The London Gazette, Aug 14 1793

t 687]*0 lathe Evening, jiift After oU e tjth Light Dra­goons had been watering their Horfes, Lieutenant- Coloi.el Churchill obferved a Squidron o f French Cavalry at a fmall Diftance he immediately took One Squadron, which happened to be in Readinefs, leaving Orders for the odier to follow, and charged them with fo much Vigour and Succefs, that, befides killing feveral, he took Two Officers, 44 Privates, and 60 Horfes. Sir Robert LawrJe advanced with the i6:h Regiment to the Support o f the 1 £th. Upon the fame Day A ,Column of the Auftrians, under the Commando f General Clairfayt, advanced upon Youy and Thun L ’Eveque, pofleffing them- felvei, with little Oppofttion, o fall the Pofts upon the Righto f the Scheldt. A Third Column, Under General Colloredo, marched upon Navres, to be in Readinefs to co-operate with either o f the former, as Circumllances might direft. His Royal Highnefs put his Corps again in Mo­tion upon the Morning o f the 8th> having divided it into Three Columns, direfted up< Jn the Villages o f Grainconrt, Anneux and Cantain, with the Intention o f attacking the Enemy upon the Heights o f Bourlon but it was dilcovered that they hftd gone off in theN ig ht: And, as there was Rcafon to believe that the Army behind the Scheldt had done the fame, His Royal Highnefs took the Whole o f the Cavalry w(T o Squadrons o f the Grey*, and the Atiltrian Re­giment lade Tour," excepted) and w?nt in Piirfuit. He fell within the RearGuard at the Village o f Murguion, where Two Pieces o f Cannon, the Artil­lery Men belonging to them, and feveral other Pri- foners, were taken by the 1 ith Light Dragoon* and the Hdflars o f Barco. The Enemy in their Retreat fet Fire to the Village, which occafioned a confide- rable D cliy, there being no other Paffage than the Bridge acrofs the Rivulet upon which it Hands. This Obftacle was at laft overcome, and the Enemy were followed to the next Defile, by the Villapi o f Villeri. A large Body o f Cavalry, appearing to be betwixt 3 J g f j #.and 4,000 Merv, with fbme Battalions o f Infantry, and Eight Pieces o f Cannon, were feen upon the op• pofite Heights. They continued their Retreat and, as no Advantage feemed likely to acciue from further Purfuit, the Troops* after halting there fome Time, returned to the Camp, which had been propofed to betaken, near Bourlon. Several Waggons were taken upon this and the former Day.•.- I •General Clairfayt eroded the Scheldt at Daybreak, when he found the Eiicmy’s Camp entirely aban­doned. Lieutenant-General Avinfky, who commanded a Cnaller Column upOn the Right, fell within a Poll near Hordaing, killed feveral o f them, and took 30 Prlfouers. ?•1^'•0 The Lofs o f the Combined Army has been very •1( incondcrable. I inClofc that o f the Light DragOons, the only Troops under the immediate Commando f His Royal Highnefs, who have fuffered at all. It is difficult to afcertam the Lofs o f the Enemy :They have fufFered upon feveral Occafions. There are about 150 Prifoners, and a great many Deferters. Return#% o f the Killed, Wounded and Miffing o f the Brigade o fLight Dragoons, commanded by Major- Gtrural Dundas, on the ith Injlant. Camp at B&urlon, Atiguft 9,1793. t ith Light Dragoons. 1 Private killdd t Horfe wounded. 15 th Ditto. 1 Private wounded, ioth Ditto. 2 Privates killed, 6 Ditto miffing 1 Horfe killed, t Ditto wounded, 4 Ditto miffing. Total. 3 Privates killed, 1 Ditto woUnded, 6 Ditto miffing 1 Horfe fcilled, 1 Dittd wounded, 4 Ditto miffing. 15th Light Dragoons', I Horfe miffing and 2 Men wounded on the 7th Inllant. 16th Light Dragoons, i Man and Horfe miffing on the fame Day. R.DUNDAS, M ajor-General, Right Htn. Henry Dundas C i c .&c,t ••*Printed by Ebward Johns to ia Wanvlck-Lane*
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