The Prisoner of War No 29 Vol 3 September 1944

The Prisoner of War Sept ember ,1944 Any Qnesiions*? When sending in questions will next of kin kindly always give their name and address so that their letters maybe answered by -post if, jor any reason, it is not possible to reply in this Journal 16 PARCELS DEL A YIN DELIVERY STEP Shave been taken to exp la into all British Cam pLeaders th a tin di­v id u ally addressed parcels (both next o f kin and perm it), handed to the Post Office u top the beginning o f March ,1944, should reach the camps norm ally but th a towing to a variety o f circu m ­stances there is likely to b e avery con­siderable d e la yin the delivery o f parcels handed in after that date .Recreation sand Sports Equip men tIn view o f the transport difficulties referred toby the P o stm aster-G en era l,it is no longer possible for this department t o forward musical in stru men ts, music, indoor games, artists 'materials, the a tri­ cal make-up, exercise boo ks, etc .,to in­dividual prisoners o f war. Articles already sen tin for forwarding will be returned to the senders if desired.• Correspondence with regard to the above should be addressed to the Indoor Recreations Section ,Prisoners o f WarD ape rtm t,en St. J a mes’s P a lac e,S A V.i. The same conditions apply to equip­ment for outdoor sports, correspondence about which should be addressed to the d ep artm e t,n and marked “For the atten­tion of. r.A.M F .Cox .”Tran sit Camps Red Cross food parcels will, a s far asp ossib le, b e sent b they International Red Cross Committee to any camp sin which there are British prisoners o f w^r. PENGUIN BOOKS The Penguin Book C o .regrets t h a tit has had to cancel its service o f new Pen­guin books to prisoners o f war. The d esp atch o f further parcels has, there­ fore, ceased ,and any unexpired subscrip­tion swill be returned to next o f kin through booksellers. SLEEVELESS P U L LOVER (Con.'intted from previous page) Repeat these 2 rounds 4 times more. Castoff in rib. THE ARM HOLE BAND With the right side of the work facing, and using a pair of the No. 12 needles, join the wool and knit up an even number of st. along the armhole edge. (On the original 138 st. were knitted up.) Proceed in k.I,p. I rib for 10 rows. Castoff in rib. Work second armhole in same manner. MAKE-UP Omitting the ribbing, press the work on the wrong side, using a warm andiron a damp cloth. Join side seams. Press all seams. Labels and Coupons A s we are not now allowed to send next-of-kin parcels, what shall I do with m y label and coupons? T heP ostm aster-G en eral has recom­mended that no further n ex t-o f-k in parcels should be handed in for the present, but their d esp atch has n o tat any time been prohibited .Instructions about labels and coupons were given on page 16 o f the August jo urn al. Camp sin Eastern Germany There are rum ours about camps in Eastern Germany being moved. I f th isis so, how soon shall I be informed of m y husband’s new address? H e is a prisoner in Stalag X X B .As soon as information is received about the transfer o f any prisoner o f war the next o f kin is informed but this new sis frequently received in the first instance b they next o f kin from the prisoner himself. Soap for Parcel Should the soap tvhich I bought to send tom son,y who is a prisoner in Poland ,just before the parcel ban, now be returned tom y n ext-o f-k in cen tre? The d esp atch o f n ext-o f-k in parcels has not a t any time been prohibited .We would recommend you to keep the soap and all other articles which you may have ready for your parcel casein the Post Office should again be able to for­ ward parcels to prisoners. Taken Prison erin Norm andy I hajve been notified that m sony ivas taken prisoner in Normandy. How soon shall 1 receive an address where 1 can write to him ?It is impossible to say how soon his camp address will be known ,but you will be told b they Red Cross how to address your letters to him until you receive his permanent camp address. Musical In stru men tIts? has been stated that a limited num­ber o f parcels, mainly music, books and games, is still being sent to the camps. Will m son,y who is a prisoner in Stalag 383, receive the musical instrument for which he asked recently ?We have no know led geo f the state­ment to which you refer. I f the musical instrument for which your son has asked was d esp atch ed before the recommenda­tion made b they P o stm aster-G en eral that no further parcels should for the present be posted to prisoners, your son will 110 doubt even tu ally receive it, thou g hits delivery maybe delayed .Examination Papers A reexamination papers still being sent to the camp sin Germ any? Yes .The chairman o f the Prisoners o f War Department referred to these in his message to next o f kin in the August jo urn al. Clothing Coupons When m y 'ho use was bombed recently clothing coupons issued tome by m y next-of-kin cen tre were destroyed .To whom should this be reported? You should write to the Packing C entreat 14, Fin sb u ry Circus, London, .CE .2 ,giving a full exp la nation of the circumstances. Chan geo f Camp Name Why was O flag V I I I F changed toO flag 79? Then u m bering o f cam psis entirely a matter for the German authorities. The change in this case was made after the prisoners had been moved fromM aerisch ru-T eb an to Wag gun in quite a different part o f Germ any .New Camp sWill m y h u sb and ,taken prisoner in Normandy ,be sent to an entirely new camp or ivill heBe a ccom m oda ted in one o f the camps which already exist? So far the prisoners taken in Nor­ mandy appear to be going to already established camps b u tit is impossible to say whether they will continue to do so. A ir-ra id Shelters Are all camps equipped with air-raid shelters? The majority o f camp sin Germany are equipped with a ir-raid shelters. S h ould, how ever, the representatives of the P rote c ting Power when visiting any o f the camps discover th a tad e q u ate air­ raid shelters were not available ,they would immediately bring *this to the notice o f the German Government. Camp Location Can you tell m thee location o f Stalag I V A ?Sta lag I V A is a t ITohenstein, south ­east o f Dresden .(Red Cross map ,refer­ence F 6 .)THIS Journal is sent free o f chargc to those registered with the Prisoners o f WarD e pt, as next o f kin. In view, o f the paper shortage n o copies are for sale, and it is hoped that next o f kin will share their copy with relatives and others interested PLEASE be sure to mention your Red Cross reference number whenever you write to us. Other­wise delay and trouble are caused in finding previous correspondence. Printed in Great Britain (or the Publishers. T heR f.d C r o sands St. John War Organ is a t ion .14, Grosvenor Crescent, London. S.W The Corn wall Press Ltd .,Paris Garden. Stamford Street, London, S.T 1.
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