The London Gazette Feb 28 Mar 3 1686

fio yjl l% 'br j fio ,ton tiy: ever a!Pr t f effort o f the i >,. ijh g:on a fte r-n a dem ,«>//,{,and under the jc v tit/ C o L.u non s,R^ jtr id ton f, and Limitati­ons a for-tnca:innt-’tl. In the ftrji place, W e Al'liuu and £b/itn a t ¦the Modi Prate r i t g t fie ms, tv mA/te their P riv ate J hafts ,and tlx r toe hear a!Ifuel) A ii- n ifle es, rtf eit!*er have, or are willing to accept 0 Our/ Indulgence allancrb ¦and none other, and that t!< re be not anything f t id or done contrary to the 1 1 'ell and Peace r fOur Reign, Seditious Tor reajon- abie, thunder eh’ ghift Paths thefe C rinn's w i I I m ­port nor arc they to prefu fh toe Build M e >¦tin£-}[e rifts, >tor V f t t-HO oufes or Barns, but only toE xercife thin crr Private H oufts, as (aid i s:In the yne ¦): tnr. '\It is C w r I\ovit! W i I and Plea ytrr, that F iI d-C n men t cles, and fiich as Preachy orE x ctr tfe \.‘4 lrr> , nr w hnfhid any W ,ni flflift Cor .n n iv eat -,>/tU» fb d t •Prob fx u r d.C: rd gin to tJ)& u tm o jl fe- T • t d o fO'r L a ti'sm ad: tig.nnfi them-, fte pig from gened for tender Confidences, ihtre is no excttfe left, fu ft be-manner, Wc doh rely TollerMe Q iakers,td left rind E&erctJl in their inForm, nny Place or Paces appointed far their W nfkip. AndcomfttLr- iirg the Severe and Cruel Law,m .iile a7amft -Ronian- C^tholtcks f therein called Papifts j ind x Minority vr Our fty .il Qr.ind* Father o f Glonotis Memory. intbout H v Content^ and contrary to the Duty o f good Su!t/efis, b* Hft Regc?tts, an4- other Enemiat to tueir /artful Sbveraign, Our Rcyal Great Grand-Mother Queen M.iry o f Bleffed and Pious Memory,, where­in, under the pretence of Religion, they Cloathed the vnrft ofTreafons, Fatiions and Vfurpations, and made theft Laws, wtas a-ainft the Enemies o f GOD but their own Which Laws lyave ft ill been cont hrtkt Of chtirft without deftgn o f executirg them, nor >ry o tbrm ad terrorcm only, on Suppojumt, that tire P.ipjfts relying anon External Power, were In­capable o f Duty, and true Adegi nee to their Natu- Xfhrifitans, fo it 'is to be Dutiful Subjects and that they have like wife on all Occafions fhewn themjelves Gctid and Fgitk'ul Subjects to.t s,and Our Royal Predeceffors\ ty hJ^afdir/g, and mam of them adu- a'b hftm their Lives ana Fortunes, in their Defence (though ofianotljer Religion) and tlx Maintenance of their Authority agr.inft the Violences and Treafons of the moft violent Abettors of theft Laws Do therefore w.rh Advise andConftnt of Our Privy 'Council, flo m s or Confutation s ,made« r executed again #any o fOur Roman C atholick S n lje d s,in anytime p r ft, to all Intents and Purpofvs, n u llin g void P>all on- b itia u therein men tio ned pains or Penalties then in ordained to be I f ltd e d ,Jo that they /k ail in all things fie as r'ree in all R rfp c d ass any o fOur P rc te fta n t Sub-] e R s w h tfo e v tr ,not only to ext raft their Religion, but to enjoy ail Offices, Benefices and others, which w e fh a I thinly fit to be/low upon the min ail tim eco- tn i/.g N .v c r tk e e ifs t ts flOur rid and Plcafnre, Wand e d* hereby Con tn and Call a tho lick ja t tlx .it high ejl P a ms, otdy toE x e rc ifc their R eig irm t M o rfh ip m F lsufts Cor b app els and that they P reft.m e net top rea chin the op. n Fields, or to Invade the P rote fta Ctn k r d j c s by force ,under the sPam foreftaid, to be’t n f i d c d upon the Offenders r e jp d h v d y ,nor J h ali thy prcfitm c to nuke Pub h ck Proceffwns in the HighS re. ts o f any o fOur R pyal-B urghs, under the sPam a b o v &m:n tune d:d iu l whereas the Obedience eland rv f(i.e O<rG otd S u '^ed sis due to V s by then Al- *nce, a n dOur Sov. ra ig n ty ,and that no L a tP ,Cu~ ft tin nr Co/ft. tuticn, diffeience in Rehgkn, rr ether Inifednnn-t irhatjotv.r, can