The War Record of The Northern Assurance Co. Ltd.

the British Empire. W hether it be the glorious heroism of the “ Contemptible " Little Army, which in the first month of the War held at bay the German hordes advancing on Paris ; or the daring exploits of British and Colonial troops in Gallipoli ; the courageous achievements among the fever-ridden swamps of Africa ; the campaigns in Palestine. Mesopotamia, Italy. Serbia, and elsewhere ; or the matchless prowess of all branches of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force ; the deeds of the lionhearts of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, India, and the Dominions have added lustre to the history of the Empire. While many of these warriors live to witness the ingathering of the fruits of their endeavour, others, alas, have left us but the tearless memory of a gallant end. W e miss them, w e mourn them, but we are proud of them and we know that, though the lapse of centuries may dim the remembrance of their deeds and sacrifices, their names will for ever shine bright on the Roll of Fame. “ As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust, Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain. As the stars that are starry in the tim e of our darkness, To the end, to the end, they rem ain.” * ? * * H F male staff of the “ Northern" at its Head Offices and Branches throughout the United Kingdom in August 1914. numbered 361. and on the outbreak of War many of these, carried away by the surging wave of patriotism which swept through the country, at once joined the Colours. -- IO -- Prior to the War between 50 and 60 of the Staff were members of the Territorial Forces or of the Naval Reserves ; the majority of these rejoined, some within a week of the com m encem ent of hostilities, wlii le 50 men responded within the first month to the country’s call for volunteers to serve “ for three years or the duration of the War.” The “ Northern,” in common with the majority of the leading offices, met the position in a very generous manner, and gave every encouragement to its staff to enlist—those who were called up as well as those to whom permission was given to volunteer were granted full salary and their positions were kept open during their absence. (Full salary payments were continued until the end of 1915, when the Army Pay and Allowances were taken into account and it was decided that, while half salary should thereafter be paid in all cases, any deficiency on the full salary should be made good on return to the Company’s service.) In granting permission to enlist the require­ ments of the Company had. of course, to be considered, but every man who could be spared was allowed to offer himself. And here it is not out of place to offer a tribute of admiration to the dogged perseverance displayed by a number of “ Northern ” men who, burning with the desire to join up, were unable to satisfy the high standard of physical fitness set for volunteers in the early days of the War. Several members of the Staff in their eagerness besieged every available recruiting centre day after day, and continued their efforts with ---- II ----
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