The Prisoner of War No 29 Vol 3 September 1944

2 The Prisoner of War Sept ember ,1944 lor ground personnel, regardless o f w h eth et a man belonging to either o f them has joined up for a career or merely tor the duration of the war. A time basis governs the aircrew c ate gory ,whose members are promo ted indue course wherever they maybe. But ground per­sonnel depend for their rise 011 actual vacancies available for them in higher ranks, and it is therefore impossible to promote them to posts which ,from a prison camp ,they a rein no position to fulfil. O then other hand ,as soon as they come home, declared Sir Archibald ,"th ey are granted the rank which they would have obtained but for the inter­ruption o f their effective res vice .”After-care Speaking a t NVitley, Surrey ,about prisoners o f w a rat a Bank Holiday fete, Sir John J a rv is, M.P .,remarked that the war might b e won before all the money subscribed -to the Duke of G lou ce ste r's Fun dis spent. "That would be all to the good ,”he said.‘‘ Ind eed, 1 would like to see a sub­stantial sum available ,when those lads return ,to help them in innumerable ways to find their rightful place in the England they love so well.” N o decision can yet betaken as to the disposal o f any su r­ plus funds a v a ila bleat the end o f the war, b u tit may betaken for granted that some part o f them will bed ev o toted assisting ex-S ervicem en ,including ex-prisoners o f war who have been in cap acita ted .Better News from Moosburg A n indication that things may have improved a Stat lag V I I A since the official visit paid it in April (reported in the Journal last mon th)is provided b y a cheerful letter from the Officers’ S ectio nat M oosburg, which has recently come tom y notice. The prisoners’ rem ova lin July to a larger compound ,says the writer, ‘‘has d o u bled the living accom­modation w e had before, sow e are now quite well off. W e are starting a certain number o f classes 011 different subjects ,in clu din gar t.”He adds, too, that O flag V BIT ,whose members had heard o f their needs from men arriving fromM oosburg, had sent them a most gener­ous gift o f tobacco and 50,000 cigarettes. Exam, for South Africans South African sin captivity have dis­tinguished themselves in a number o f ways .To their talent for winning games and dancing Zulu dances must now be added another distinction ,-for Stain lag VII I C le c e n tly seventeen of them under­ went a self-im posed e xa min a tio non book-k e e ping equiv a len tin standard to the National Junior Certificate seas tin South Afr ic a.D escrib in git, the camped u cation officer shows that conditions were as strict as those observed in any official examination there were a t least two in v ig ila tors in the room during the 2,i-hour session, and the candidates’ papers were marked b y qualified“ trans reg s ”to avoid the risk o f fa vo u ritism Indian.An Looks Back From Cairo comes eloquent praise o l the Red Cross services b any Indian re­p atria te, Jem arMed oti Singh ,who during his sixteen months as a prison erin Italy ,“Saw every thing that the Red Cross did to help .”Many Indian soldiers know nothing o fall this special­ ised assistance, he says, and goes onto confirm the good opinion o f the Indian food parcel containing d hal (lentils) and a tt a (wholemeal flour), from which the men can prepare their native dishes.“ W h en ever Germans or Italians saw the thing sin the p a rce ls,” he adds, “they were astonished and began to praise them altho ugh they were enemies, they held the works o f the Red Cross in high esteem .”Tribute from New Zealand I want to thank the lad yin Tau rang a,New Z ealan d ,who wrote to tell m howe much she looks forward to getting this jo urn al. She and her husband find in it “so much o f what w e want to know —not only o four son’s welfare, but of the colossal work the Red Cross has tod o .”It’s the personal, informal touch ,she says, that makes su chad ifferen Ice.“ always feel happier when I have read the pap er, and I know many others here who do the same .”«Clothes Conscious The issue o f a:new outfit o f battle -dress, shorts and boots to his work camp with the expectation o f underclothes to follow has led a Sta lag IV G prisoner to warn his wife Bin o gn orR egis n otto bother about sending him clothes from home. These new additions to the ward ­robe have evidently given him and his comp anion a great fillip to their morale, and they outset for the local cin em a dressed u top the nines— even to th e“co llars and ties w e made o u rse lv es.” Broadening Out A comforting exam p leo f what cap­tivity ,despite all its d isad van tag canes, d o for a man is provided from Sta lag I V D b y a prisoner o f longstanding .His wife in Diss tells m e he now turns the scale a t 12 st. 2 lb .as a g a inst the xo st. he weighed before his captivity and it’s not “idle l fat ”either, for he puts ina long workday’s a t a cement factory in addition to outdoor exercise a t the week ­end. Northern Ireland Service A Special Service o f Intercession for Prisoners o f War is to beheld inSt. Anne ’sCathed ra l,B e lfa st, on Sun day, September 24, a t 3.30 p.m .Two reser­vation tickets for the service will be sent to each o f the first six hundred next o f kin who apply ,giving their Red Cross Reference Numbers, to :The Ulster Gift Fund ,2, B edford Street, Belfast. TO GERMANY —VIA SWEDEN New Route to the Camps REPORTS from Stockholm app earin gin the Press have stated that British Red Cross parcels for prisoners o f war in Germ any and occupied co u n tries are in future to pass through Sweden .The use o f this new route has resulted from efforts initiated b y Red Cross and other authorities to open u pan alterna­tive channel for supplies in view o f the possibility that the course o f the war would be likely to interrupt the Lisbon— Marseilles—Switzerland traffic for con­siderable periods. Details o f the onward ca rria geo f the supplies from G o then berg have not yet been finally settled .The two ships mentioned in the Press notices are fully loaded with American Red Cross supplies and a considerable number o f Canad ian food parcels for British Com mon wealth prisoners. The service via Sweden will be de­veloped fu rth eras circumstances neces­sitate and conditions permit. FOOD PARCELS RATIONED THE War Organ isatio n o f the British Red Cross and Order o f St. John announce that, asap recau tio nary measure, a n dafter consultation with H.M .Government, they have requested the I.R .C.C .to instruct cam pleaders in Germ any to reduce the orate f issue of food parcels to one for each everyman two weeks. This decision has been taken in view o f the interruption sin transport toGe nev a an din order to ensure that the best use is made o f supplies a lre ad yin the camp sand a t Geneva .There is 110 immediate danger o f any serious sh o rta geo f food in the camp s,and every effort is being made to re-establish effec­tive communication b y one route or another. NEW MAP O F MANGER CAMPS THE Prisoners o f War Department has published anew m ap,p rin te din colou rs, fh owing the principal camps for British and Dominions prisoners o f war in Germ any. A limited number o f copies are now obtain a b leon application to the Prisoners o f War Department, Accounts Section ,St. J a mes’s P a lace, Lon don,S .W .i .The price is :small size, 2d. (by post 3 d .)large size, is .(by post is. 2 d .).Remittances should be sent with the order. There have been u n avoid able delays in production and the map itself is correct according to information a v ail­ able u top June 30 th ,1944. Any addi­tional information know nat the time o f posting will, how ever, be sup plied 'with the map.
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