Profile Publications No. 141 The Nakajima B5N Kate

A B5N2 in the white finish and green crosses o f the surrender scheme. 1945. (Photo: Heinz J. Nowarra) states that some aircraft were camouflaged with green, brown and yellow his own aircraft is illustrated on p.2 of this Profile. At the end o f the war, the Allies decreed that all aircraft should be painted white, and marked with green crosses, and at least one B5N2 was painted this way, though probably not flown. At least one aircraft was taken to the United States for Test Flying, and this aircraft, fitted with A.S.V. radar, was silver, with a matt black decking to the nose. It carried U.S. markings and the initials o f the Technical Air Intelligence Unit on the fin. (<•)M. /¦’.Hawkins, 1966. DIM ENS ION SAND PERFORMANCE Span: 50 ft. 11 ins. Length: 33 ft. 10 ins. Height: 12 ft. 2 ins. Wing Area: 412 sq. ft. Weight: Empty. Loaded. Overload. B 5N1. 4.630 lbs. 8.020 lbs. 8,850 lbs. B5N2. 4,830 lbs. 8,360 lbs. 9.020 lbs. Fuel: Petrol. Oil. BSN1. 253 gallons. 19-8 gallons. B5N2. 255 gallons. 17-6 gallons. Propeller: Three blade constant speed Diameter. B5N1, 10 ft. 9 ins. B5N2, 10 ft. 6 ins. Engine: B 5N 1. H ik a ri 3.770 h.p. (take -off): 840 h.p. at 8,200 ft. B5N2. Sakae II. 1,000 h.p. (take -off) 970 h.p. at 9,840 ft. Performance: B5N1 B5N2 Max. speed ............229 m 235 m 6,550 ft. 9,850 ft. Cruising speed 156 m 164 m 3,280 ft. 9,850 ft. Landing speed 72 m.p.h. 72 m.p.h. Climb ......................7 mins. 50 secs. 7 m ins. 40 secs. to 9,850 ft. to 9,850 ft. Service Ceiling 24,300 ft. 25,200 ft. Range (Maximum )1,414 miles. 1,238 miles. (Norm al) ...679 miles. 634 Smiles. E R VICE DIS POSIT ION O F TYPE 97 CARRIER ATTACK BOMBER Dec ember 1941 Combined Fleet First Air Fleet. Carrier Division 1. Akagi, Kaga, 27 each. Carrier Division 2. Soryu, H iryu, 18 each. Carrier Division 4. Ryujo, 18. Carrier Division 5. Shokaku, Zuikaku. 77 each. Shore Based Naval Units. Yokosuka Air Corps, 36. Suzuka Air Corps. Small number o f B5N 1-K train e rs. Other Naval second line units with small numbers o f Type 97's were:— Tatayama, O ita , Usa, O m ura and O min ato . A total o f 194 Type 97's were available to the Com­bined Fleet, o f which 162 were deployed on the carriers. June 1942 (Midway Ope ration ).Carrier Group .Carrier Division 1. Akagi, 21. Kaga, 30. Carrier Division 2. H iryu, 21. Soryu, 21. Main Force (Battleships etc.). Hosho, 8. In v a ions Force (including tran sports). Zuiho, 12. Northern Force (Aleutians). Ryujo, 21. Junyo, 21. Land Based Force. C hitose Air Group ,(Kw aje le in )36. 1st Air Group ,(Au rand W o tje )36. July 1942 (After M idw ay). Third Fleet Carrier Division 1. Shokaku, Zuikaku, 18 each. Zuiho, 16. Carrier Division 2. Junyo, 9. Reserve. Hiyo, Ryujo, 9 each. Unyo, 14. Eighth Fleet. Second Air Corps, 16. Malay a Are a Fleet. 40th Air Corps, 12. Dutch East Indies. 33rd Air Corps, 8. Total Type 97’s in first line force, 141. PRINTED IN ENGLAND ©Profile Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 26, 1a North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, England by George Falkner &Sons Ltd., forM cC orquodale City Printing Division, London. U.S. 2nd Class Mailing Rates applied for. Profile Publications Ltd. is a member of theN orprint Division of theN orcros Group with world distribution network, retaining all rights in all languages. North American Import Agency rights delegated to J.W A.C. eronautica, 7506 C lybourn Avenue, Sun Valley, California 91352 North American Distributive Agency rights invested the National Aerospace Education Council, 616 Shoreham Building, 806 15th Street N.W., Washington D.C. 20005. Reproduction of, or any part of, this publication is expressly forbidden under the terms of International Copyright Law except as subject to written permission by the Managing Director, Profile Publications Ltd.
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