Profile Publications No. 15 The Heinkel He 111H

AH einkel He 111H at Algiers airport, November 1942. Despite the commercial markings, the machine gun in the nose is clearly visible. Such aircraft were used by the Franco-German Armistice Commission in North Africa. (Photo: Imperial War Museum) latest model of the well-tried Heinkel design. The Spanish government opened negotiations with the Ernst Heinkel A.G. for the licence manufacture of a batch of He 111 H-3s but eventually it was the H-16 variant which entered production at anew plant at Tablada in Seville. The Construcciones Aeronauticas S.A. received an order for 200 aircraft, but it was not until 1945 that the first batch was ready to fly.By this time it was apparent that no further supplies of Jumo 211F-2 engines would be forthcoming after existing stocks had been exhausted. Variants repre­sented among the 130 examples of Jumo-powered machines delivered to the Spanish Air Force included the C.A.S.A. C.2111-A, Al, A2 and A3 bombers the C.2111-C, Cl, C2 and C3 reconnaissance bombers and the C.2111-F and FI dual control trainers. It was finally decided to adapt the C.211 1 series for future production with the Rolls-Royce Merlin 500-20, and an order for 173 of these powerplants was placed in April 1956. Several Merlin-engined variants were delivered, including the C.2111-B bomber, the T8 transport (with gun positions removed and accommo­dation for nine passengers) and the C.2111-D and D1 reconnaissance bombers. At the time of writing, more than one unit equipped with aircraft of this scries is instill service with the Spanish Air Force. ©Martin C. Windrow, 1965 SPECIFIC A T ION H E INK E L H e IIIH -6 Dimensions: Span 74 ft. I? in. Length 54 ft. 5J in. Height 13 ft. 9 in. Wing Area 942 sq. ft. Weights: Normal loaded 25,000 lbs. Maximum 27,400 lbs. Powerplant: Two Junkers Jumo 2IIF-2 twelve-cylinder inverted-Vee liquid-cooled engines of 1,340 h.p. (take-off rating) and 1,060 h.p. (17,000 ft.). Armament: Bomb load capacity: 5,510 lbs. (mounted externally) or two torpedoes mounted externally on maritime variant. Defensive armament One 7-9 mm. MG 15 machine gun in nose position. One 7-9 mm. MG 15 in each of two beam positions. One forward-firing 20 mm. MG FF cannon in ventral gondola. One rearward-firing 7-9 mm. MG 15 in ventral gondola. One 7-9 mm. MG 1 5 in dorsal position. One fixed remote-control 7-9 mm. MG 1 7 in extreme rear of fuselage. Performance: Maximum speed 258 m.p.h. at 16,400 ft. Cruising speed 224 m.p.h. at 16,400 ft. Service ceiling 25,500 ft. Range with maximum bomb load 760 miles Maximum range 1,740 miles. C.A.S.A. C .2 III-D Dimensions: Span 74 ft. 3 in. Length 54 ft. 6 in. Height 1 3 ft. 9 in. Wing Area 931 sq. ft. Weights: Normal loaded 26,455 lbs. Maximum 30,865 lbs. Powerplant: Two Rolls-Royce Merlin 500-29 twelve- cylinder Vee liquid-cooled engines of 1,610 h.p. (take-off rating) and 1,015 h.p. (15,500 ft.). Armament: Bomb load capacity: 2,200 lbs. (carried intern­ally). (The four starboard bomb cells are replaced by a uni­versal camera mounting.) Defensive armament: One 12-7 mm. Breda-SAFAT machine gun in nose position. One rearward-firing 7-92 mm. M-15 machine gun in ventral gondola. One 7-92 mm. M-15 in dorsal position. Performance: Maximum speed 260 m.p.h. at 14,760 ft. Cruising speed 245 m.p.h. at 16,400 ft. Service ceiling 27,890 ft. Maximum range 1,550 miles. STA FFEL ID E N T IF IC A T ION Staffel C olour 1 Gruppe II Gruppe III Gruppe IV Gruppe V Gruppe White 1st Stfl. = H 4th Stfl. = M 7th Stfl. = R 10th Stfl. = u 13th Stfl. = X Red 2nd Stfl. = K 5th Stfl. = N 8th Stfl. = S 1 Ith Stfl. = V 14th Stfl. YellowY= 3rd Stfl. = L 6th Stfl. = P 9th Stfl. = T 12th Stfl. = W 15th Stfl. = Z Thus, U5 F)+(red N was machine of“F” 5/KG 2. Staff Aircraft Identification. These letters took the place of the fourth, or Staffel, symbol. Geschwader Staff= A III Gr.= D 1 Gruppe = B IV Gr.= E I I Gr.= C V Gr.= F Units known to have operated the H e 11IH during their service include:— KG 1 “Hindenburg” (V4) KG 4 “General Wever” (5J) KG 26 “Lowen Geschwader” (1H) KG 27 “Boelke” (1G) KG40(F8) KG 51“ Edelweis-Gcschwader” (9K) KG 53 “Legion Condor” (Al) KG 54 “Totenkopf Geschwader” (B3) KG 55 “Griefen Geschwader'’ (Gl) KGr. (later KG) 100 (6N). ©Profile Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 26,1a North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey. Printed by Hills &Lacy Ltd., London and Watford.
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