The London Gazette, Aug 14 1793

i Pub l t t f c e f c f p&utt f?ort f i ?.—"W EEL SEN DAY k AUGUST x W h iteh all, A ugufi 14. HE Difpatches, o f which Copies, were Yefterday received at the OlHce o f the Right Honorable Henry Dundas, His Ma- jtfty’s Principal Secretary o f State for the Home Department. SIR,E jir e u x ,Aug u jl 6,1793. J HAVE the Honor to inclofe you a Lift o f the Garrifon o f Valenciennes, as it ftood at the End o f the Siege, with that o f die Stores which were taken in the Town. It was] computed that between 6 and 7,000 Men marched out o f the Place, the reft being fick or wounded, Part o f which remained in the Hofpitals, and Part followed in Waggons. The Garrifon was cfcorccd to the firft advanced Polls o f the Enemy. Accounts have been fince received o f their having retired to different Parts o f the Country. I had the Opportunity o f mentioning to yon, in a former Letter, that the Conduct o f the Troops unicr the mor^ immediate Commando f His Royal High- nefs lu i been fuc'i as to merit the higneft Com­mendation j and it would be unjuit not to oblerve, Price[«*•« Four-pence. }*due to thofe o f Ilis# Imperial Thefe were commanded by General Count de Ferrari:., an Officer o f dithnguifhed Abilities, o f which he furnifhed ample Proofs upon this O coiion. Th’c Siege was condafttd witii great ‘Skill ar.d Science by Colonel Fromm, CliieF Engineer. The Artillery was under the Commando f Genera! Un- terb- rger, and appears to have been perfectly well directed, by it’s Effeft upon the Enemy’s Works* and the Number o f Guns which -were found dis­mounted upon the Ramparts. Jolt as the Army arrived tfpoa it’s Grou" I, a Party o f the Enemy,'coming, as ic is fu'ppofe l, from Bouchain, attacked an-advanced Party o f Hanove- ! rians. They were driven back, widi fome Lofs. by Six Squadrons o f Hanoverian''"•Cavalry..* His Royal Highnefc 1 Vi nee E rneft was pferfoiuilly engaged/ a n i diilinguilhcd himfelf upon this Occafionv '*•/..•%**•1•-*• I &, #%J A .MURRAY.- /.1 \Right Hon. Henry Dundas, >•A| i$C4 iifc* •~4*‘ I
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