The London Gazette, Aug 3 1815

#umfc. i047. The London Gazette EXTRAORDINARY. h p S u tfioritp. THURSDAY, AUGUST 3,1815. COLONIAL DEPARTMENT. Downing-Street, August 2,1315. A DISPATCH, of which the following is a'• A p y , v v ?“'in V i j -^f» j i«')f -ft T n Lieute­ nant-General Sir It. Browurigg, K.B dated Kandy, 25th February 1815, addressed to Earl Bathurst, one of His Majesty’s Principal Secretaries of State. British Head-Quarters, Kandy, M y L okd, February 25,1815. FOR some days subsequent to the date of the last dispatch, which I had the honour to address to your Lordship, on Kanriian affairs, dated 16th Ja­nuary, no circumstance occurred of sufficient con- scquence to be reported to your Lordship, the several divisions of the invading force being partly in movement, and partly prepnritig to move. It was found, however, that great and appa­rently insurmountable difficulties would occur in provisioning the troops, soon many routes, with our scanty means of conveyance, and I determined in consequence on a modification of the plan. This alteration consisted chiefly in disposing the inarch cf the troops in such a manner, that the 1st and 2d divisions, the 3d and 4th, the (ith and 7th, should arrive on the same line, and, at certain con­venient points, unite together an arrangement which, I am happy to say, brought ihe supplying of the army within our means, and laid the ground­work of a successful progress towards the several assigned places of destination above the hills. On the 1st of February I learnt, by a letter of the 30th of January from Major Ho >k, that the 1st division, under the command of that officer, had reached Ganeteynni, situate at the foot of the£ Jani Mountains, and on the great road leading through the Pass or Gravct of that name towards the city of Kandy. Lieutenant O’Connell, with the 2d division, was inclose the rear, advancing to the same point, from, which Major Hook was then to diverge to the left towards Wey wode, in the Bcren Korles, to co­operate with Captain De liussche, already in that quarter with a small force, formed to supply, the absence of the auxiliary corps originally cxpccteii from Madras. No serious opposition was made to the advance of these divisions. The first Adikar of the King of Kandy, by name Molligodde, brother to the Dessave of the Three Korles, who had previously overcome to the British territory, and himself Dessave of the Four Korles, kept hovering in front of Major Hook’s march, with some fol­lowers, but had intimated, both to Major Hook and Mr. D ’Oyley, that he was desirous to join the British standard, and was only prevented from doing so by his apprehension for the fate of his fa­mily, who were under the King’s power in the ca­pital, but whose liberation or escape he expected as soon as the troops should advance sufficiently near to Kandy to induce the toKing retire from that place :lie further gave it to be understood, that although lie was obliged to upkeep the ap­pearance of firing, he would do no harm and iii all these points, although his assurances could not in prudence be fully confided in at the time, he af­ terwards faithfully kept his word. In the evening of this day (the 1st of February) I left Colombo to join the army, and proceeded by the route of Avissahavelle (usually railed Sitta- wakka) and through the three and four Ivories to­wards Lieutenant-Colonel O’Connell’s camp, at Gauniteynue. While at Kooroonagoddc, on the
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