North Luffenham 'Gen'

Left to R ig h t: Flying Officer H. C. D. Chalmers; Rev. B eaum ont, Secretary; Group Captain E. B. H ale, Chairman; Mrs. T. Street; and Mrs. L. Makey. Schools Edithweston County Primary School. 1. This is situated on the same site as the tem ­ porary m arried quarters, and caters for children aged 5 to 11 years. 2. Newly adm itted infants m ust have achieved their fifth birthday on or before the first day of the term they are adm itted. Such new infants are adm itted on the first day of each term as they become eligible. There are three term s per year, i.e., A utum n term be­ ginning in Septem ber, Spring term be­ ginning after Easter. Older children up to 11 years are adm itted as and w hen they arrive on the station. 3. School m eets from Monday to Friday and hours are:— 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon 1.25 p.m. to 3.40 p.m. 4. For children living in M arried Quarters, there is a ’bus to take them to school for 9.00 a.m. and to bring them home at 3.40 p.m. 5. A very good m idday m eal is available at school, and most children stay to dinner. The charge is 7d. per day. This is payable w eekly on the Monday morning, and if school dinner is desired, 2s. lid . (7d. for 5 days) should be taken to school by the child. 6. There is a School Fund for the purchase of extra small items of equipm ent. This is on Id. a week basis (more if a parent desires), is quite optional, and is dealt w ith at school on Monday m ornings w ith the dinner money. 7. N ational Saving Stam ps are available at school in units of 6d. and 2/6 stamps. If children wish to take advantage of this opportunity of saving, they will receive every encouragem ent at school to do so. This money should be taken to school on Friday mornings, and the National Saving Stam ps can be cashed at any tim e at any Post Office, or changed into a National Saving Certificate when stam ps to the value of 15s. Od. have been obtained. 8. There is a school uniform which is obtain­ able from Messrs. