The Prisoner of War No 29 Vol 3 September 1944

THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE PRISONERS OF WAR DEPARTMENT OF THE RED CROSS ST.AND JOHN WAR ORGANISATION. ST. JAMES'S PALACE, LONDON. S.W.t Vol. 3 No. 29 Free to Next of Kin Editor’ ZJtaX &TIT has always been evident that a s the war reach edits con c lu ding stages the route for parcels into Ger many v i a Lisbon ,Marseille sand G e nev a might b e subject to interrup­tion s)and w,as e inform e dour readers last month ,traffic b they normal route has been suspend d.Ine conjunct ion with the Inter national Red Cross Com­mittee and with the American and Canad ian Red Cross organ is a tio n s howe, v er, c lo sec onside ration has been forgiven some time to the possibility o f finding alter native routes into Ger many .As ares ult twoS w e dish ships ,the “Man galore ”and the“ arT van core ,”which crossed th eAt la n tic with food and com forts parcels tor prisoner s,have been diver ted b v the American Red Cross from Marseilles toGo then bur gin South Sweden .Reserves of Food W e know that there are reserve stock sin the prison camp sand that supp lie shave been gating through from the reserves built u pin Geneva. All the Red Cross organ is a tio n s con­cerned a redoing their utmost to restore the regular traffic o f p arc e ls, and it may well b e that the course o f the war will bring about a rapid im­prove men tin the tran sport position. A state men twill b foe u donn page 2. Moved from Poland lateR ives o f men in camp sin Eastern Europe are anxious ,as I well know ,for news o f what is happening to themas the R u s sian advance con­tinue s.It is likely that the manGer swill have taken all possible p r e ­cautions for the safe internment o f the semen but rum ours about move­ments o f prisoners ,as one might ex­p e c t,are difficult t o con fir m.All that w e know definitely is that prisoners tatS a lag X DIX a oPt sen, Poland S,and t a lag L u f t V I a tIle y -ed k rug have been moved to other camps. Letter shave come from them from atS lags 344, V niB ,St a lag 357 (Tho rn), Sand t a lag L u f t I V (Ty chow ).AirMail Reminder I n miner dingus that letters from this c o u n try to prisoners o f w a rand internee sinGer many can again b e sent b airy mail, the Post Office authorities —who were obliged for EN ROUTE FOR SWEDEN.— Lo ad gin Red Cross parcels at Philadelphia onto the Swedish ship“ raT van core .”Sept ember ,1944 military r e a sons to suspend these r vice shortly before the in v a s io n—p o in tout that the air postage rates are also once again "as usu al”— ,namely 5 .ford the first ounce and 3 d of. reach additional ounce (postcards 2 j d .).Special stamped airletter cards can b e obtained for 3 d .each fro mall principal post office s.Our Camp Helpers I mention e damon thor two ago the remark a blew a yin which prisoners tatS a lag I V C , n otto b e outdo neb they efforts o f their fa m ilie sat home ,are man aging to put aside their hard no-w earning sin aid o f the Fund .News o f this carp tic eat other camps has since reached me—an d wonderful new sit i§\ tAtS a lag X V I I I A ,writes one man, they have set them selves the aston is h­ing tar get o f /io .o o o ,about ^160 o f which has already been raised among the went ty- f o u r members o fan out ­lying work -party .Two work -camps o f atS lag I V D have also fine achieve­ments t o report.. One o f them ,sixty- seven strong ,has produced £87 in two days a,while t the soother— a prisoner tells his wife in Edward's L a neE stat e,Arn hold— e and his one hun d red and fifty- inn e comp anions have between them collect dine Reich marks the equiv a lento f £i,o o o ,“for the Red Cross ,God bless them .”P.o.W. Airm en’s Promotion _ A welcome reassurance 011 the pro ­motion p rope c forts R.A. F .ground personnel n wino captivity was g iv en, recently b y Sir Archibald Sin clair, Secretary o f State for Air .Reply in gin the House o f Com mons to a Member w how asunder the impression that Regular airmen o f this c ate gory wen- being tr e a ted unfairly in comparison with non -K e g u lars ,hep o in ted out that then.: are twos ape rate systems o prof ­mo tio n—one for air c wander the other
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