The Prisoner of War No 17 Vol 2 September 1943

THE OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE PRISONERS OF WAR DEPARTMENT OF THE RED CROSS ST.AND JOHN WAR ORGANISATION. ST. JAMES'S PALACE. LONDON. S.W.I ITT PrisonefofWar Vol. 2. No. 17 Free to Next o f Kin Sept ember ,1943 been rep atria ted from theM ilag Sec­tion o f M arlag und M ilag, writes that there are about 3,500 seamen in the camp and that conditions are sa tis­ factory with very little to complain about. Parcels and mail arrive regu­larly and the general h e altho f the cam pis good .Regulations regarding heb a v io u rare not too strict, and punishments are never heavy .This section o f the cam pis nearly three- quarters o f a mile round, and con ­ta ins excellent cricket, foo tb all band a seb all grounds. Each hut h a s'it sown garden in addition to a general veg e table garden for the camp .Sp o rts, dances, whist drives, bridge drives, lectures and avery well- equipped library are among the attractions. Praise for Camp Leadership In a letter o f than ks“ fo revery ­thing ”to the Red Cross Prisoner of War Bureau in Cairo a rep atria ted P.O .W .calls attention to the excel­ lent work being done b they respon­sible British personnel in an Italian prison camp .He singles out for mention R .S.M .Tom H e g arty ,who is doing a most fair and efficient job under frequently difficult condi­tions Cap ts .Miller and D u ff, medical officers, Cap ts. .Mathew son and N y e ,padres, and the captain dentist“ w h ose name escapes m e h.’’All, e says, with limited facilities worked hard ,cheer­ fully and with good results maintaining high standards o f health and morale. Her Husband Told Her To Mrs. M cG ee, o f O k eh amp- to n ,received a letter from her h u sb an din a Sta la gin DURING a recent tour o f a number o f counties in England and Wales I visited county represen­tatives o f the Red Cross St.and John ,packing cen tres, prisoners’ friend sand others who are helping next of k into solve their many little problems. I twas a most impressive and heartening experience. Allover th eco u n try ,it seems, there are people devoting themselves for many hours of every today the service o f P.O.W .s.and their next o f kin .They are making or packing garm en ts, inter-'view g,in visiting ,advising and helping next of kin in a hundred-artft-one way s.In some counties tone “prisoners’ friend ’’can look after 40 or 50 relatives in a populous area. In one large county I visited it required 100 prisoners’ friends to keep in touch with not many more than too next of kin ,scattered widely over rural areas, and seldom visiting the nearest tow n.It was good to learn that they were all highly appre­ciative of The Prisoner of War. A letter w’hich reached m esp o n tan eo u sly from a county I have not visited is so enthusiastic that I cannot resist the tempta­tion of quoting from it.“ I can assure you ,”says the writer, *‘that no an x io u smother or devoted wife reads the journal with greater attention than I do. Its issue has made a great difference to prisoner of war work .Be ­fore, one often felt that the effect of o n e’s work was very remote. Nowr, through the Jo urn al,one can see practical results .”This to him ,and he thinks to many others, is an encouragement and a stimula­tion to persevere. ...Such a tribute is welcome reading to dean ito rand his colleagues. Maps of the Camps With this issue pew resen tour readers with new maps of Germany and Italy showing the location o fall known prison camps. I f extra copies are desired they can be obtained a t 2d. each ,orb y post 3d. from the Prisoners of War Department, Accountants ’Section ,St. J a mes’s P a lac e,S .W .i .Larger sized maps are also available for is .,orb y post, is. 2d. Conditions at Milag Mr. J. E .Wain wright, Chief Officer o f the “Salmon poo l,’ ’who has Sitting on the fence— atv Stalag XXID 11. A Worker’s Tribute
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