The London Gazette Feb 28 Mar 3 1686

Rome, Feb. 8. On Sunday l.ift the Queen o fS av-< ned agave moft Noble Entertainment o f Mufick to the Earl of Cafllemam, Ambafiador Extraordinary from the King of Great Britain j the fubje& of the Compofition being upon His Majelties Happy Sticcelfion to the Crown The Chief Parts were performed by 5 of the belt Voices of Itynt, a hun­dred Voiccs more making up the Chorus, and a hundred and fifty Inftruments the Symphonie. Her Majefty having for this Swlemnity, laid afide her Mourning for the Eroprefs Dowager, appeared very fplendid, and was attended with about 200 floman Ladies of the belt Quality, all in their richelt At­tire and Jewels. The Tuefday following his Ex­cellency was Treated with a fumptuous Feaft by Cardinal Barbannt at which were likewife Cardinal A I tie >1, Cardinal Howard, Cardinal Pamfhiho, and Cardinal Barbarigo The Palace was hung with his richeft Tapeltries, and in the middle of the chief Room of State was the King’s Picture on Horfeback, under a rich Canopy After the Defert, which was thrown among the Crowd with great Profufion, there was an Entertainment of Vocal and Inftru- mental Mnlick, the whole fubje& being likewife in praife o f His Majeity. And on Thurfday his Ex- cellericy was invited to the Opera at Cardinal Pam- fhihn's, which was alfo purpofely Compofed in Ho­nor of the King nor were there wanting great quantities o f SweetMeats, A(]ua-Frefcasy and other Galantries, with whitfh his Excellency and whole Train are ufuaily Entertained in all his Vifits. Vienna, Feb. 20. Colonel Pat% arrived here fome days ago to give the Emperor an account of the condition o f theConqueied places on the Drave. He met near Salavar a Convoy of 800 Waggons, which was going from inSt a to Five Churches. The Danube being now open again, a great many Vcf- fels will in few days pafs down that River with all forts or' Ammunition and Provifions for Buda. They write from Vpper H ing.vy, that a Deferter who came from Tctrcjtvacr reported that Count Tecltcley is dead of the Wound he received in the late Rencounter with the Imta-ialifts. The great Con­voy is fafely arrived at Five Churches. Hamburg, Feb. 18. They write from Poineren} that the King of Sweden had fent Orders for the reinforcing the Garifons ai.Strael/bnt and Stetin. The laft Letters from StockJjolme gave an Account o f the death o f the young Prince Carol cuts Guflavt.s. Hague, March 7. The States c f Holland Ad­journed on Saturday hft to the 1 2th o f this Month, without taking any refolution about the railing of Money, which was the principal Matter they had in cofllideration. The Prir.ce o f Orange is gone to Dieren to pafs 8 or id days there. Prince Wal- decl^ arrived here laft Sunday from Germany. Pans, March 8. The Cardinal Nuncio had the laft week a Conference with Monfieur de Cro/JJ}Se­ cretary of State, about the matter of theFranchife and it’s faid, He is to have another Audience o f the King upon this fubjed>, after his Majefties return from Marl:.On Tuefday laft feveral Companies o f the Stt»$e-Guarct* began their march towards Iprcs, to relieve thofe in Garifon there, who are to come and work on the Canal of .the River Eure. And the eighteen Companies o f the French Guards that are to relieve thole at UHe and Tour- nay, will likcwife begin their march in a day or two. There is now co more difcourfe of the King’s Journey towards Aljace. His Majefty took this day a Review of his Guards Mat arli. We haveanaccount from Brcjl, that the Ambafla- odors f $yam embarked there the 28th o f the laft Month on the King’s Ships, which were to fet Sail the next day. They write from Italy that a Marri­age is Treating between the Prince o f Tufcany and the Infanta o f Portugal. It’s reported that the Ve­netians have taken 4 Turkjfh Ships that tvere gcirj from Egypt to Confiantinople with Provifions