The London Gazette, Jan 24 1809

$ ubUflK* to? TUESDAY, JANUARY 24,1809. \Downing -Street, January 24,1809. THE Honourable Captain Hope arrived late lad Night with a Difpatch from Lieutenant-Ge­ neral Sir David Baird to Lord Vifcount Caftle- rcagh, one of His Majeftjr’s Principal Secretaries of State, of which the following is a Copy. H'uM a jr jly ’ i Ship V tlh de Parity M y Lord ,at Sea, January 18,1809. B theY much lamented Death of Lieutenant-Ge­ neral Sir John Moore, who fell in A&ion with the Enemy on the 16th Inftant, it ha3 become my Duty to acquaint your Lordfliip, that the French Army attacked the Britifli Troops in the Pofition they occupied in Front of Corunna, at about Two o’Clock in the Afternoon of that Day. A fevere Wound, which compelled tome quit the aField fliort Time previous to the Fall of Sir John Moore, obliges tome refer your Lordfliip for the Particulars of the Action, which was long and ob- ftinately contefted, to the inclofed Report of Lieu- tcnant-General Hope, who fucceeded to the Com­mand of the Army, and to whofe Ability and Ex­ertions in Dire&ion of the ardent Zeal and uncon­querable Valour of His Majefty’s Troops, is to be attributed, under Providence, the Succefs of the Day, which terminated in the complete and entire Repulfe and Defeat of the Enemy at every Point of Attack. The Honourable Captain Gordon, my Aide-de- Camp, will have the Honour of delivering this D if­ patch, and will be able to give your Lordfliip auy further Information which m3y be required. I hate the Honour to be, &c.*D. BAIRD ,Lieut. Gen. Might Hon. Lord Vifgount C ajllereagb. H isM a je Jlj*s Ship Audacious off Corunna, SIR ,January 18,1809. IN compliance with the Deiue contained in your Ceamuaiaatioa of YtfUrday, I avail myfelf of t£e firft Moment I have been able to command, to de­tail to you the Occurrences of the A&ion which took place iu Front of Corunna on the 16th Ia- ftant. It will be in your Recolle&ion, that about One in the Afternoon of that Day the Eneiny,\vho had in the Morning received Reinforcements, and who had placed fome Guns in Front of the Right and Left of his Line, was obferved to be moving Troop« towards his Left Flank, and forming various Co­lumns of Attack at that Extremity of the ftrong and commanding Pofition which o,n the Morning of the 1 5th he had taken in our immediate Front. This Indication of his Intention was immediately fucceedcd by the rapid and determined Attack which he made upon your Divifion which occupied the Right of our Pofition. The Events which occurred during that Period of the A£tion you are fully acquainted with. The firlt Effort of the Enemy was met by the Commander of the Forccs, aHd by yourfelf, at the Head of the 42d Regiment, and the Brigade under Major-General Lord William Bentinck. The Village on your Right became an Objefl of dbftinate Conteft. I lament to fay, that foon after the fevere Wound which deprived the Army o.f your Services, Lieute- nant-Gejieral Sir John Moore, who had juft di- re£led the mod able Difpofition, fell by a Cannon- Shot. The Troops, though not unacquainted with the irreparable Lofs they had fuftained, were not difinayed, but by the mofl determined Bravery not only repelled every Attempt of the Enemy to gain Ground, but actually forced him to retire, although he had brought up frefb Troops in fupport of thofc originally engaged. The Enemy, finding himfelf foiled in every At­ tempt to force the Right of the Pofition, endeavoured by Numbers to turn it. A judicious welland timed Movement whicli waa made by Ma^>r-Gcacra£ i f f *London Gazette EXTRAORDINARY. j$um b» 1622®.
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