The Prisoner of War No 16 Vol 2 August 1943

16 ,The Prisoner of War Aug st,u 1943 E n v u,e a 110 n ?SPECIALs NOTE W E have now heard from the G.P.O .that, contrary to their first infor­mation, about 100-150 next of kin par­cels may have been damaged on June 17th. These parcels would all have been on their way to Finsbury Circus no parcels which had already been through the Packing Centre were involved. Some which were only partially damaged have been returned to the senders but others may have been so badly damaged that they could not be identified. It is suggested, therefore, that next of kin who posted a parcel to Finsbury Circus 011 one of the three or four days prior to June 17th, and who have neither had it returned by'"the Post Office nor have received from the Packing Centre an acknowledgment postcard, or anew issuie of label and coupons (which would equally be evidence that the parcel had been received at Finsbury Circus and despatched), should write to the Man­ager of the Packing Centre (14, Fins­ bury Circus, E.C.2) to ask whether the parcel was received there. Please write "Damaged Parcels En­ q u iry ”in block letters on the top left- hand corner of the envelope. It is particularly requested that only those next of kin who really have reason to think that their parcels may have been damaged should write to enquire about them. R.A.F. P.O.W .sIN GERMANY LETTERS to prisoners of the R.A .F .and Fleet Air Arm in Germany should all be addressed to Stalag Luft III, with the address of the camp where the prisoner is actually interned in brackets after it. The reason for this is that a central censorship has been setup at Stalag Luft III from which all letters are redirected. The above does not apply to parcels, which should be addressed direct to the camp where the prisoner is known to be. RED CROSS PARCELS OWING to a misprint in the July issue it was stated that only one million food parcels were sent to the prison camps in Germany and Italy during the year. The number of food parcels sent from all sources during the twelvemonths ending June 30th were as follows: —United Kingdom ..6,033,296 Canad a ...................3,100,704 New Zealand ..286,880 Argentine &Brazil 549-300 TO TAI............... 9,970,180 Campo P.G .82 Can you tell me Hie location of Campo P.G.S 2? This camp is at Arezzo— someway S.S.E. of Florence. No Repatriated P.O.W .s from Germany I ¦ iav„ ocen so much interested in neivs oj the repatriated prisoners from Italy. Have any prisoners been repatriated from Germany yet? No prisoners of war from the Services have been repatriated from Germany up to the present. His School Magazine My husband’s old school is publishing in its magazine news of Old Boys who arc serving in the Forces and of those who are prisoners. May 1 send him a copy of this magazine? It is, of course, printed. My husband is a P.O Italy. Newspapers and periodicals may not be sent to prisoners of war in enemy countries. All Medicines Prohibited Can I include a small bottle of aspirin in my next-of-kin parcel to my son ivho is a prisoner in Germany? If you will refer to the leaflet sent outwith the next-of-kin parcel label every quarter, you will see that all medicines are prohibited in these parcels. His Daughter’s Essays May I send my ten-year-old daughter’s essay and story to my husband, a P.O Italy both are handwritten? If your daughter writes these out in a letter to her father, not using more than the two sides of an ordinary sheet of notepaper, they maybe bypassed the censorship, but we cannot answer for this. Spccial Camps for Escapees Are there special camps in Germany and Italy for prisoners who have tried to escape? Officer prisoners of war who have tried to escape appear to be sent to certain camps which can, no doubt, be more securely guarded, but we do not know of such special camps for other ranks. Prisoners’ Work I understand that prisoners in some German camps who are not physically fit do light work. Would this abe full workday’s or only for certain hours? The number of hours worked b y such prisoners would no doubt depend upon their physical condition. No Stationery Allowed Can I send my son, who is a prisoner" in Italy, a leather blotter, pen nibs and blank paper? No form of stationery maybe sent to prisoners of war. Care in Hospital Do German nurses look after our prisoners who are wounded or sick, or are they alivays looked after by German or British P.O.W .hospital orderlies? In certain hospitals German nurses care for the British prisoners of war. Largest P.O.W .Camp Which is the largest P.O .IT. camp in Germany? Stalag V IIIB contains the largest number of British prisoners of war in Germany. Their Food Parcels Do all P.O.W receive.s the same food parcels? The contents of the parcels packed by .the British and Dominions Red Cross Societies vary somewhat, although all conform to the general plan. They are pooled and distributed equally among British and Dominions prisoners of all ranks. A 101b. Parcel Every Week Prisoners in some camps appear to re­ceive parcels more frequently than those in others. What is the reason? As far as conditions of transport in the enemy countries allow, British and Dominions prisoners of war receive a iolb. parcel of food or its equivalent in bulk supplies every week. Campo P.G .53 Can you give theme location of Campo P.G .53? P.G. 5 3 is at Sforza-Gosta, near Macerata, about 20 miles S.W .of Ancona. FREE T O NEXT O F KIN’| ’H IS journal is sent free o f charge to those registered with the Prisoners o f War Dept, as next o f kin. In view o f the paper shortage no copies are for sale, and it is hoped that next o f kin will share their copy with relatives and others interested. NUMBER, PLEASE !PLEASE be sure to mention your*¦ R e d Cross reference number when ever you write to us. Printed in Great Briuiin for the I’nblishcrs, Tub K e d C r o s sandS t .John War Organ i sat ion ,14 Grosvcnor Crescent, London, S.W .i, bv Thu Corn wall Press Ltd .,Paris Garden, Stamford Street, London, S.E .i.'’‘
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