exempt or d/ft h.nge the Suqjedsfrcm rlxit NaTfav Obligations a'til Dun fit the Crown,rr ti.vdft ta front irctetfn>gt$em pfain* thin ,according 10 tipi rfever a,Capactti s/iudCurijga. Plea- jit>c,-m Refhain’t/s frr.flicorfWhrrfig Fftrctanel.ygins and Privileges upon them, or Vacuat of Annul thefe Ri^'ts Here table, when they are Made cr Conferred: Andhl^etrifc Confident,g^hatftime Oaths are capable <f btmg H rcfted by Men of Siniftruous Intentions-t a Practice in that Kjngdom, fatal to [{eitgio)., aj it was to Lcyaity Do therefore, with Advuu and Conftnt aforeftttd, Cafs, Annul and Difchaige alt Otuhs. whatsoever ,by which any o fOur Subiehs are rrtcapacitared, or difib ed from holding Places, or Opjkes rOm fa id Kjngdim, or crjuyug their Hereditary Rights and Pnviledgts, Difthnrgttg the fame to be talgn org.ven 1H any t.m e commgyit'.tlj- out Our Jpeci d II at rand and Couftnt, under the Pains due to the Contemjt o fOur f^ \al Conm{ahds and Authority And to this effed, We do by Cur Royal Autboiity aforvfatd, Step, lUfable, Land 'if- penfe with all Laws enjoining the J aid Oaths,'! ejis, or any of them, Particularly the fir (I Ado f the fir It Seffen o f the fix f t Parliament of Kjng Charles the Second the deventh Ado f tU for eft id SeJJion of the foreftitd Parliament the fix tit A d of t!>e third Parliament o f tU (aid Kjng ( harles the twenty firfttt and twenty fifth Ads y f that Parlia­ment and the thirteenth A d of the fir/i o fOur late Parliament, info far allaucrly us catrc.crnt the taking tie Oaths, or Tefts thereinpreftribed,and all tthas, as well not mentioned as mentioned, and that in place o f them, all Our g j d Snbjeds,-cr fuch o f themas We or Our Privy Council foaU re.juhh fo to do, fh all take and Swear d v following Oath aluinedy. I A.B .do acknowledge, Teftifie and Declare, that% 4 M B S the Seventh by the Grace, GOD,ot K1 n£ot Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, Deienrier of the Faith, C$c. is Rightftd King, and Goveruoin .->f thefe Realms* and overall peilons therein, awl th«.t it is unlawful for Subjects, on any pretence, or for any caule what- fotver, to rife in Aims, agayift Him, or any Com- millionated by Him and that l ftull never fo rife in Arms, nor aitili any who (hall fo d 6 and that I (ball never rcfiit His Power or Authority, nor ever oppofe His Authority, to His Perfon, as I (hall anfwer to GOD, but (hall to the utmoft of my power AiSft ,Defend, and Maintain Him, His Heirs and lawful Succellbrs, in the cxercife of Their Abfolute Power and Authority, againft all Deadly, So help me GOD. .And feeing many of Our good Subjecis havi, before 0> r pteafure in tjjcft M atta s ifih made Publicly, incurred t’ue Guilt appointed by the AHs o f parlia­ment above-mentioned, or others We, by Our Au- tbor.ty and Abfolute Piw er and Pre> eg. it he-Roy a I above-mentioned, o fOur certain Knowledge, ar.d Innate Mercy, Give Our ample and full Indemnity to all thofe o f the Roman-Catho itl( _ cr Popifh-i^t*- hgion ,for all things by them dom contrary to Onr Laws or cAds f Parliament^ nude in anytime paft, are toting their Religion, theW rfhip and Exerrijc thereof, or far betng pajufls, 'frj.ats, c r t Tr* t&f r, for hearing, cr faying of Mafs, conceahn% of i'ik JIs ,or Joftiits, breeding their Children Cathohcky., at home or abroad, cr any other Thing,Rite cr Doiirine, f aid, performed, tr maintained by them, cr any o f them: And hl^wife, fir bolding or taking o f Places, Hmploymetrts, or O^ices, contrary to any Law or Con- ftitution, 4dvicesgiven to Vs, or Our Council, Acti­ons done, or generaly anything performed vr faid again/} the kiioitn cLaws f that Our Ancient 'King­dom j Excepting always from this Qt.r Royal Indem­nity, a H Murders, Ajfajftnatiins, Thefts, and fneb Ukc
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