The Prisoner of War No 36 Vol 3 April 1945

16 The Prisoner of War April, 1945 Camp Transfers LATEST NEWS< F PROGRESS (Red Cross Map Referenc -Shown in Brackets) Prisoners from Stalag IIB Stalag I ID Stalag IIIB Stalag 1UC Stalag 344 Date o f INFORMATION March 10th March 10th March 10th March iotli Feb 27th March 7 th Stalag V IIIA March 9th Stalag VIIIB. March 7th Stalag VIIIC March 9th Stalag X X A Feb. 25th Stalag X X B Feb. 21st Stalag Luft III Feb. 23rd March 7th Stala-' 1 .11ft IV March 10th Stalag Luft VII Feb. 20th L cato ion Marching i >west part of Wehrkreis II (3D/E). Marching to west part of Wehrkreis II (3D/E). A t Maerkisch Rietz (E.4). A t Seefeld, near Werneuschin (E.4). Teplitz Schonau being used as assembly point (E.6). 4,000 British and American sick journeying by rail to:— Stalag X IB — Fallingbostel (C.4). Stalag 'vIlIC— Hamelburg (C.7). Stalag V IIA — Moosburg (D.8). Stalag iX B — Wegscheid Badorb (C.6). Head of southern group (marching towards Nurem­berg) east of Jena (D.6). Sick prisoners and British"Modical Officers remained at Gorlitz (F.5). Advance groups at Rakonitz (E.7). Rear groups at Melnik (F.O). Head of northern group (moving towards HanOver) west oi Soennnerda (D.5). Head of southern group (moving towards Cassel) near Gersund, west of Eisenach (C.6). Prisoners- oWected in Uckermark region (E.3) and moving\ vstwards. Near MakJlnn and Tetorow (E.3) and moving westwards. Prisoners 1 .^osferred to S.E. region of province of Oldenbii'. (B.4), Stalag IIIA Luckenwalde (E.5) and other camps (see March Journal). 4S0 sick left it Sagan (F.5). 1,500 B ri::-’r and U.S. prisoners proceeding to Stalag L ...1, Barth (E.2). 1,550 British and U.S. prisoners proceeding to Nuremberg (D.7). 3,600 British and U.S. prisoners proceeding to Stalag X IB (C.4) and Stalag 357, Fallingbostel (C.4). Reported a i Stalag IIIA , Luckenwalde (E.5). PAltCELS POST« *l»r 9 :M»i:» Xnv Film on Lo:ii ANEW film entitled“ Piisoner of War,” compiled for tlie Briiinh Red Cross St.and John by the Gauihont British Picture Corporation, Lu. with commentary by Mr. F. V. H. Emmett, is available Iree of charge, for private or public display. The film is 35 mm. size, one reel with sound recording, and takes ten minutes to run. It is the story of a . i cap­tured in Europe, and records various in­cidents which occur during his sojourn in enemy hands. Applications to borrow Prisoner of War must be made at least two weeks before the date fixed for showing. Private individuals should apply to :—The Central Film Library, Impn'L.i In­stitute, South Kensington, London’, S.W .7, and pay return carriage. Professional requests should !u *sent to :—The Publicity Department Red Cross St.and John War Organisation, 24, Carlton House Terrace, London, S .W.i.------------I’ l r a s c Note OWING to urgent last-minute altera­tions at the time of going t Press, three errors were made in tin- camp names in the March issue of “The. Pri­soner of W ar.”.'On page 2, in the article Transport of Food Parcels, Oflag VIIIB should have read Oflag V E.On page 16, in the first p arag f.,'h of Camp Transfers, Stalag IV slum!/ nave read Stalag Luft I V and in the notice* Parcels, Luft VIII should have read Luft VII. REPORTS FROM THE CA.». S (Continued from pageS) STALAG IVG , OSCHATZ The main camp was not visited, there being only 19 British prisoners 01 the permanent staff. There are 64 British working detachments in the Stall, c area containing 4,055 British prisoners c/f war. The three British medical officers in the Stalag area reported that the funeral state of health is good. Dental treat­ment is done by local dentists a u isl satisfactory. STALAG IV H,F ARTM ANNSDO kF There are only 27 prisoners of \..r in the main Stalag. The total number de­pendent on the Stalag is 5,524 British and American prisoners of war, who are dispersed in 95 labour detachments. Interior arrangements in the.main -U lag are good and there were no con\j,! ¦:1 ts. NUMBER, PLEASE i LEASED be sure to mention your Red Cross reference number whenever you write to us. Other­wise delay and trouble are caused in finding previous correspondence. THE Postmaster General announces that in the present phase of the war, transport conditions make it difficult to forward next-of-kin and permit parcels to prisoners of war in Germany. Although, therefore, it is hoped that it may still be possible to forward some, or all, of the present accumulation of these parcels to destination, it is neces­sary to suspend further posting of next- of-kin and permit parcels for the present. Labels and Coupons moreNo labels and coupons will be issued for the present. This applies to first and later issues. Next of kin and acting next of kin (in­cluding county branches, associations and packing centres) are asked particu­larly not to return issues already in their possession, but to keep them until further notice. Parcels partially prepared should als >be kept intact with any remaining unused coupons. The Red Cross will repack and handover to the G.P.O. any parcels received at the Packing Centres at Finsbury Cir­cus or Glasgow', which w r ere posted before ti' G .P.O. announcement was made. FREE T O NEXT O F KIN ’PHIS journal is sent free of charge Ito those registered with the Prisoners of War Dept, as next of kin. In view of the paper shortage no copies are for sale, and it is hoped that next of kin will share their copy with relatives and others interested. Printed in Great Britain for the Publishers, Thu I I e d C r o sands St. John War Organ is a t ion ,14, Grosvenor Crescent, London, S.W .,by T iii. Corn wall Press L m ,Paris Garden, .Stamford Street, London, S.E .l.
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