The London Gazette, July 24 - July 28 1684

The London S3 i-’.v n b *19 ¦)o ^bUD i t f l j f D*o y 2 U i n ?.toy ty. FromtJ&UtgDag July 24. Vie tr .i, July 18. THE lafl news w chad from Hungary was ,that the Duke o f Lorrain had a& ually bcficged Buda, in which arc roy 6000 Janifaries ¦,that he had nude him fclf M afler o f the Ger- h& rii H l l]and that Count Starenberg who com­manded the attack ,was „when thefe Letters camc away, lodg«d in the Ditch o f the llp p c r-T o w n ,which he hoped to gain in few days, th cb eficg ed having no profpedt o f relief. The Letters from Poland tell u s ,that the King o f Poland would beat the H iad o f his Army about the io tho f this month. Henna, July 20. W c have Letters from the Imperial Camp before B u di o f the 15 lath lla t,n which give the following account. The Turks arc retired towards the Bridge o f Effect ,having put 4000 Jan ilirie s into Buda. W e have made our fclves Matters o f the old Town ,and do now zctack the npper Town as it is called w c have polled our felvcs under their Cannon, and have at­tached the Miners in three fcvcral placcs j w c bat­ter the Town with 4 0 Pieces o f Cannon and 20 Mortars, and the befieged are not wanting to a ii- fw e rosin the fame kind. The Palatin o f Hun- hath joyncd the Army with dooo men, having k / t 4000 to fccurc the Paflages about N e n h e u fc land Gen era! Lefiy is faid to be on his march this way ,but £hac he may not be dillurbcd by the Turk sin. V ivo rita, he hath attacked thac placc in ¦which are 500 Jan ifa ric sand there arc I'omc Let­ters from Croatia which fay he hath taken it. It hath been very confidently reported ,that the Im­p e rial 'shave Curprizcd the llrong Gallic o f Mon* g dtz belonging to the Princcfs J{agotziC unntT <nke- l<y’i Wife ,but w doc not give any great crcdit to it. Lin tz, July 1 1 .The Emperor’s departure from hence for Vienna is fixed for rhc beginning o f the next month, TheE lcd lo for Bavaria is expected here j greatell part o f his Forces will march for Jftarigary, and it’s, faid he will command them Pin crlo .Wen have Letters from the Imperial Camp o f the jtfth Ind ant wand c h o p:in f»w days to hear they arc Mailers o f B udai The Em­peror has Letters from Count Wallaftein his Am baflador in Poland, giving him an account that the King was upon his departure from Jaw a row to joyrt his Army and rhat he had provided his Equipage to accompany his M ajelly during the Carilpagne. From ibe Imperial Cam pbrforeB ada, July 16. The Imperial Army cam c, the 14 th Inftant about eleven in the Morning, to Alt Offen or Old Buda, not having feen any Forces o f the Enem yin a po- fturc too pop fc tliem Tho fr tint lay encamped under the Cannon o f Buda w e rein fu ch a Con llc r- nation upon our approach, that they made all the fa ilc they couU to retire with their Cannon and togPanfcap July 28.1684. Baggage 5 having put moll o f their Foot into the Lower Town upon the Danube ¦but yc-llerday, feeing the imperial Army advance, they aban­doned that Poll ,arid havii g let Fire to fome Houfes, retired with fevcral P icces o f Cannon in­to the upper Town the Duke o f Lorrain immedi­ately dctachcd fomc Troops who cntrcd the lower Town ,and charged the Turks in thVir retreat, and having putout the Fire, polled th criifd vcs ufcder the Wall o f the upper Town the City is compo- fe d .of four fi'p irstc Partsi two on the Danube and two on the Hill, vz*. the uppc* Town and the Ga­llic ,and the Fortrcfs o f St. Gerardo f the two Firft, w c arc alread y,a-, bath been faid, Mailers o f the lower Tow a , anrd this night w e hope co gain the ctihcr. W c began ye'.lcrday to batter the placc with our Cannon and Bom be3, wand c arc prepa­ring three Mines to attack the upper Town. W c hope to h a vc finilhcd all our Batteries this night j The belieged Fire upon us without inrcrm iftion, but have hitherto done us little or no harm. The Palatin o f Hungary hath joyncd us with 6000 men, and when Count Lefty is come to us, the Army will conlill o f yooco Hghtiog men. W e have ta­ken a Fort from whence w every much incommode the belieged, and hope to be Mailers o f th c'T own and Gallic before the end o f this month. There arc a great many Barhs in the Camp ,which the Turks bpilt about Buda. }{ati:bonne, July 27 V ellerd allay the three C o llc d g cso f the D yct agreed upon acon d u fion for the accepting the Truce o f Twenty years pro*p o fd b y France, though with fc v cra l Condition sand R '-fervation. Cologne, July 28. WOn cd ncfd ay next will beheld a general review o four Electors Troop sat Zorn, at which his Electoral Highncfs will be p rc- fenr, after which the faid Troop swill decam p,-and march, as it’s faid, towards the Afeufe. The French Troops commanded by M onfr.ur de Joyeufe con­tinue in the meantime in the C c u n tiy o f Eyffelt, ffambnrgy July 18 .The D anilh Troop shave quitted the Dutchy o f Saxe-Laxvsnburg thole that were quartered at MoUem marching from thence then thIn llan rj wand e arc-to ld that that C ou n ­try is to pay the King o f Denmark 2yooo Crowns. From Berlin w c arc told j that the Elector o f Bran­denburg is fending a greater Succor to the King o f Poland, than w a sa tfirfi fpokcn of, and that it will conlill o f y or 6000 men. Bruffels, Augufi 1 .On Friday laft palFcd through this place an E xprels, who was going to the Hague with Letters from the Dutch Am baflador in France-, he reported, a s w e arc r old .that rhc news a tP a rir s,aw that the King o f Spain had accepted the Truce, b u tfo castor f jr th rad ju ltin g the Conditi­ons o fit to the Emperor. TheM arcfchal deScbom- berg continues encamped Cat bajielet near C barle- roy Man! onlicur de Boufflers on the fide o f N ivelie. Eight thoufand omen f Monlicur d-eC req u i’s Army arc com c into the Dutchy o f .Lim burg and it’s be­lieved they will joya with 'the Elects o f C ologt't Fsjrccs:
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