The London Gazette, July 24 - July 28 1684

?*7Cs Fl'nm (rr .vit\ \ rli .t<>! vc i •J.-c-'c. 5 Ar ivy com mg' rj away• :n-U '.richtl thl'cv. cr .'oar JJodus utcl r'v- o••:*>«. I'.i-HKi ..of Bread is b.-king !,r rne-u . W :}M.i :.Tile Md/qms. I&¦:. rived -ticeweiiqftlay ft *n cjjc '•-* Hta*~-£:yei\d prtofrc G<^(tiT^.s w.--ii- i y 1 i.7 1 Vi.> ds-G tana.. — TUe-^-jjuuiiili Troops ,-c j: c^tnoctl in:he N fi^ib'..•ioa.^,o£'tii:s •'?:v are- fc aratcd, and m ifc'-etr to XM?rr~«i:'era! ...^,.r.(^y ¦/¦p7?2j:/r,-.ind ‘ irisPr6,vT:ice. TI'c Siviu'//« jj tjv- Duidlt ^tln^ijcr here, lias ob- nmci i tv. *cm the States General to return h.-irri, ^vT is acror-!mjsly 'py- * p irllig for Jjis'dcpur- ran Oar Lerers .from ¦¦linfz fell ife- ^Irat’tM ¦):. i<p»ror..had‘ r*:ocve 1 .fVdsni tiWDiilre- •gifJJimriin :tlla3*Jhc] Had. t.iken the hiwer i i .upjlrr.iTx&h'. o f'B u Jk j bat r hy r.fotilt nr -conipoti'Um is-riot laid,' s'nil that t|J^fHric< w'x.rij retired: into, the C aiM e-, oPWIjrt-H'fliyt!MSn(rVs lv.iped to. bci Mailer widiiu hour’s buc •jvas fid of rhc furpiizmg the Gallic of in •'Clppcr-IJ'urgar,' is not Confirmed. 1 Hague: .Au£* Jl1 . The'States' b f tfplluj:.I-zrc'zd'- jo.uri ed tilLine middle of‘ Stptelitbir ¦ i r’s Va'rd th fy canie to a. refctlution before they fcparatedV con" crniing the dicbrfudi'ng' Recruits that were v-rii cd two o r three years a d n c v The Marquis dc-'Caj)cl M otcayo having 'or the :^th patl', re ceivcd L etiers by ar. Exp rcls Irdm the Marquis de Grand, he u rccd fro:n h.chec the fame davin great ratio for. Kr-tiffels. The Secretary o f Monfieur S u rm berg, AmbatTador from this State at TjmtK arrived jie ie on Sunday night, with Letters to the States. Gen end .The SiHttf Die ji Envoy Extraor-'dinary from ,the Elector o f Bjr^tiitnbiirg, had yciter- day along Conference with the Lunenburg Mi­ni tier. •-Par it, Augu]} 2. They w-rite from CxtatenU that M ohficur du ££ukjne, who was then with tlie Frccnch Hlcec under his command in the Bay o f J{ofes, having heard a great deal o f ih oH gin atS* a ,was preparing t o 'fail, to lee what was the occasion o f i tIt is co) dturcd there may have beenfom e rcncountcr between the Squadron commanded by M onheur dcTourvilhi'&fvl the Gillies o f Spain, but w c mull expeift ai-n'e^'certain* a ivicv. Oft fr-iday laic arrived a Cm iriVr fiotn Gtrmxny, who cbr. ughcian account thac t lv i.ltike’o f Lvr- r jin had again defeated a Body o f 30 or- ^yoco ,Turks u ho came thereto lie f&f Bit.lz I:’s faid this Action hapned after that the Impci ialilts were Mailers o f the Lower Town w c lhall be glad to have it confirm d. .Tlimoiuh, July n . Ili.s M ajefiics Ships the Via- mend and the T 'ger failed from hence the 20 Inflant, the firlt having 011 boaFd Sir Ejchard Dm O n who is rcttirning ro his Government o t the Barbadues. W d fb Poole, July 1 1 .His Grace the Duke o f Beaufort arrived here from Litdton) on Saturday Lift, having been met in his byway the moll conlidera- b lc G . ntlem cn o f this hither part o f Shroplbire,who con du ftcd him through Bijbops Gallic ,where avery- handfom e Banquet ot Sweetmeats was pre-p a r.d for his Grace by that Corporation ,and pro­f i ted hjm by the Loyal B a yliff j and the Gentlemen o f that County having brought him to their Con ­fines, his Grace was met foon after by thtife o f this County ,,and at a convenient place in the Road ,our County Troop was drawn up, the Officers avery noble E fju ip ig e ,and advancing farther this way ,his G race,fou n d the Foot likewise draw riu p with all th eir.O fficers at thc head o f them .His Grace lay that night at Powit Cattle, from whence on Sunday he cam c accompanied by a great number o f G entlem en, befides his own Attendants to our Printed bv Thn mN? ri Chu: ch ilic r c o i making a G.ard for .him through the! Town his Grace aid all the Gentry of tliac Coun:y were very nobly cnt.rtauwd a: Porvif Ga- ft.- c ,t!ough neiclier the Earl of Poivis nor the Ooun:ef v. r.