The London Gazette, July 5 - July 9 1683

W iM uvc bbcnC-jntii«d by F adious a«d Capricious mtr. >-i»- t)iir<n’dgai'.tlY L->yal in tome o four late rroeeed- 4flp b.u it it •.y crctuo'inble U)b| g u ilry 'of Excfcf. in A iegi- j a..c aii-lGraniude to Your Sacred.Ma]elty, wc would Itudy ito acijmrc the vertuc Jan honour ot iucrx, Lyyai I x ifJ vagaric .\*'•*!-And aldiough fom e evii-minded men have ir.finuafed that our Charter cmitdf not be obtained-w ithout great diliiciiiiy ( becaule the return thereof proved Uower than was expeffced) -t«erebv endeavouring to difcourage xtltcr C orporatiohS 'to imitate our well intended Loyalty, yet are we well aflfifed Your M -jje fty mia d aau hand were both ready lora. lpeedy y t,ia which was evidently dem on!irated by Your Gracious tail lo r the’difpaicft-thereto!’, and em inenth tjuickned (oeiv- bV W!ijFetjpr< we declare to the World., T h a tall delays in tfiui affair are wiiolly chargeable upononr own 'M ilmahage- toi'cnt. ".•• 'ISierefore as we are obliged both in Rea Ton and loyalty ,•¦We prcfenr to Your M.ietiy our mod humble and g rairtu i ack!f)wl'd.'!i!:v/s, tor by Your Majclty*!* Wile and ju tt o•- ¦'vernriienrvc*’ ireh a'ppv Sub jo fh , anil d V Your o/R j !Grace a act avour.w c W i -how made Chappy h iie n ,where.s y we art in a cap d ciry-tb embrace this opportunity o f Coosr<mU j.-jti..: Yi-ur iv.' H Sacred M .qeiry’ sand Royal Brother’ s.-late *pri> i.!en :iai tic Jiv'ry out ot the hands o f a fcloody lore o f COui-.iiCtlv.-eal h M ifcreants who >S.<ve long thirtted after p. >valE iooc.: And that they m aye. beer defeated o r luc>ii their horrid Antiirrninrchi'cal C oolpiracies, is tbe Prayer, and Hull b :the careful endeavour o f us who have caiiled otif Common Seal to be hereunto Jinxed this tecond day o f July ,in the Five aad thirtieth Year o f Your M ajelly’ s happy ,Reign A nnoq, Dom ini 1683 .To the King 'sM oji Excellent M jjejty. The humble siddrefs o f tbe Tieafurer ,the Benchers, B irrijiers, and Gentlemen under the Bur of the So­ciety of the Inner -Temple, Humbly Shenetb, THat we Your Dutiful and Loyal Snbjcds being very ap-v •"prehenfive o f a mo!! Traiter.ju>., Bloedv, ar.d horrid Conlpiracv agairtf the mod pretiou> oLives f Your Royal P.-rfbn anu dearel! Brother Jan ies Dtikr o f York, by an un­heard ot Villany Seeredjr contrived amongH Atheiflidil and Fanatick Per fans o f nil fV t$, apparently tending to tbe ut­ter Rusne ot the Kltablifhed Government in Church and Stare, and thereby to Involve the whole N atnn in an Anarchy and Confution, had t>n the Almighty God, by whom Kings Reign, timely prevented the tame by a n -happy and unutiiat JMlco- verv, for which we cannot but aHptc ms Infinite yooitnels jan wonderful Providence. In a deep lence o f the fc fie n J Mercies, as in Duty b .und, owed fm cire iy ircjoyce thin it Miraculous Deliverance and {hall always pray that Your M ajctfy,Y our Hein*und Sncccflqrs, m. /forever continue to oe Goren io rs o f this Kingdom and do hereby rn io w otir In gagfrn enK to defend the {aine \vih our Lives and Fortunes ag airft Tall raircrou s A 'lbciatioas and D eviltilh Cont^nacies w b ado ever. Stocipaim June 16 .Hie 14th inflant the Q accn c f Sweden nab brought to Bed o f a Prince, who was immediately C h rilk n’d and call d Gujmvus. His M jjcily has bellowed ch~ f ovcrnm cnto/, u poa Ma.or (>cm ral Grqothiujen. M iidui i Jur.e 14 .Tie Letters fiom Cadiz o f the thirteenth iaftant •fay, Tl-ic the J n -gel-, Captain H uiks Comm and er, togithcr with fc\etdl patch fliipi, being laden with Wheat •and Bark y ,anti that Vice-Adn.iral Herbert conri- •r-tcd, witii th"Shii>iun ier his Com atman!, .Tin gier. \\ c-have advice from A.iczr.t o f the 14th in- iiant, That the week before two Men uf War be- Iongi tog Tu/iii, and carrying each 40 Guns, had rtarkcu on that Coall a Dutch Merchant i"hip callcd ihe frjncu ,being tichly lailen from Genoua j and that foon after,they met another Dutch Vclfel called the St. M u them, and mounted with 18 Gu'S that .flic Gaprain. after an obftinatc Defence above u h oiK 3, findit.g him felf difabled to continue the •f:ighc lo:ig'*r, b l:w up his {hip, but endeavouring to make Jiis efcape in a B o a t,was tak.o by the .Turks,' though fomc o f the Men (am ongtt Whom •were three Englilh) had better fortune, incoming '•heir Pinnace to Alicjnt with this Relation. CojieUhgts June 21. The oMen f War, under the C cm m n d o f Vice Adm ii2l Sfaen, which were l,:teiy lent to Crude indie Soumt, arc returned, hither, sjuj llx^others are appeint.o to Cruilc o ?of tht BokahoJm. YcHeiday the Marquis deM h n , /^.mDatlactoi.h^tra./rdinary from the Moll •Chi iftiaa King, arrived here, ai.d the fame day had a private Audience o f his Majelfy. 