The London Gazette, July 26 - July 30 1683

J f i um’ j .1846 r ontlon Gazette. •V.f& 'O V 3 (»fO {U !tl’. v V J4IV26 t o ®mD a p july 3016^2. W WiubiU, July 17. q p K e following ¦vKircl's of chc Artillery Com- 1. p n y or Loads* this day prcfcnced 10 i>f M,i] (tv. by His \uyjl Hig-.ucfs, thdr Ontafn (iftK al, HisMijcity \\asplcdf.d to lccuvcit very gracioufiy. 4 #•To the King’s moft Excellent Majefty. May i t 1 afc Your Majdty. E your M a je jlie t m o jl Lo ya land O irtdient Subjects ,the Cap ian Gen era l, Preffdent. y /ce -P’r J i-d .n f,T r e a fun r,and Cor t o f A jf jf iju s t s .SC .of the Artillery CirApan) i f ihe City c f Lor.'ion, humbly b(g leave to A f f u re your M a je fly t T hit none o fall yourS u ije H s k a¦v greater and teeD ft alien o f the Wick,ed and Tr+y ttro w s Canfptracr again ji your Afr/ f Sacred F e r'.ia ar.d G w e rn men thant, we iv b j have fo long ex­perienced ike happinefs rve enjoy u for wife, fo jtjd ,Jog ra c io ti, and m r c f u l a Prince ,that we hfle emit defeating the rejlleff w ic^d d jigns n f unre ifonable Vim. Ant we (as minty and ai.tgi*nce bound }(al> -hr r ng fuch principle sand pra.lices )Join a ljin i-!ce tf iflure 'our M aejt/, we will l.v? and dye h J f ,.ce and mji.]ie>.atne of yourS air'd i'er[//i, Crown ar.d Dignity your /Jensand S* 'Juts, agit-.U ail f.i.ns wbatjocvcr. T o the King’s Moll Excellent M a je ft y .•Ti'C humble Aditreis of flic Jufliccs fef rH c Pc-fw* the Grand Jar\r ,and O 'ftfcr tl.c G<mleramat fli^ Aflizes, hod for yourMajclhcsCountyoT /y.-rr ford ,July t h c i i t.b. 68} .May it pi afe y Hui Avirg now found by experience n hat we log[»/- pedr-d would come pan,to Tkut the hypuctti- cal Zeal for the PrLtejiant Religion ta^en up by dis­contented ambitious omen, f Fun ttical, and Athe­ istical Principles^ and (he [peiiout pretences for Libe r -ty and Property, p rv fejj'ed b) tbz'kni rrn Enemies to Ahnarchy omen f a furtuus ^ tuhican Spi it, a?'<vi m.tny of them in the late accur . d Rebellion, would at U jt break.out into fame d:-jperai*: attempt our greatejt Privilcdge, a* well at Uuiy, to defend it wi:h your Majeliies rnoji mill mir ii rc-ftth &ove¥,m eit them utmott hazard and tx p e r.m f iur Lives and For. Churrtj w j Sr.:t* ur.d I/avLg -hLuJ jud+ «& vrtw r tunes. A f iw e r it u t a j bUt jOt f t f lr our mo f t humble that the Execrable defign wits to have^ r ^wt h a and J bidrty thanks, x hit \ouareg ra c io u fly p le ije dis ute»- ji h i with the ufe and cxercife o f A is,m we JhaX a!w a )i be read) with our baft s ^ jll to em flo* a^ainjt all J{epubl:catt ,Fan a tic a Eland n thu fiiitic 't^ r,Ut air.s A d C c u fp ira ic rs whatever, in defence o f your Sacred F s rfa n :har.d, :*y cur Ancient and Glorious Monar­chy, which we pray God toP rote il and Ctn 'in u c fir hie r.‘.- lanous Parr a fide intended again ji your Atty ft je s p rt c 0 Life- :and that v f your d-are ji Brother the b ii!( }‘of York the wretched C onfpirators well k j.o w n g ,that tk?y might eafily have proceeded to the utter mine o fall U i- g t Sacred dud Civil in theN u tio z^ W e tb b tl^ o u rfd v sbound in duty to God and Man ,to lay at your Ma\ jite fens our hearty and joyful C ongrutulations forth isJ6 great and m a rve llo u s a deliverance o f your M a je jty ,sha>d F,uy- 4: High n e fs you* fafe.y White hall, July 19 The fallowing AridrrfTcs 1 our \e Ives,and the whole Kingdom from Im in e e itru 1 • I >|If* I*«•V. Af•#^t* A J I r »4^1• havi,,g b.-cri prdcntcd to His Maj iiy .His Ma jtfy Hi: plcai’ cd to rcccivc them very graciouily. To the King's moft EKcellent Majefty. Dread ^ovcraign, W thee Mayor, Recorder, ^l.lrrmen, SK eritTard Common i ouncilot t*:-i your Majciiir* anci­ent(. orporatiun of \"ew caj}le upon Tine ,in on. IV .cannot but praife and the Divine goainej's, for them iny miraculous protections o f your M a jefV ics Sacred P e rfo n w hireb they whole ccttffe o f your I fg has been made loG rio m andcfpecialh for the fin g u la r,and extraordinary c irt u m jl tnces o f your wonderful ef- capefrvm thu JHet-ijb ton fp inc y That the fatal enter* p rite fatwas r j i prevented ab, m n ji fig ir.a j nd fur- prizing F n v cid n c e :Ate rrib .e calamity by fire berg made the fortunate occasion o f your May lief sand| t our Royal Broth- rs avoyding ajar reg jte r da>g r ,Common Cour.c»i aiicmbuo this icuth uay Oi jan-[ j j 0^ ,j_ Jf wen behota the wicked Mac 'io it. fu ly ,1.-83. M flO humbly Add r f s to your Sacred M jje jly , beinq fih e d w 'lh h-r r o r jp x t a jlo nijhm ent in the dijcovery o f this late fc e ih jh C or.[piracy .oft irn td h-^t ir jiy M [creams, to attempt ike death of) 0 -tr Sacred P<rfo n, and )(<ur arceD jt Brother ,James Duke o f York an cud fo D t v ih jb ,loud y cals for the] u ji de te jla tio n o fall good C h riftia n sand Loyal Subjects‘ A t i do render our moji folemn thanks to Almighty fo cl at I) difcovered by the agreeing cor.feiftons ft> divert of the frii.-cipa Complices :n tt. > n jn othetwfe 1 / fycb obiiiv-jie Se is, ar.d perverfly Zealous parti-s, a > r.:vtt before gave any proof if remorfe, for alt thrtr Sedi­tious Tumults, Rebeii*n$ AffUhitions ,and Tre*f >,S agairfi your Mx\e£y ar.d your Blefjcd Father. l\lo- muchthatwe and thea* World muji mm jckyon le/ge, that as none but the Devil andy -rn AIa<eliies Enemies could have devifed fo dire a Tragedy, fo m m but. Gel GcA, for |bit fo ftgnal d \tvirarxi, in dlfcovsrisg and ha.jj isfea tei their bloody purple Ar. i 1
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