- th re,•C a/tJf, J.tiy -2. Laft night his Grace the D.ike B"oT i.iu jo rtCi'iiie hither from Por.’u Gaille ha-- ViHg been-eonducted to t:c Confines of our County b th .County Treop of M ontgom cr)jlure, and foon afc:r hi -Grace was r- ceivcd Dyour County Troop and a great number of our Gentry and conducted to this plaee, v-liere there wasr a fplendid Entertain, meat} this day b mg accompanied by the Gentry, and attended by our County Troop, his Grace w'ent to Lingo llen ,where the Miiitia Foot were ’rnvn up, at:d rah' his Grace had viewed boUi the Ho: fc and l-'oor, he went to Sir John Wynne'sHcufc wiicie hew j, ra-'tby the l ^ d Bi/hop of St- ban I a great niimbcr b.PGfntry o f this and the Adjacent Counties, who were all very ncary cn- teriained there. W hereas’lli's M ijefty by ::is'Le tte rs P atcn ,<:half, conlii- Tiio.*'Nialc 8ft]'' ’ i is <,room-Porter,¦ -thereby Autho- n\iiig. Iiiin K ’ ailan', rc«utar«m ir fuptojcls all publick Games apd VjiicrcMs -J:v?r>Porlvr.> lio-prcliune, wiutour any Autho- f:C. fio ai !.i .1.. ro lccp H-'Hlings, Ordinaries, and Ofucr Pu- blick C i n i o They are to ra k i notice that rhc Groom- Portcr wili take carc that all liich /hall be prolecuted accor­ding to La\r. . . jidvcrtifemer.ts. j Iatrica, feu Praxis Medcndi: The Practice of Curing, b:ii)“ a Medicinal Hlftory p f many Famous Ob- fe'rvations ia"3 ie Cureoi‘l>ii«ral.c.i whereuntois added byway o f Scholu, a Cotnpleat Theory or Method o Pre-f C (fpt5 ,wherein rhe Names', D.'finitioftr, Kinds, St'gns^ Catdes, Prognolh'cks, arid various ways of_Cure are Me­thodically Ia/fi'tiitcd, digtlied ,and rcduceiTto vulgac I’raCtice: with the choifelt Obfurvations ot other Famous m tn: By Wiiliam Salmon: Piinted and. fold by T . Dawl^s His M^efKei'Brirffh 'Printer at the Weft end o f Thames^ Iheet r whsrs thefeVeraf BoolTi written bv this Author arc ctrtaioiy robe had) and alto fold by T . Paftinger a tth e Three Bibles on Loodon-Bddge, and Randal Taylor ncac «Sta 6 n e"-Hall. Price 14 s. &The Odes, Satyrs, and Epiflles 9 f Horacc. Dine int(> Englrfh by Mr. Tho Creech. Printed tor ja - •ci.b Tonlbii ar the Judges Head in Chancery-lane n-rae Fleet (freer. HI-T Creditors o f Scnjamii) Hinton o f London Goldfinith*. 1 I are dilired to tjiacr at the Marine Coffoe-Houfe in Ciichih-lanc I.i Ion, onT’ hurlliay the 14th o f Auguttndxt by ihree o f Hjc Cloc!. in the Afterroir., to receire^n account o f their Tru.Uec.-ti :and road» ile o f a Divident and o f other things 'it jjo 1 inali concern ro them, and which do require Tpeedj ^execution.' O theN 24th Inflant, a G.-ntlcman was robbed between Black-Water Hand irford Bridge, and taken from him a Watch and about 50 Silver by three Highway-me.i as j!!o a black Nag about 14 hands high, with a Star and lbfp| all Ills Paces4 a little white fpot on his near Buttock, Mare- headed, and'Knr-raiied, and tine white Foot: Whoever gives noti: j o f the laid Gelding or Watch ro Mr. Pevertham ac Hi rtIcy llow in Harnpfljire, or ro Mr. Webb at Bond Stables in Fctter-lane, (hall be very well rewarded. T Akeu away the 1 7rh Inltam from Mr.JohnWhite between Blaek-Water and Harford Eridge, a dark brown Mare above 1.. hands high, is marked with a white tiroak down her I ace, the near loot belfnd is white, a bob T ail,’Tlie Trots all, with Bridie „nd Saddle and fevcral other tljing*, the Marc is Seven years old: Whofoevercan being tidings o f her to Mr. Robert Appclgath ac the Bell Inn in Frid ay-(lrcct, thall have a Guinea reward. O Tolen.or lh a y’d out o f the Grounds o f William Ballinger/ O<>f I-iickha npton iiear Cheltenham in Gloucet‘ cr(hire, a hay Gelding thick grown, without any white except Gald- ings, 14 haiids.liigh, whoever can give noticc to-Alderraan Web in Gloder, or to George Needham in Long-Ac re Coach- liarnefs-m aker, lo that he maybe had again, fl nil have a Guinea reward.• Q Tpjen pr lir a j’d out o f the Grounds o f William Ham- O bletori ofKiiigljop upon Thames, th c 22h oft hislntU ant, dark brown Gelding about 15 hands high, with a start in the Forehead, a white Foot behind, about five years' old, Trots all, marked with a W dipt in the Hair on each f ide o f the .Rump, with along fptig Tail: Whoever gives ni iticeofth c laid Gelding to W’illiam Hamblcton at hia Iioufe aforefaid, or to Mr. Richard Lion*, Ciock-maker nearDoi Jors-Cotu- mons, London, iliall hare 40s. rcwardj \ I *MAin *V->o r*-------f 0
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