The Prisoner of War No 21 Vol 2 January 1944

16 The Prisoner of War January ,1941 A bit Quest ions ?EXAM. RESULTS 'These arc the mines submitted by the Educational Books Section, New Bodleian Library, Oxford). LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Sgt. H.A. Buckingham: pass Elementary Book­keeping wiih Distinction. Obtained pass for Book­keeping Certificate. W.O. i! K.L. Coinrie :Elementary French :pass with Distinction. Arithmetic Certificate: pass. English Certificate :pass with Distinction. Sgt. H. J. Lewis: English Certificate: pass. Hand­ writing :Pass with Distinction. Cpl. R..).E. Hawkins :Company Law (Higher): pass Economics (Higher): pass with Distinction. Sgt. K. J. Oates: Salesmanship (Higher): pass. Pte. H.R. W. Thomson :Salesmanship (Higher) :pass. S/Sgt. D. H. Saunders: Book-keeping Certificate :pas-. B.EG. still: Book-keeping Certificate: pass with Distinction. I. J. Ife :Book-keeping :pass with Distinction. 1 ’.H. Parsons :Book-keeping Certificate :Pass. BUILDING SOCIETIES INSTITUTE Lieut. II. D. H. Duffield :passed Intermediate. THE LIBRARY ASSOCIATION Cpl. L.G. Evans: passed German Language Test. THE INSTITUTE OF BREWING Lt. P.F. H anbury passed in Part I (6) Lt. A.W. Wotton :passed in Part I (6) THE INCORPORATED ASSOCIATION OF RATING AND VALUATION OFFICERS Cpl. R. B.K itson: Intermediate: passed in four subjects. LAW SOCIETY. F/Lt. A. P.L. Barber, 1411: passed inTrust Accounts and Book-keeping. ASSOCIATED BOARD OF THE ROYAL SCHOOLS OF MUSIC H.G. A bbotts: Grammar of Music, Grade ,IV :pass. G.R. Baker •.Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. \V. J. Clough :Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass.. •R. O.H. Down: Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass.E. P. Hewson: Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. G.T. Hunt: Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. D.B. McKenzie: Grammar of Music Grade) V :pass. R.S. Miller :Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass.E.D. Pennington :Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. II. A.R. Prowse :Grammar of Music Grade IV :pass. (This candidate obtained full marks.) S. Reeves: Grammar of Music. Grade IV :pass. J. Simpson :Grammar of Music Grade IV :pass. J. M. Somerville :Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. J. H. Ward :Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. W.T. S. Wilson :Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. J. M. Wood :Grammar of Music, Grade IV :pass. ROYAL SOCIETY OF ARTS Advanced Grade Book-keeping A. Beattie, 2nd Cl. P. J. Coomber, 2nd Cl. S.T. Nolan, 2nd Cl. Commerical Law H.P. Morton, 2nd Cl.II. F. Ford, 1st Cl. M. Goodliffc, 1st Cl. R.S. M.D. Inch, 2nd C l.E. B. Lee, 1st Cl. D. S.M. Mackenzie, 2nd Cl. P. M.B. Savage, 1st Cl. J. deB. Stansfeld, 2nd Cl. G.R. Watson, 2nd Cl. COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION Trinity Examination, 1943 General Examination of Students of the Inns of Court The following Students passed in Roman Law :—Class 1 Robert Owen Forsyth Prichard, Inner Temple John Carnegie Robertson, Gray's Inn. FREE T O NEXT O F KIN THIS journal is sent free o f charge to those registered with the Prisoners ot War Dept, as next of kin. In view o f the paper shortage no copies are for sale, and it is hoped that next of kin will share their copy with relatives and others interested. An “Invigilator ”What is an invigilator at a camp exam .,and who is he and how is c-!'he and appointed? What >exactly.• do?,e An invigilator is a person appointed to supervise the candidates sitting for an examination. In the camp he would probably be appointed b they men in charge of the educational arrangements. Nails MayBe Sent Can I send my son at Stalag V IIIB nails to mend his boots? Yes, in your next-of-kin parcels. This is made clear in the list of permissible articles issued with the quartetly labels. Helping the Funds /cannot afford to pay io as. week but would like to help a little with my son’s food parcels. Ilotv shall I do this? We suggest that you should contribute as much as you can afford (o the Duke of G loucester’s Red Cross St.and John Fund, through the Penny-a-W eek or Rural Pennies Fund. The food parcels and other supplies sent to prisoners of war are paid for by the Duke of Gloucester’s Fund. Farming Papers Wanted My son, who was a farmer before the war, asks for journals on this subject. May I send these to him? Certain professional or trade periodicals maybe sent to prisoners of war. A permit-holder could tell you, or could find out for you from the censor­ship, whether any on farming would be allowed. Useful Garments for P.O.W What.s knitted garments are most use­ful to a P.O.W .?Cardigans, sweaters, socks, gloves, scarves and balaclava helmets. Camp for Convalescents What is the meaning of Heilag? A camp for invalid or convalescent prisoners of war. Marking His Clothes Should I mark my soil’s clothes with tape names? It is advisable to mark the c lo l’ies sent in a next-of-kin parcel. Full in­structions about this are given in the leaflet Px/A issued with the label and coupons for a prisoner’s first quarterly parcel, which the next of kin are asked to keep safely for future reference. Stage Costumes Where do the men get. materials for their stage costumes? Inmost cases the costumes are im­provised from materials available in the camps, though in some cases it appears that they have been able to hire costumes. The Prisoner of War Journal Is the Prisoner of War Journal avail­able at the public libraries? It has been arranged that in future copies of the Journal shall be available for reference in public libraries through­out the country. S talag V IIA Where is Stalag V IIA ,and is it only a transit camp? Stalag V I I A is a t Moosburg, in Bavaria. It is normally a permanent camp, but in certain circumstances it is used as a transit camp. Books for Study Can I send educational books through any bookseller? Yes, but if you wish for help or advice, apply to the Red Cross Educational Books Section, New Bodleian Library, Oxford. Far East Camp I noiv know the name of the camp in which my husband is a prisoner in the Par East. Must I continue to address letters to him at that camp ,c/o Japanese Red Cross in Tokyo? No, Letters sh ou ld'be forwarded c/o Japanese Red Cross only where a camp address is unknown. Immediately a camp address is obtained letters should be sent direct to that camp and not via the Japanese Red Cross. Full particulars are shown on Post Office Leaflet P2327B (revised issue dated July, 1943), obtain­able a tall main post offices. Ilag VIIIH. A certain number of civilian internees from Ilag V IIIH have been transferred to: Internierunglager Girom agny, B el­ fort, France, but until this information has been received from each individual, letters and parcels should be addressed as before to: Ilag V IIIH ,Germany. W e have no doubt that letters and parcels already 011 their way to Ilag V IIIH will be forwarded to Girom agny if the addressee has been transferred there. County Representatives in Radnorshire Please note the following change: Mrs. Meredith Thomas c/o Welsh Scout Headquarters, The Channings, L lan ­ drindod Wells. NUMBER, PLEASE!D LEASE be sure to mention your Red Cross reference number whenever you write to us. Other­wise delay and trouble are caused in finding previous correspondence. Printed in Great Britain .or the Publishers The CRed r o s sandS t .John War Organ is a t ion ,14 Grosvenor Crescent, London, S.W b.i, y Thu Corn wall Press (Ltd.. Paris Garden, Stamford Street, London. S.E.i.
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