The Prisoner of War No 21 Vol 2 January 1944

A The Prisoner of War January, 1944 Reports from Official /.N every case where the conditions !call Jor remedy, the Protecting .Power makes representations to\ j the German authorities. Where there \!is any reason io doubt ivhc'hcr the \!Protecting Power has acted, it is at j >once requested to do so. When it is j j reported that food or clothing is re-\ j quired, the necessary action is taken \!through the International Red Cross j !Committee. •ST A LAG IX C(H A NOV E BRand RUNS WICK )Hospital at Stad troda.— This hospital is situated outside the town in a disused cigar factory. The building is old and not suited for use as a hospital. In the previous report overcrowding was stated to be serious, but since then a wooden barrack lias been added and >!ie number of beds reduced by 50. The surgical department has also been trans­ferred to a hospital atE gen dorf so that there is now adequate living room for the medical cases which are treated in the hospital. There are still three British doctors, one German doctor and five Britisli medi­cal orderlies looking after the treatment of the patients (now 122). {Visited July. 1943-) Hospital at Egendorf.— Situated in the country in a large stone building which was previously a military school, tiiis hospital is well away from any military objective. The building is modern and inbuilt three storeys. Accommodation is comfortable and not overcrowded. Central heating and lighting are inadequate all rooms. The beds are made of andiron are provided with mattresses, bedlinen and blankets. Anew surgical theatre has been in­stalled and there are now 250 beds in the surgical section of the hospital. The X -ray apparatus which has been ordered iias not yet arrived. A young Church of England chaplain looks after the spiritual welfare of the prisoners and also visits the other hos­pitals in the area. {Visited March, 1943 •)Hospital Hat ildburghausen. —The medical and surgical sections in this hos­pital are in separate buildings, which were formerly a lunatic asylum and are surrounded by large gardens. The food which prisoners receive is good in both quantity and quality. A large amount of fresh fruit and vege­tables is produced in the grounds. The kitchen, is run b Germany civilians. A stove for private cooking has just been supplied for the prisoners. The Church of England chaplain from Obermassfeld visits this hospital. Treatment is under the direc­tion of one Ger­man physician and three British doc­tors. There are 16 orderlies. There were no complaints about recreation o rjn ail. (Visited Aug st,u x943-) .Hospital at Obermassfeld.— Surgical and orthopa:dic cases are treated in this hospital. There are 193 British and ’26 American patients under the care of one German and nine British doctors, one chaplain and 47 orderlies. Accommodation is in an old factory which is in good condition. Two wooden barracks have just been erected for the use of the medical staff. Ventilation and heating are inadequate all rooms. Anew X -ray apparatus has been in«-stalled and is working satisfactorily. The dental surgery is well equipped, enabling the dentist and dental mechanic to carryout all kinds of work, including the making of artificial teeth. The kitchen is under German control and there are no facilities to cook B.R .C.S .invalid parcels. {Visited August, 1943.) ATS LAG V IIC Hospital at Freising a(B v aria ).—This is a large, well-equipped modern military hospital. All the rooms are airy, clean wand ell-kept. There are 33 British and 11 American prisoner of war patients under the care of one German and one British doctor. The food, which is cooked b y nuns, is good. Special diets, including eggs and milk and semolina, are given to patients who need them. Clothing stocks appear to be ade­quate. Dental treatment is given •by a German den­tist in the hos­pital. isMail irre- g u 1 ar. {Visited ¦-August, 1943) O FLAG 64 The camp, which is situated a t Scliubin, near Brom berg in Poland, con­sists of a large stone house, which accommodates American officers, and a smaller stone house which is used as a hospital and in which several British orderlies are billeted. The hospital has only four sick patients a t present. Sports are well organised. One con­crete barrack is used as a study room and another for theatricals. There is a large sports field abut shortage of equipment. The Roman Catholic chaplain here says Mass and also holds' a general service for the Protestants. Cooking is done by the Americans. Their only complaint is that the ration is rather small. {Visited October 5,1943.) Interior of a hut at Stalag Luft 3. O FLAG IX A H ,SPAN GEN BERG ,near K ASS (THULE RING IA )Upper Camp.— There are 179 British officers and 46 orderlies in this part of the camp. •The building is an old castle which was formerly used as a forestry school. I t is centrally heated and each room accommodates 8-10 prisoners of war. Lighting is bad and there lias been a water shortage due to dry weather. Food and medical attention are satis­factory. Dental treatment has been organised since the last visit. A prisoner of war dentist is now giving treatment. He can, however, only do fillings and ex­tractions. Prisoners who need bridges Trying on the costumes for a play held at Oflag 64Z. Dress Parade
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