The London Gazette, Aug 14 1793

686[4 ]State o f ibt Frl*c* which formed tJfiGarrifo* o f Val{*ci(**:s $1 the Tim o f it'i kurrevdtr, from their Ltfii. >'Officer* ———',451 From SerjeanLs downwards ——9,460---------9.71 i and Artrrtw.ii::! fcund tujhc T&W* and Citadel* f Valeucieunts. CANNONS. AMMUNITION. lk li. 241 ourdcrs ———3:24 Pounders ——10,0002710 Ditto —-—13,00041 i t Ditto ——24,5008 Ditto —»—-4,10016 Ditto i z Ditto 8 Ditto 104 Ditto 204 Ditto 9,000 Total 1 % o •Total 60,6 coMO R TARS. 18 Inch ——12 Ditto ——10 Ditto ——8 Ditto —:—Scone Mortars —74228 Total 18 Inch 12 Ditto 10 Ditto SHEL.LS. 9^1.0155,500190 '>r't -*v 43 Total 6,7059 M P HOWITZERS. 8 Tnch 6 Ditto Total HOWITZER SHELLS. 8 Inch _ _ _ 7 Ditto ———6 Ditto ———1 i 750300300 Total o f Cannon, Mortars and Howitzers 184 T'otsl *>350•**‘.-------.. _ **^*Total of Ammunition 68.655 *•>*-Powder 2,^04 Cwt. bcadcs feme made-up ’Ammunition***>- IW uTqueis 3>446 N.b .j:> thef< *3,44<) Mu{quers> thofe taken from the French Garrifon, when it marched out, are no rjcioded. ¦‘¦*-M’ V F’*^m ERR A R IS, General. Im he, near C atnb^ a, A n g u ji Cj, l 793* SIR, j Have the Honor ro inform you that the Enemy have been driven from the Camp which they oc­curred behmd th<? Scheldt, and obliged to fallback w«J» Precipitation upon Arraj, the only Retreat which M i left tht*m. The Front o f this Camp, which has teen commonly calhrd the Cam f deC efa r, was covered kv the Scheldt, it’s Left bv the Cenfe, both o f them#• ftrengthened by Inandaiions and protefled by Works, and it’s Right by the Fort fare o f Cambrai behind this he the Wood and Heights o f Bourlon, which were Hkewife fortified with the utmofl Care. The Brit'uh Troops, Seven Battalions and Six Squadrons o f Hanoverians, Two Battalions and Five Squadrons o f kieihans, and Four Battalions and T e a Squadrons o f Aoilrians, marched from tircir rcfpe&ivc Camp3 |the Morning o f the 6th, and joined the (lime Even- j ing in a Camp near St. Aubert, under the Commando f His Royal Highnefs. This Body marched the following Morning, in One Column, by the Villages o f St. Hilaire, Boufiiere and Wambaix, and forming afterwards Into Two, crofted the Scheldt at Creve- loeur and Manieres. During the March a Body o f Cavalry appeared upon the Right Flank towards Cambrai, but they were driven back in great Con- fufion by the Appearance o f foine Cavalry deftine^ to attack them, and a few Shot from the Auftiian Light Artillery. The Troops had been Eleven Flours upon their March when they reached Manieres, and the Heat was extreme it was confequently impoJible to pro­ceed any further, and a Camp was taken upon the adjoining Height*. In V*'.'!„• I
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