ant! Ammunition. Whitehall, Marcfj j. The Count deC aim it Envoy Extraordinary from the Emperor, had yefter day his Audience of her R.H. the Princefi Avne. and this day of bis R.H. Prince George of Denmarl(ej being conducted by Sir CharlesCettrel Mafter oftlv Ceremonies. j K f r Whitehall March 1. The Right Honourable the Earl of Craveny .Cuflos Rptuhrum for the County or M iJdlefex, this day acquainted His Majefty, That the Bench o f juftices o f Peace for the frid County, had defired his Lordihip (at their general Selfions ot the Peacejin their Names,Humbly to befeech His Ma­ jefty to be Gracioufly pleafed to Grant the faim Difpenfaticn from taking the Oaths to the Prote- ftant Juftices, He has been pleated to Grant to the Catholicks but in fuch manner as His Majeity lhall think fit. Which Meflage His Majefty was pleafed to receive very Gracioully, and was pleafed to lay, He took kindly their putting that Cor,fidence in Him, and He would certainly take care of them. Navy-Office, London, Febr. 28. The Sea/on c f the Tear for Felling of Timber being now at han<!, and to the end ah Per fans concerned as Owners tr any Woods convertible to Stri ight, Compajs or JQjc ¦Timber or Pl<m l{ ,fit for the Service of His Mr.* jeflies Navy, may have opportunity of improving the fame ,by their timely applying themfelvcs to the Felling and Converting their Ja id Woods :The CommiJJioners and Principal Officers o f the Navy a -hereby give Notice, That they are and will be in daily readmejs at their Office in Crutched-Fryen f London, to receive all Tenders and Propajals thar fhall be offered them in Writing on that behalf an,i to Treat and Contrati with any Pthfbns authorised thereto by the Proprietors o f the fatd Goods, t/po?i Terms o f Payment toLe adjufted and Jecured t~ their Satisfaction, Adverttfcments. T SIT Majefty having been Graci'outly plcafed to Grant z X 1 Fair at Houotlow in Middlefe*, for a Fortnight Yearly, to begin the Firtt 4ay of May. Thefe are to give .all Perfons Noticc thereof, and that the Two fird Days will fee Principally for Hories and Mares, and the Two next fo Fat and Lean Beatts of all Sorts. ABout the itfth of February latt, Stoln from Whitehall, an Ii.fide Plate, ot a Bottom for a Diib with a Imal brim of Silver, weighing about 50 Ounces, engraven wiri His Majefties Arms. Whoever gives Notice thereof to the- Officers of His Majettiet Jewel-Houfc at Whitehall, {hall b <well Rewarded. LOft the 2*fh pa ft, from W’illiam Chappel at Newingtor Green, alight bav Horfe above 13 hands high, dockt about 3 weeks ago, a white Spot on the off. fide at the point of the Saddle, frmc hair off his hinder Leg on the near f» ad<- little a hove the hock on the infide, the hair worn off wit* the tracis on his fidci, above 7 years old,trots aU.Whoevei brino^notice of him to the aforefaid William Chappel, ar to Mr. Bryan at the Hanthorn Inn in Welt-Smithtield, fhaL have 20s. Reward. THE 27th patt, runaway from his Colour*,one Joht Hill a Soloier in the Earl of Litchficld’s Regiments in Captain Wharron’s Company at Tilbury Fort he had a RedCoat lin’d with White, and a black Peruke am dis a thin Ipare Man about 25 yefrs of Age. Whoever gives Notice o f him to Captain Wharton, at his Lodgings in Green-fircet near Leicclier-Fields, or to Lieutenant Sep- pens at Tilbury Fort, lhall have a good Reward and all his Charges. A T Woodcut Green at Ebifbam in the County o f Surrey, a Bowling Green containing an Acre and Ten Rod, and apiece of Ground adjoining thereto to Build upon, i>to be Lew. Inquire at Mrs. Lamberts at the Lamb in Thrcadneedle»flreet near the Royal Exchange. L Olt the22dpaft. between Richmond and Putoey Land­ ing-place, a Point Crevat and Cuffs. Whoever bring? 1 them to Mr, John Wilford at Billingtgate, fhall have 10s. Reward’ Printed by Tbo: Newcomb in the Savoy. \6%6.
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