The London Gazette, Jan 24 1809

4 I 9t 1 thefc Difadvantages, and thjfe more immediately at­tached to a defcntive Pofition, which the imperious 'I^ecelfity of covering the Harbour of Corunna for a Time had rendered indifpenfablo to afiume, the na­tive and undaunted V !ur of Britifli Troops waa -nevermore confpicuous, and muft have exceeded what even your ov.n Experience of that invaluable Quality, fo inherent in them, may hsve taught you to expert. When everyone that had an Opportu­nity feemed to vie in improving is, it is difficult for me, in making this Report, tofclcdi particular fu- itanccs for your Approbation. The Corps chiefly engaged were the Brigades under Major-Generals Lord William Bentinck, and M mningham and Leith and the Brigade of Guards under Major- General Warde. To thefe Officers, and the Troops under their im­mediate Orders, the greatclfc Praiic is due. Major- General Hill and ColoueL Catlin Cranford, with their Brigades on the Left of the Poiition, ably fupported their Advanced Polb. 'The Brunt of the Action fell upoji the 4th, 43d, 5o:h, and 8 1 it Re­giments, with Parts of the Brigade of Guards, and the 26th Regiment. From Lieutenant-Colonel Murray, Quartcr-Mafter-General, arid the Officers of the General Staff, I received the molt marked Affiltance. I had Reafou to regret, that the Illnefs of Brigadier-General Clinton, Adjutant-General, deprived me of his Aid. I was indebted to Briga­ dier-General Slade during the Action, for a zealous Offer of his perfonal Services, although the Cavalry were embarked. The greater Part of the Fleet havinggone to Sea Yefterday Evening, the whole being under Weigh, and the Corps in tne Embarkation neceffarily much mixed on board, it is impoffible at prefent to lay be-•fore you a Return of our Cafualties. I hope the Lofs in Numbers is not fo conliderable as might have been expedted. If 1 was obliged to form an Eflimate I Ihould fey, that I believe it did not ex-¦ceed in Killed and Wounded from Scveu to Eight Hundred that of the Enemy mult remain un­known, but many Circumftances induce tome rate it at nearly double the above Kumber. We have fome Prifoners, but I have not been able to obtain an Account of the Number it is not, however, confiderable. Several Officers of Rank have fallen or been wounded, among whom I am only at prc- fent enabled to ftate the Names of Lieutenant-Co- lonel Napier, 92d Regiment, Majors Napier and Stanhope, 50th Regiment, killed Lieutenant-Co­ lonel Winch, 4th Regiment, Lieutenant-Coloncl Maxwell, 26th Regiment, Lieuter.ant-Colonel Fane, 59th Regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Griffith, Guards, M ijorsMiller and Williams, 8 J It Regiment,wounded. To you, who are well acquainted with the excel­lent Qualities of Lieutenant General Sir John Moore, 1 need not expatiate on the Lofs the Army and his Country have fullained by his Death. His Fall has deprived me of a valuable Friend, to whom long Experience of his Worth had lincerely attached me. But it is chiefly on publicGrounds that I mud lament the Blow. It will bethe Convcrfation of everyone who loved or refpedted his manly Character, that, after conducing the Army through an arduous Retreat with confummate Firmncfs, he has termi­nated a Career of diltinguifiied Honour by a Death that has given the Enemy additional Reafon to refpedt the Name of a Britilh Soldier. Like the immortal Wolfe, he is fnatch’d from his Country at (an early Period of a Life fpent in her Service like Wolfe, his laft Moments were gilded by the ProfpeA of Succefs, and cheared by the Acclamation of Vic­tory like Wolfe alfo, his Memory will forever re­main lacred in that Country which he lincerely loved and which he had fo faithfully lerved. it remains for me only to exprefs my Hope, that you will fpecdily be rcllored to the Service of your Country, and to lament the unfortunate Circum- J w ftauce that removed you from your Station in the Field, and threw the momentary Command into far left able Hands. 1 have the Honour to be, &c. JOHN HOPE ,Lieut. Gca T o Lieutenant General Sir David Baird ,t$c. V c .Printed by ANDftFW S tr A HAN, Primers Street, Goug.h Square. £Price Sixpenoc, J I
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