The Prisoner of War No 22 Vol 2 February 1944

16 The Prisoner of War Feb r u a ry, 1944 Any Questions? STALAG XIA THIS camp’ is situated at Altengrabow, and its approximate position 011 the Red Cross Prisoner of War Camp Maps is due north of Magdeburg on the line form­ing the top of Square D4. The fact that the only mention of Stalag X IA on the map is in connection with the hospital at Magdeburg has caused a number of next of kin to think that the prisoners must be in hospital, but there is no reason to suppose this unless definite information to that effect has been received. Stalag X IA was omitted from the map because hitherto it has not been used for British prisoners of war, whereas the hospital at Magdeburg, which serves this camp as well as others in the same dis­trict, has from time to time had British patients. STALAG VIIIB The name of this camp has been changed to STALAG 3.14, and letters and parcels should in future be addressed in this way. We have no reason to think that there has been anything more than a change of name, such as was made with Stalag 383 (formerly Ollag IIIC). This should not affect the delivery of letters and parcels already on the way, addressed to Stalag V IIIB .“P .69” A number of prisoners have given the above by itself as their address but we now understand from a prisoner’s letter that it is a working camp and that the complete address for letters and parcels is:— STALAG IVF.P.69. NUMBERING OF LABELS To simplify the sequence of parcels it has been decided to alter the numbering of the labels as from January ist, 1944. Instead of carrying on consecutive num­bers from one year to another, each year’s patcels will be numbered 1,2,3 and 4. Thus, this year's parcels will be 19.44/1944*/2.1944/3 and 1944/4- and next year’s parcels will be 1945/1,1945/2, etc. Number 14 labels already issued will count as 1944/1. Stalag IVB My husband has just reached Germany from Italy he gives his address M-as Stammlaget IVB. Is this different from Stalag IVB if so, how do we find it on the Red Ctoss map, please? “Sta lag" is a shortened form of“ Mannschaften^Stammlager ”or “M- Stammlager,” both of which mean “Base Camp for Other Ranks.” Wireless in Camp Are prisoners in Get many allowed to listen to British wireless programmes? We have heard of this happening 011 several occasions, but have no definite information as to whether it is allowed as a general rule. A Watch Can 1 send a watch to my husband? No, this is not permitted. R.A .F .P.O.W .Why does my son ask tome send parcels to one address and letters to another? Your son is ptesumably in the R.A .F .The German authorities have made a rule that all letters for R.A .F .prisoners must be addressed to Stalag Luft III, where they arc censored but parcels maybe addressed to the camp where the prisoner is actually interned. Was P.O.W .in Italy I am anxious for news of my son tvI10 was a prisoner in Italy. Will the War Office notify me automatically as soon as they have news of him? Yes, if you are the next of kin. Parcels in Reserve In the event of invasion and conse­quently disrupted transport services, how will food parcels reach Germany? A reserve of parcels has been built up in Switzerland in anticipation of such a contingency. Repatriates Were all the wounded prisoners lepatri- ated from Germany? No, only those who had passed the Mixed Medical Commission were eligible for repatriation. Prisoners’ Produce Are prisoners allowed to have the pro­duce they grow themselves? Yes. Their Bands Ilow do the men who take pait in the camp bands get their instruments? A great many have been sent by the British Red Cross and by the World’s Alliance of Y.M .C .A.s. Others have been supplied by private organisations, and a considerable number of the men's own instruments have been forwarded to them by the Prisoner of War Depart­ment 011 behalf of their families. The Canadian Red Cross junior Branch has recently made a most generous gift of instruments. In a good many cases in­struments have been bought by the men themselves in •Germany and Italy. Tax-Free Clothes Is it true that I can buy purchase-tax- free clothing to send to my son, who is a prisoner of ivar at Stalag 344? Yes. There are packing centres run by the Red Cross and other organisa­ tions in a great many places throughout the country where purchase-tax-free clothing is obtainable for inclusion in next-of-kin parcels. You should get into touch with your local Red Cross and prisoner of war representative for in­formation about this. Scenery for. Shows llow do the men get the necessary paint and materials for the scenery of their shows? The World’s Alliance of Y.M .C .A.s has been of great help to the prisoners of war in the provision of materials for theatrical and other entertainments. In a number of cases it appears that the men have been able to buy or *hire scenery and costumes and other mate­rials locally. Books for Prisoners Would you suggest a good book to send to my son who is a prisoner of 'war? It would be impossible to do this with­out knowing your son’s tastes. We sug­gest that you should take the advice of a good bookseller. An historical novel or a book about the English countryside are generally appreciated by most prisoners COUNTY REPRESENTATIVES Please note the following change:— Kent :—Mrs. Ferry, Hon Sec .,P.O.W. Sub-Committee, Heatherbank Cbisle- hurst. NUMBER, PLEASE!D LEASE be sure to mention your Red Cross reference number whenever you write to us. Other­wise delay and trouble are caused in finding previous correspondence. FREE TO NEXT OF KIN THIS Journal is sent free of charge to those registered with the Prisoners of War Dept, as next of kin. In view of the paper shortage no copies arc for sale, and it is hoped that nest of kin will share their copy with relatives and others interested lTint/>d hi Britain ,'or the Publishers The Red Cross Sand t .John War Organ is a t ion ,14 Grosvcnor Crcsccnt, London, SAV.i, by The Corn wall 1’r k s s Ltd., Pari:. Garden, Stamford Street, London, S.E.i.
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