The Prisoner of War No 21 Vol 2 January 1944

January, 1944 The Prisoner of War 5 the Camps Talent Display The arts and crafts exhi­bition held at Oflag 64. ATS LAG IX C and plates can have them made b they local dentist. There is no canteen here. Religious services are held by two Anglican chap­lains. Lower Camp.— Another old school has been converted into this prisoner of war cam p.It is not far from the Upper Camp and is pleasantly sjtuated beside a stream .At present it holds 215 British officers and 40 orderlies. The water supply is limited, conse­quently the number of hot baths has been reduced to two per month for each prisoner of war. A swimming pool is available. Fuel for private cooking is scarce. Sports and -walks are well organised. Some rooms are still overcrowded. (Visited August.)S T A LAG X IIIC ,HAM MEL BURG AM MAIN (FRAN CON IA )AND WORK CAMPS There are 316 non-working .C.ON .sin the base camp. Attached to this cam pare 52 work camps which hold alto­gether 750 prisoners of war. Most of the prisoners are Australians only 33 are from the U .K .«The electric light is still very poor, especially in the Australian barrack. For­tunately this is now less crowded. The billiards table is now much used. Theatrical productions are in full swing, as well as an amateur band. Lemonade and occasionally beer are the only items obtainable in the canteen. Walks for protected personnel have been stopped owing to shortage of guards. Work Camp No. 4842, H ainm elburg. — Tw enty-eight prisoners of war are liv­ing in a small stone house in the town. This billet is overcrowded and altogether unsatisfactory. The’1 prisoners work long hours sorting private and Red Cross parcels for the whole of the Stalag and its various Work Camps. Work Camps fsjo. 7028, Fuch-s tad No.t 7011, Heustreu No. 7005, Wulfers- . hausen and No. 7008, Groswenk- lieiin.— These arc all agricultural camps where prisoners are accommodated in farms. Living con­ditions here are good, though Sun­day work is often compulsory. The band at Stalag IXC. Work Detachment No. 26, W eimar- strasse, E rfu rt.— This detachment con­tains 92 prisoners of war who work for a seed firm. Accommodation and toilet facilities are good. The food is now cooked by the pri­soners themselves and they are satisfied with this arrangement. There is always a good supply of fresh-grown vegetables. The canteen supplies two bottles of beer to each man per week. There are very few other articles obtainable. No padre has ever visited the camp. The sports ground is in use again. isMail irregular. Work Detachment 35B , E rfu rt.— Con­ditions in this cam pare, unfortunately, not good. Accommodation is bad. The windows and shutters on one side of the barracks are closed so that in hot weather the men suffered from lack of ventilation. There is no running water in the com­pound and prisoners of war have to fetch water from a nearby factory. Once a fortnight the men are allowed to take a hot shower a t the public baths. Food is better than it was formerly. Generally speaking, the cam pis badly of! for clothing. Work Detachment 27B .—Men who work in this detachment are billeted a No.t 35B. They work in extremely dismal surroundings sorting coal-dust and cinders. Food is brought to the camp from a comm unity kitchen in the town and there is no complaint about it. The canteen provides beer and French cigarcttes, but little else. Note. —Infor­mation -has been received that this work detachment is now closed. Work Detach­ment No. 5 I B .—The prisoners are accommodated -in a former beer garden restaurant which is very pleasant. -It has a kitchen, a day room and a large sleeping room ..The workmen a t putting up electric light standards. There has been a short­age of fresh vegetables from the camp diet but that is now more satisfactory. The cooking is done by prisoners of war themselves. Medical and dental attention is given b y a civilian doctor and dentist a Gis-t persleben, to whom visits maybe made a t anytime. Clothing is not in very good condition "here. No padre has ever visited this camp. Work Detachment No. 1401.— In this camp there are 169 Scottish prisoners o £war. Accommodation and toilet facilities are adequate. Work is done at the salt mines. There were no complaints at the time of the visit. It is considered a good camp. (Visited July, 1943.)- GAMP LIST Please note the following on your Camp List: —Ad d:O flag VIC ,situated a t Osna- bruck. The locations of the following camps are :—O flag V A,W einsburg. O flag X I I M,B ainz. Stalag VIIIA, G orlitz. Stalag V IIIC ,Sagan. S talag XIIA, Lim burg. Stalag X I IF, Bolchen (X.E .of Metz). NOV EMBER SELECT I ONO F PENGUIN BOOKS Penguin Books have informed us that the following ten books were chosen as the November selection for prisoners in camps in Germ any:— P eng u ins:— Selected Short Stories of "Saki "PutOut More Flags, Evelyn Waugh She Was a Queen, Maurice C ollis Doctor Darwin, Hesketh Pear­son 'Twixt Land and Sea Tales, Joseph Conrad A Game Warden Among His Charges, C.R .S.P itm an The Hotel. Elizabeth Bowen. Pelicans :—Man Microbe and Malady, Dr. John Drew Britain .CB .,S.E. Win bolt Rutherford of Nelson, Ivor N.B .Evans.
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