The Prisoner of War No 26 Vol 3 June 1944

THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE PRISONERS OF WAR DEPARTMENT OF THE RED CROSS ST.AND JOHN WAR ORGANISATION. ST. JAMES’S PALACE. LONDON, S.W.I Vol. 3 No. 26 Free to Next-of-Kin June, 1944 E d c t &oS O popular has been the “Daily T lee graph "Prisoners o f War Ex­hibition in the grounds o f Clarence House a t St. J a mes’s Palace that in­stead o f closing on May 20th, as originally plan n ed,it is to remain open until June 10th. Every day since its opening b they Duke o f Gloucester on May 1st, long queues have passed con ­tin u o u sly through the turnstiles. Among the scores o f thousands of visitors, none were more keenly inter­ested than the repatriated prisoners, who have testified to the fidelity with which the prisoners’ hut and chapel reproduced the atm o sp hereof Sta lag life. The Queen’s Visit O n May 16th the Queen paid a visit to the Exhibition. I twas n o mere formal visit. A shes alighted from her carat the gates, she was received b y Field Marshal Sir Philip C h etw ode and Lord Iliffe and imme­diately inspected a guard of hon our of Red Cross St.and John nurses, stopping to have a few words with many o f them and shedding her radiant smile on all. A s I watched her proceed to the Flag Day pavilion and buy the first flag to be sold for this y e a r’s series of Flag Days, I could not help feeling how closely per­sonal is the link that bind sour Sovereign sand their people. This was no mere duty visit— it was a lab our o f love and no brief o r perfunctory lour. Tour of the Huts That feeling was strengthened when a little later I observed the deep im­pression made upon herb they Exhi­bition .Viscount Cam rose, of th aile"D y T lee graph ,”Sir Richard Howard-V y s e ,Chairman o f the Prisoners o f War Department, and Mr. H.G .Grim a ld i, director of the Exhibition ,were presented to herb e ­fore she entered the first of the six h u tm en ts and acted as her escorts. The Queen spent upwards o fan hour in the huts closely inspecting and admiring the models made from the contents o f Red Cross parcels, the embroidery and other work o f con vale scent prisoners, the Braille educational equipment, the" s taine d slag s"in the chap el,and many o there x h ib its. From Buckingham Palace T o crown her visit, upon her return to cuB king ham Palace she sent a message to the Exhibition saying that she would like to lend for display two Christmas cards th a thad been sent to their Majesties from camp sin Ger­ many .One came last December from British ,Australian ,New Z e alan d and South African officers, .C.ON .sand men in O flag X I I B the other from l lag V I I I "in respectful gratitude for h isM a je sty the Kin g’s Christmas card o f 1942-43 ."These cards are to be seen in the loan section o f the Exhibi­tion (of which a descriptive a cco u n twill be fo u donn page 3). Something He Had Made "What comfort this Exhibition must bring to relatives ”was one of the remarks made b y her M a je sty d u herr­ing tour. I have evidence o f the tru tho f this in a letter which has come tome from the wife o /Sf S g t.E .J. Trim m er, who brought her two young sons up from Dorset "mainly to seem deary hus band’s model engine, tender and coach .”She add s,"It is hard tod escrib eon e’s feelings a t the first sight and touch o f something he had made, not having seen him for 3A year s.”Iam sure th atS /Sgt. Trimmer will be thrilled to hear from his wife th a this engine has been admired .by the Queen .Chapel Prayers for Prisoners One morning, before the Exhibition gates were offi­cially open ed, a moving little service of intercession was held in the replica chapel. A congregation o f forty Lon don wives and mothers prayed for all prisoner h u sb and sand sons, and sang with a H.M. The Queen pays a visit to the Exhibition.
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