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The War Record of The Northern Assurance Co. Ltd.

A Personal Note. No preface is needed from me. A Foreword has been contributed by the R ight Honourable Viscount Milner, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., who, as a Director, was associated w ith the “ N orthern" for over ten years before accepting Office in the Government, a n d I am g la d to have this oppor­ tunity o f recording the Company s thanks to him for so readily consenting, despite the m any calls upon his time. I desire also to express m y grati­ tude to a ll who have assisted me in m aking this record a comprehensive one, a n d m y appre­ ciation o f the opportunity o f preparing it afforded me by the M anagem ent o f the “N o r th e r n a t whose expense the brochure is published. The task has not been w ithout its difficulties, but I am happy in the knowledge that an occasional perusal of the record w ill bring to the remembrance of “ Northern" men in a ll parts o f the world the magnificent part played in the Great W ar b\- their gallant comrades. C. H. L E A C H 1st May, 1919.
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