North Luffenham 'Gen'

Education Centre Left to R ig h t: Cpl ‘‘Tony” Brett; Sgt B ill Crago; Mrs. “Trudy” Roddy; F /O H. C. D. Chalmers, Education Officer; W 02 Art Cooper. F ro n t: Cpl “Red" M cNally, and Cpl B ill Stann. Education Centre T he Education and Trade Advancem ent Offices are located in the Trade Advancement Building situated im m ediately behind the Ser­ geants’ Mess. The Education Officer invites you to discuss any m atter pertaining to your own career or educa­ tion. Correspondence or evening classes are offered. If you are a tradesm an, you should inquire about the Trade Advancem ent Program and Trade Exam inations. Officers who intend to w rite Qualifying Exam inations should notify the Education Officer. The Station Band The Station Band is known as 1 Fighter Wing Pipe Band. New arrivals on he unit who are pipers or drum m ers should contact F /O H. Chalmers, Band Officer, whose office is in the Trade Advance­ m e n t Building. From tim e to tim e, vacancies occur and beginners are considered to fill such vacancies. The Station Newspaper- “Talepipe” The Station Newspaper “ Talepipe ” is pub­ lished on the 30th of each m onth and issued free to service personnel. New arrivals interested in reporting or w rit­ ing articles should contact the “ Talepipe ” office m the Trade Advancem ent Building. The Station Library The Station L ibrary and Reading Rooms are situated in the NAAFI Building. A wide selection of reference, non fiction and fiction books is avail­ able for your reading enjoym ent. Also, Canadian new spapers from practically all cities can be read in the Inform ation and Reading Room adjacent to the Library. Telegrams and Cablegrams Telegrams to anyw here in the British Isles or Europe can be sent from Telephone pay stations located in the messes. Cablegrams to Canada and the U.S.A. are sent from the Station Library. Linguaphone Linguaphone—the m odern version of learning, by which m ethod through listening and speaking, you can learn to speak and understand Russian, German, or French. These facilities have been m ade available to you at your Station Education Centre. 6
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