The London Gazette Feb 28 Mar 3 1686

JJSUtllt). 2221 The London Gazette. ______________________________________________________________________j [ * £ s 4 h L _ _ . . . ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 0 U l3U(I)£D to? i t ¦ From S0OllDnp February 28. to CfitltSBap March 3. 1686. Edinburgh , Felaruary 24. O N Thurfday, the 17th Inftant , His Majefties Gracious Letter ta the Lords o f His Majefties moft Honou­ rable Privy Council of tins Kingdom was read at the Board; After which their Lordlhips Unanimoufly Ordered , That His Majefties Royal Proclamation therein Enclofed fliould be publilbed here the next day,which was ac­ cordingly performed with great Solemnity and De- monftrations o f Jo y. The Copies of which G ra­ cious Letter and Proclamation, together with the Councils dutiful Anfwer to His Majeftjr thereupon, do here follow. His Majefties Letter to His Privy Council o f Scotland. James r . R ight Trufly and R irijt Well-beloved Couiln and Councellor, Right Truity and Right WeH-beloved Councellor , Right Trufty and En- tirely-beloved Coufins and Councellors,RightTrulty and Right Well-beloved Coufins and Councellors, Right Trufty and Well-beloved Coufins and Coun­ sellors, Right Trutty and Well-beloved Councel- lo.-s, and 'JTrufty and Well-bcloved Councilors, W e Greet you well. Whereas by Our Letter of the 2 1 it day o f Augufl Jaft paft, We were Gra- cioufly pleafed to inform you o f Our Defigns in order to the Eafe of Our f{om4n Catholicl^Subjetls, unto which We had your Dutiful Anfwer in fotne days thereafter; We have now thought fittopub- lifti thefeOur Royal Intentions, and to give an Ad­ ditional Eafe to thofe of Tender Confcicncei. fo to convince the World o f O uyr Inclinations to Mode­ ration, and to evidence that thofe o f the Clergy who have been Regular, are Our moft particular C are; though Wc have given fome Eafe to thofe whofe Principles We can with anv Safety truft : We have at tke fame time exprefled Our highett In­ dignation again It thofe Enemies of Chriflianity as well as Government and Humane Society , The Field-Ccr vmtiders, whom We recommend to you to Root out with all the Severities of Our Laws, and with the moft vigorous Profecntion o f Our For­ ces, it being equally Our, and Our People’s Con­ cern, to be rid o f them. As for the other Parti- j culars of Our Royal Proclamation here inclofed, j W c doubt not but they will appear to you moft juft ! and reafonable as they do to Us, and that you will in your refpe&ive Capacities aflert and defend Our Royal Rights and Prerogatives, which We are re- folved to maintain in that Splendor and Greatnefs which can only make them Safe for Us, Supports for Our Friends, and Terrors to Our Enemies. It » evident, W« do not mean to incroach on the I Confciencffs of any, and what We will not d o , We are refolved not to fuffer in others: And therefore it is Our Will and Pleafure, That thefe Our Com­ mands be forthw ith obeyed,and that in order there- j unto, this Our Proclamation be forthwith Printed and Publilhed in the dual manner in fuch Cafes accuftomed ; And if any (lull be to bold as to ftiew any diilike o f this Our Proceilour, We defirc to be informed thereof by you , T o the end We may convince the World that We are in Earneit, allu­ ring All, That as W e exped: Obedience therein,and aRcadinefs from you and all Our Judicatures to' jiflert Our Rights, fo it £hall be Our Care on all Occaiionsto ihew Our Royal Favours to all o f you in General, and to every one in Particular. For do­ ing all thefe things as well contained trt this Our Letter, as in Our Proclamation aforefaid, Thefe Prefents fhall be to you, and all others refpedtively who may be therein any way concerned, a fufficient Warrant. And fo We bid you Heartily Farewell. Given at Our Court at W hitehall the i * 1* day o f F eb ru a ry \6%\. And o f Our Reign the Third Year. By His Majefties Command, M E L F 0 K T , • . • » + By the K I N O . A F K OCLAMATIO I f. JA M -E S R. J AMES the Scvevfa bi th° Grace <f GOD, King o f Scotland, England, France and Ireland, Defender o f the Faith, & c . To all and fundry Our Good Snbjefls, whom thefe prefcnts do or way concern, Greeting . ? We having taken into Oto R&al Cmfidcration the many and great inconveniencies, which have happen­ ed to that Our Ancient Kingdom ^Scotland o f late years, through tbs different Perfwafions in the Chri- flia n Religion, a n i the great Heats and Animofities amongil the feveral Prrfeffors thereof to the ruine and dec 17 o f Trade, wafting o f Lands, extingutfh- ing o f Ch.mty,contempt o f the Rgyal Power, m d con­ verting of true Religion, and the fea r o f GOD, in­ to Animofitics, Names,Factions jtndfoinc times into SaciUcdge and Treafcn. And being r e v e d , as much ai in Z/s lies, to'Vnite the Hearts and Affections o f Our Subjccls to GO D in Religion,- to V s in Loyalty, and to their Neighbours in Carijjian Love and Cha­ rity, Have therefore thought fit to Grant and by Our Sovereign Authority, Prerogative I^ o ya L , a>id Abfilute Power, which all Our 6 ubjetis arc to obey without ftefcrve ; Do hertby Give and Grant Our
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