The War Record of The Northern Assurance Co. Ltd.

of the most painful effects of the deadly struggle. W hen they com e hom e to us in their full force, when the paeans of victory have died away, and w e are left to count the cost and endure the consequences, there will inevitably he disappointment, discontent, dissension. The “ better England,” of which so much has been spoken, is surely attainable, but it will have to be worked for and waited for. In the interval we shall have need of all our fortitude and all our forbearance. Then will be the time for us to remember our obligation to those who have died that we might continue to exist as a free nation. The thought of their much greater sacrifice should nerve us to make light of the burdens and anxieties of the difficult years that lie ahead of us, until we have raised, in the regeneration of our country, a nobler memorial to the Fallen than any eulogy inscribed on parchment or engraved on stone. MILNER. April, 1919. - 8 - THE “NORTHERN” --------------------IN ---------------------- THE GREAT WAR (1914- 1918) N the 4th August 1914, Great Britain, as the champion of little nations and in the sacred name of honour, declared War on Germany. It is unnecessary to recapitulate the causes which led up to her participation in an upheaval which ultimately involved the greater part of the civilised world ; when the full story of this terrible conflict com es to be written we can rest assured that our country will receive her due. Here it is enough to say that never in the history of the human race was the sword unsheathed in a cause more just and right. And now, over four-and-a-half years later, when the sword is again in its scabbard, when right has triumphed, and the peoples of the world have been freed from the abominable tyranny of brute force, we, as a Nation, can look back with pride on our stupend­ ous efforts which have made victory possible. W e know that we alone have not conquered and crushed the German military machine : French, Belgians, Serbians, Italians, Russians. Americans, all have con­ tributed their magnificent share ; but none has a prouder and nobler record than have the peoples of — 9 —
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