The Prisoner of War No 32 Vol 3 December 1944

THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE PRISONERS OF WAR DEPARTMENT OF THE RED CROSS ST.AND JOHN WAR ORGANISATION. ST. JAMES’S PALACE. LONDON. S.W.I Vol. 3 No. 32 Free to Next o f Kin Dec ember ,1944 THE E1HTOH WHITES— ANOTHER Christmas Day is a t han d.On that day the thou g hts o f every bod yin this c o u n try will cen tre upon “absent friend s”—on the fighting fro n tats, sea, a t air station s,in prison camps, or where- ever else they may be. wAnd e maybe sure, too, that, even more poig­nantly ,their thou g hts will be of those a t home. They will be present inspirit a t every Christmas gathering, and whatever their own Christmas fare may be, one to a s twill be drunk every where :“To our dear ones a t home and may w e soon be with them .”And they will drink that toast with every confidence this time that their wish will be fulfilled .Their Christmas Dinners Last month I said that I was afraid that there was not much chance of Christmas parcels reaching the camp sin time. I have greater hopes now. Early in Nov ember a ship left a British port with 3,000 tons o f parcels, including 1,050 tons o f C h ristm asp a rcels, on board and sailed direct to Marseilles. With them went 50 Canad ian lorries. They will be used, together with thee xis tin grail fa c ili­ ties, to carry the parcels to Gen eva, and a s the ship’s comp any ,the mili­tary authorities, the officials o f the International Red Cross Committee and every body else concerned will do every thing possible to give them priority 'there is some chan Ice— will not p u tit any brighter— th a tat least some o f the nearer camp swill have areal Christmas dinner on Christmas D a y.In any case all the camps should have received their parcels early in the New Y e a r,and I have little doubt th a t, if need be, they will celebrate Christmas a second time with equal gusto. November 1944 As the mother of a prisoner of war, my sympathy outgoes in a special degree to the mothers and wives and all the relatives of those who have lost their freedom in this War, Many of them have now endured the strain of long years of separation, and have shown throughout the finest qualities of faith, hope, and courage. While they all watch and wait this Christmas, may they "be upheld by a strong faith in the future, and by the hope of a joyful meeting with those they love -the prisoners whose cheerfulness and patience under the hard oftest captivity have been a constant inspiration to their families at home. I know that all relatives share with me a deep sense of gratitude to the War Organisation of the Red Cross Society and .Order of St. John for its constant and devoted care of prisoners of war, and its efforts to all e v i ate their lot.
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