The London Gazette, July 14 1774

The London Gazette EXTRAORDINARY. bp atUi)orifp. THURSDAY, July 14,1774 .Whitehall Treafury Chambers, July 14,1774* PURSUANT to the inDirections H isM ajefty’s Proclamation o f the 24th o f June laft, the Lords Commiffioners o f H isM ajefty’s T reaiiiry do hereby fignify, T h a t,in Addition to the Perfons appointed by the laid Proclama­tion to receive and exchange the deficient Gold Coin o f this Realm, H isM ajefty has been pleafed to authorize the following Perfons to receive and exchange the laid diminilhed and li<rht M onev, in like Mani»er as thofe mentioned in the laid Proclamation, viz. MefT. D untze, Praed, Sanders, Hand a ­milton, at Exeter. Thomas D agnall, o f Avlefbury. Richard Simeon, o f Reading. John Cox, o f Maidftone. Gabriel and Francis Steward, o f yeW ­mouth. John Truman, o f Stamford. John Thornhill, o f Sunderland. John Everett, o f H itchin. John Stevenfon, o f Stafford. Thomas .Fletcher, o f Newcaftle underLine. William W etherall, o f Lincoln. Jol'eph and Thomas W etherall, o f Gainf- borough. Michael Cartwright, o f Evefliam. William Adam s,o f L udlow .Abraham Turner, o f Kidderminfter. Mefif. Lewis and Rudder, o f Cirencefter. Henry A llnutt, o f W ycom be. •Thomas Gill, o f Doncafter. James H owarth, o f H allifax [Price Two-pence. ]Samuel Warren, o f Liverpool. William William s,o f B recknock. Philip Box, o f Buckingham .John Chaldecott, o f Chichefter. Edward W hitefide, o f Lnncafter. James Bradford, o f Buckingham .Thomas D oncafter, o f W igan. ITillyer, o f Warm in Her. Thpm as L ovid ge,o f New beiy. John M anby, o f Dartmouth. William Rood, o f Wells. Robert Snook, o f Dorchefter. Edward Stone, o f Tham e. William Wood ,ofT etb u ry. MelT. Summers and Clibborn, o f H aver- ford Weft. LVTeff. Speddings and Company, o f White­ haven. W artn aby, o f H arborough. Me/T. Everard, Browne, and Company, o fLynn. MelT. William and Thomas Bagge, o f •fame Place. Printed by Thomas Harrifott, in Warwick-Lane, 1774.
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