1 ‘iru July to. The 27th pall the Sieur Forjlner J arrived Mitt ljUim, to compliment their Molt C h ri-’ iiiai* Majeihei., the Daapbin, and che Duke and I uterefse/f Oflcur.s, 111 the name o f the Duke o f WmeWtnir^ ,upon their a n ival in chofc parts, as the liaic.n de< p.'rfoiMicd in tie like ce.m- plnr.critsti/ the next pay, on the p^re.of the MaKjuis o f Baden DUnla^k. The the Court p artcufujin Mhijheun, and came the next today The ti\ft liilbnt the Dauphin w e tic to tiic vamp, which is formed haif a League lvom Boa.% u er,G u , coiili/ling o f 2S hattalion- of Fouc under ih . C6mnrand o f the Duke d* VtUtruy. T head. hisMajellV came into the Camp, a:d law the Army diawn up in Battalia ,and perform riieir M ilia rye .rx arcsi T lie tiiiid, his Majdily cook a review o f each Company. The fourth, the Daup.- in gave -jO dcrs for ttic att-.cking o f a Fort near the Catnp, wliich was accon iiiv'y Peiforme*d in the Evening, in che pretence o f iheir Majcllics. The Duke and Dutchels o f made u.e o t this opportunity to m.'kc a ViliL to the HlcitrcIs Dowager Palatine, tltar BbtiqusnOii. W c have advice from Provence, •'lhac on tbe 12th inftant Monlicur du i^uefns ar.ii- ved befoiC^Z/grVii, with the Fleet under his Com­mand. Dell July 4. This day his Grace (he Duke o f Grjfton arrived in the Donr.s, c*h here found MatHis city's Ships the Gr.ijtcn, the Hcnneni ,the St. David, the Woolwich, and che Mcniague. yidvertifcTiients. C^TAnew Map o f 'feruji.em ii two large Sheets, rtio crcrYrzb yubtt’CLt^ ffelcribtn- as it ttood int V grfdttit beauty, rhc chicf place.-, o f tbe Temple, the Kings, with a deicrfptior. ahour the Map treating ac large o f cvcrv thing rca>:irkable from its iirif JFoundUtioa to the :im eoF its Ddtru-:\i. n•, I'Ktti-d on Cloth and C o ­loured, 5 sin Sheet 2 s Sold b r Rubt rt Grc^-n at die Role ^nd Criwn in Budg Iviw ,and by W '.Berry at theG 6b e be­tween Charing-CroJ> Wand liiic Halt. T H cle are to give Notice to all th(?Credirors c f Benjamio Hinton o f London, G oldim ith That a Writing c f Agreement between him the laid Benjamin Hinton and teveral Truflee.^ on behalf allot his Creditors, i-. be^un to be S<gn- . edand Sealed by many o f rhem, whereby all his E lh tc is transferred fir payments o f Principal and Intered, and the fame is now left Mat r.Am brotc’s houie, an A torncY in the Stocks Market, near the corner of Ljir.bsrd ftreet, whither all Perlons concerned are detired fpeediiv ry rt j iiir to perule |arid lubcribe the fame •,the time limiteo for .’ie perfecting .thereof bring one Mouth from the- jth o f this In lU n t June^, 1 and the failure or retrial o f any Creditor to fublcribe t!ic fame the laid time, ma-ybe o f great p»ejudice toaK the Creditors as well as unto himfelf. L Qlt onSuiiday lajt, being the firlto f July, a black and white Spaniel Bnch, all her f feet white ,and black mottle Spots.on them, a white Elr--e in her face, and her Ncfe Mot- litu black, a pretty deal o f white on the top o f her Tail, a'.l whire about her N eck^ctt out o f Sr. Jarrcs\> Park Who- Jbever biings news o f her to the King’s Dt*g-kceper living ia JamS'. es’s E^rk, thallhave ten iliillmgs reward. '~'in'.cn on Werfnelday .orThurfday latt out o f a Grqund at Handcrofs Cookfield in SulfeXi_a Sorrel Mare ^.bands highs with a Star, having a wcund w itiva Prong in the bee) o f her near loot, and all her Paces, by nTh-.rt Man with a mire 1 coloured Camlet Coat lined,having a Scar on his right Eyc- j brow, H 5s Hair black and lbmething flraigh t. There have 1 alfo ttrayed or been Helen out o f the Grounds o f Mr. Dilk o! Rv>mf<'rd in Hi**, a brown bay Gelding 14 cr 15 haHd< high, hif Main half Ihorn, and a & o rt G aliop: as likcwile or.e S.irrelGeldiDg .15 or 16 hands high, his Mam Ikorn, jiyearS old, and trots and galn>os foul Wholbever fliak give GOticc o f any o f the faid. HorU»sor Mire to Jah n Davenport at-tlie Golden Heart in Welt-Snsith-lield, London, k a u receive ouc Guinea for a Reward for each o f them. Printed b y Tho. Aen?comb in the Sdvqy, 1683.
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