North Luffenham 'Gen'

Station Security Back R c w : Const. Edwards; Cpl Wood; Cpl Pearson; W 02 Mitton; Cpl M ontgomery; Cpl Kuzminski; Cpl Beleourt; Sgt Boyer; Const. M atthews. Front R o w : Sgt. W areham; Cpl Geoffrion; AC1 Lepas; Cpl Ryan; F /O G. R. Howson, Security Officer; Cpl Dale; Cpl Jackson; Cpl Smyth; LAC W hitehead; Const. Novis. All visitors on entering the station will report to the A ir M inistry Constable on duty at the M ain Gate. They w ill be issued w ith a visitor’s pass showing the nam e of the person w ith whom an interview is required and the nature of their business. This pass m ust be signed by the person interview ed and turned in to the constable by the visitor w hen leaving the station. The only authorized entrance or exit to the station is via the M ain Gate. Visiting drivers desirous of proceeding onto the perim eter track are to obtain perm ission from Flying Control in the Control Tower prior to proceeding. Vehicles w ill only be parked in the authorized parking areas located near the M ain Gate, the Wing Intelligence Building, the Station Hospital, and the M echanical Equipm ent Section. Should the Fire Siren be sounded, all traffic w ill come to a halt and pull over to the side of the road well clear of the roadway. Headlights will be turned off and parking lights left on during hours of dark­ ness. The driver should rem ain w ith his vehicle until the All Clear is sounded. The taking of photographs of buildings, m achines, or appliances on the station is strictly prohibited w ithout the prior sanction of the Station Security Officer. Chapels Protestant Chapel Sunday Services 0930 Hours: Edithw eston County P rim ary School. 1100 Hours; M orning W orship in Station chapel. Service of Holy Com munion im m ediately following 1100 hours service on the last Sunday of each month. Roman Catholic Chapel Sunday: Holy Mass 0930 H ours and 1100 Hours. Daily: Holy Mass 1700 Hours. Office Hours: M onday to F riday ............... 0900— 1100 1500— 1630 M onday to W ednesday ........... 1900—2000 ’ Bus Services : Cinema ..................................... 0910— 1040 TMQ ............................................. 0915— 1045 R.C. Padre — S/L I>avignon SEMQ ........... 0920__1050 Prot. Padre — F /L Little wood - I
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