loyal Subjefls ajfeHions and ardour for Tour moft righteous Caufe, will increase propertionably to the Plenty and Felicity we enjoy under Tour happy J{eign And that all Tour enemies Malice and tfage for the future, will have no other e fell but what it hat hi 1 her had, to deprrfs and confound them the moret and to make fit in il! Grnrfrr 1 Tom----------- the King's mofl Excethnt Mujefiy* The *^mb'e AdJrefi c f Tour M ayfly's mojl LoyalarJ mvji Obedient SuJ^jeils, the Jujttccs oj the Peace, and Grand lnquejt, at the General Quarter Seffant of the Peace fc r wet ounty o f Wilts,held at War- milter, oft Tuefday the low .day cj July, in the Thirty fifth Tear o f Tour Majejty’s /(eign over Eng­land, i$c. W Dread Sovcratgn, E cannor without Abhorrence and Amaxemenr, rcHcrt on riic Ingratitude o f rhofc Wen, who owing their Lives ro Your Majefty VClem ency, Ihouid defign to takeaway Yours, and thereby involve us in that Mvlery and Con* ftjflion they would bethought fo mudh to dread troriwhe P*i- piits: Sorhatrhey draw near to the Jtfutrs in their Hearts and Practices, how much ibever in their Tongues they fern to Condemn them. Neither will Impudence it ielf, or wbac is more, theft Men, hereafter dare to accufe the Church o f England o f Compliance with Popery, when toe Fanaticque outgoes Ravilliac and rhe Deirnre painful Teacher difiances rhe worit'Of Popes with their wnole Confilfory. For thelc Men Sacrifice whole Kingdoms to their Rage, and would Expiate the Murder o f Ytur Glorious Father, by offering up his Sons to his Injured Ghaft. But Providence, as in other Inifances, (binthislaft, mott eminently dilcovers the Con­cern it hath for Your Royal Perfbn and family, which fnaicht You as a Brand out o f the Firc^and made the Conflagration o f a Town, the happy Inltrument o f Your Majedy’s deliverance. T o that God wcoffer up our thanks for your Majelties fafefy, and to Your Great Self, the humble Aflurance, Thatwirhour Lives and Fortunes, we will defend Your Sacred Peribn and Royal Brother from the attempts o f the worlt o f Men. To tlx King's Mojl Excellent Majefly. The humble Addertfs o f the Grand Jury o f the Liberty o f P«tcrborough in the County o f Northampton, at the General Quarter Sejfionskeld in the City of— Peterborough, on them h td a y o f July, jtfgj. Te the Kings Moft Excellent Majefly. Tour Mayfly nos f t Loyal Subjects o f Tour County o f Dorfet, the fu ftice t o f the Peaee, Grand Jury, and others Afem bled ai Shaftsbury, at the General Quarter StJJtons, Humbly beg Leave a little to inter­rupt Tour Sacred Majefly's great Thoughts and Cares which Tour Majefly now {a xoeight more than ordi- n try J fu ftiin s, for the prefeivation of U), and aU Tour good Sub\e&s, from the moft Imminent fyine which'the Vnexampled Wickedncjs oj theVngrateful, Atbeifiical SeQanes had prepared for tie. May it pletfe Tour Majefly, W E are duly fenfible that all Subjefts ordinarily owe themfolves and all they have to the Government, but upon this aftonifhing and wonderful Occafion, wherein God has been pleafed 10 proceed in his courk ot work'-ng Miracles for Your Majeltv, what Thanks we ought to pay to God, and Your Majelty, for this our fo very great Deliverance and Redemption, we cannot exprefs •,But beg Your Majefty to believe, that our Joy foe Your Majeftj’s and Royal Brother’s Deliverance, exceeds even the Senfe ot our own rellorcd Lit*. The great God hath fih'd, Kings areas Gods, but thefe True-Protedant-Atheiits, who for thefe lalt Forty Years have bid in their Hearts and Adtions, and fbme o f rhem with their Mouths, That there is no God had refolved that oncc more aKin* (bould dye like Men, and fall like oneot the People. We therefore in all Humility thank God, and Your Majetty, moft joyfully and Dutifully o* ito f.lves, to the utmorf o f what we are or have, GreatS 1 R ,Your moft Sacred Ma jetty’s ever Loyal Subjefts< May it pletfe Tour Mayfly ?AS we Ycur Dutifoland Loyal Subjects (with bo liftk Altonilbment) have received an Account ot a molt Bloody Confpiracy contrived aga.nft Your Royal Perlon, Crown, and Dignity and aHo agamit Your deardt Brother, Tames Duke o f York *,So we cannot but with all the pail,on (that Loyal Hearts are capable o f J figmfie and protefs our utter Detcllation and Abhorrence o f the fame, together with all Tralterous Dcfigns and Sedition* Afloaanons whatloever. And for as much as we are highly fenfible ot the dutitul Allegiance we owe to Your Sacred Majefty,.Y our Heirs and Succeflors, and alfo very apprehenfive of the manifold Blef- f mes w e enjoy under Ycur Wife and Gracious Government So we crave leave toafTure YourMae»y, That with tfceha-, Tard o four Lives and Fortunes, we lhall readily and chear. fullv endeavour to promote Your Majelty sService, as well for the defence o f Your Mijcft>’s Sacred Perfon, and the FJtablifhed Government both in Church and State, astor the Difcovering (and as inasmuch us lieth )the bringing to Juftice Your and their tnemies. And fmce the watchful Providence o f Almighty God, by a timely Difcorery, harli prevented that Inundation ot Milerv and Ddlru^ion that would have overwhelmed both Church and State We do in rte firft place with grateful Heart* adore His Mercy and Goodneis for that Deliverance And alfo im­plore the Divine Clemency that hath hitherto Miraculoully preierved You, ttill to pro eit anddetend You from all Your Enemies and to abate their Pride, aflwage their Malice, and confound their Devices, and to grant You for many and many years, a peaceable and pro/perous Reign over us. We His Majefty’s Juftices o f the reace for the Liberty of Peterborough, do return our hearty thanks totbeG en- rlemen o f the Grand Jury for their Loyal and Seafonable Addrefs, and do heartily concur with them in this Ad- drefsi and do recommend it to the Citiieus and Inhabi­tants of Peterborough. f t
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