The London Gazette Feb 28 Mar 3 1686

liks n'b 'r Crintrs, which nevr it fed to be eompre- hf'ildi Ov fens'-a' fActs* Indemnity. And We: Cm'hi ul f{^/f fire all O tr Judges, or other j rw- terned, t¦> EkPim this th:in my I Ample Scnfe and M 'tmn* Ails of Indfrnnity /it anytime have con- t.m ed i 1 Did or trig this ihad be as pood to every me: cmczrdch as i f they Our Royal par dsn andRc- tniffion under O>r Sg.ii of Kjn *dom. A t t i jiM c Indemnifying• Otr Prnteflant Suljecis ft am all P.tins And Penalties due for Hci'inir j> riP reaching in Houfes Frwidiar tlvreb? n-> Treahn- a'de $fieeh?s uttered t-hin 's fiid Conventicles by them, in pinch Cafe the L ‘ nr is vrtly to take place t[>e Guilt*j and none other pYcfent: Provi­ding aljb that they Reveal to any of Our Council the Guilt !o Cvnm ttsd As alfn, F.x:opting a'/ fjacs or Fjfeiis of Sen fences alfeid* gsven And lijfp/tiije -Indemnifying fully. a> ul f'eely aii 42ja k e‘s, fyr their Afeet/ne1 atid W>fhips, rn aH time pajt, tree th: Publication of theft*. Prtf:ntS‘ ,And- We do.d't 'lot but 0 >-r Protcfiant Sufyettr urili *v •their Afiiiance aid Cj ic-trfe btj su»t/r, on till Oc- eifionu iti their reipt:Uve Capacities: In ctrnfulcra- %hm wixreof^ and th Jy-jc choc of O tr Rctgon, and other? nu have herein, and for tbsEncwr,ge- tnent of Our Protefldnt-Bifhops, and the Rrg‘ < r Clergy, xnd Ju'h as have hitherto libed orderly, lV thinly ji< tr Declare, that it never was OurPrin- cip .¦¦•¦.We\n, ever fuffe, Violence to he offered to air/ i"V ax C^'ifcteiicf, nor nnliWc ufe Force, orIn- vinc.b ’ AJ v,¦• iy again fl any Man on the acsomrt of b:s P f j/P ilm 9 >r. th€ pr,nejl nt Rehgioti, Out tr.H Protect O . Ltj i,'s a>id other Mmijlcrs hi ihctr Ftwcltor.s fights and Properties, and ail O'/r Proreflxn S tbjects tn the free Exercife of then prnteft.u* Rel,gron in the Churches And that tfr c mil, and herein Promi/e, on Our Rwfal Word, to hitt/if am, the Poffejfvrs of Churcb-Lands formerly belonging to Abbays ,or ether Churches of the Ca­tholic k R e lig ion ^in tb vr full and free Poffeffim And K^^ht, accord, nr toO tr Laws and /lets of P/trfit* vicnt m th.:: ieba't mall Time comtu7 Ahd - J f <*V #Will Imply 'indifferently all Our% ub',crts, of all Per- ftr.ifions, fo as mnc fh tll met with any Dtfcour 'g:-m r , nt on the account t f b:s t(ehpou, lu bet /idva'- c ed, andEjhemedbyZs's, according to their fevcnv Capitci ties and Qja'ifications , fo tongas J f* j f.nd Chmty and %)m t*s Mam tuved: And i f any Arti- mofitiei fh.iU ‘ A rif:,\u Me bye m < ynl there mil mt, Wc wi'd. fhev ths f verefi Effects of O tr 4ty,d Dtfp'e.tfurs eg :in(l the Briiim+rs or Fomcnt.rstb f<r -of fcei/ig tlxreby Our-Sublets' m yb: Deprived of thts general Eafe and Satis^ydjon, lie intend to ail of them j trht-’ fc Happinefs, Prosperity, Wealth Sand tfctx, is fo much Our fyyal Care, tb.rTI'e tri'l leap: wthfrjr undine wh ch m,iy ptcctfrc tb jj Bl-finr: fort cm. A>ut hdlfo To the End all Our Good$ .b,c may:s b.tre Notice of this Our Royal XV, U and p.caf:r,\\ We do Inert by Contmwd,' On. Lyon Kj*g H dm san I his. Brethren fTe i tlds, M.tcers v ?i/r h>.'M ts and M yengcrs at Ann: ,to *njte.t mus Fnc anu-tov thereof at theM fcat- Cros of Edinburgh Andbt.idesthe Printing and Pirblijhrng •of this O/rr fy fjl Proclamation, i} is'1 Q,- /r exprefi Will and p'e.i 'lire, .that the ftm c be ¦pafi ftyif:• .the Seal -of that O idr Kingdom The Anfwer oF die Lords o f tljc’ Co'jnel to His MajelUcs Letter ’’1 Mi* i t p jO'e e lb ir Mofl Sacred Xitrrfly, A YOur M.iU-'liies Corrunpn^s arc Ky»6>lvoObe>t'd Your Ruya! PrcKHtfrnation ii PrintCq U r.d Hub- lUhcd, t?y which YourfMaiffty hath given a tVitlwr Evidence of Your Favor and GoodneU to all Ycfur Subjects. And we are hopeful, that by Youi Major­ities extraordinary Ails d f Mercy tofom e who have betrn too ready on many Gccartons to abulc the Cle­mency o f Your Ruysl.Predecdfois, tUey will beat l-ft convinced what thfyowe to fo Gracious a hiiTg And if any fl% all be ltHl fo CTbftinate as to make any wrong life o f Your Mnieftits Goodnefs, We do Unanuuoully a(Iiit-e Your Majeity ,That we will maintain and alfert Your Pvdyaj Pieiogatives and Authority with theb..*rarcf of our Luts and For­tunes And all o f us iliall ii our fevcral Capacities do our Utmolt, that Your Government may Ixr eafie to all whoin Your Majelly thinks worth/ o f Your Protection.. We arc very willing that Your Majellies Subje&s who are Peace^bJti ami Loy..J,may lc at Eafe ar.d Security, notwitidtmdjng of their P.ofelficm and Private WorlViip,and do conceive that fuch o f themas arc or fh.-tll be employed by Yoar M lie^ty inOf- ficeJ of Truft Civil,or Military, a.e fufficicntly fee ti­red by Your Majeltics Authority and CommiiTun for their exerting the fame.. WC return Yam* Majefty our moft humble Thanks for giviug Us Your Royal Word for main­taining the Cntircit and our Religion ss it is now B.ftrtbliibcd byLaw, and reft fatisfied ,believing Your M^cfties Promife to bethe belt and greatcii Security wc can have. Wc are\ Aliy it pieafe Your Majefty, 4., I |*i#*»•,V* Toitr Jllaj tflics rrtrfl Humify mofl Faithfyl, I|• %f|L» 9 %•And mofl Obedient t.ibjccls and Scrvantr. E litib irgb, 24. Fcbr. 16 gncd by Writing the fame, ati ito Our Chancellor for can- Jhtg Our Great Sea! amefaid to be Appended there­unto, a fuffcieru War rand. yiren at Our Court at Whitehall, the Twelfth day e f Fcbr tar'/ i6Sy. Arid of Our Ktfgn the fi&T i Yean. ‘.'7. By H 4 s M ajefties fomnwnd, M ELF PUT. The Ea\l of Perth Lord High Oiancellor, the Lord Archbiflicp of Sr. Andrars, Lord Archbilfeqj of G.’a'guip Elttd, the Lord Marquis of .AtJjok Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, the Duke ot Ger- dm, the Lord Marquis o f Douglas., the Earl of l.mlithgiw, the Earl o f Dmrfg, tn 'irg, ihe Earlof S rrathmore, the Earl of J~1 rider dale ,the Earl of Soiithcjfii’, the Earl ofT r.tju air, the Earl ot Air he, the Earl of&¦ c.vres, the Lord Vifcrount Tarot bait, the Lod Vifcount v f S rratballaij, the Lord liv r.v d o u u ,the Lord JQnna.rd,S\r George Lockhart ot CarnU'ath Lord Prefident o f tiie SejCon, Sir ' Dalrymple younger o f$:air Lord Advocate ,Sir James Foulis o f Colifttun Lord Juftipe Clerk, Sir John Lockhart o f Cafilc- ht'l ojrp o f tlie Senator^ of the Juftice, LiftUtehaut .General James Do:glas 0 Sir y1:td?c:r fyitijiiv at Abbofj/iaff, Major General J M o f Cliverhoufc^ and And,erf Wau- cbop b l Kidn. Arid His Afdicfities Privy Goijncfl having Or­dered, That the faid Letter Ihou'd afierwards 6e Signed by fuch of tlie Councellors as were not then prcfent If vvjs acyordingly Siijnrd at Weft-, m m :hr by the Eari of ALrray, and the Earl of A1 clfort, Principal Secretaries of State for the fad hiAgdom ,the Earl o f Ai 'an, the Earl cT Drinn'.ungrigj the Earl of Wiutoun, the Earl of S.'ofbrt, the Ear! v f A'Hram ^and the Sari of Dunlartoit. * Porr.r •j
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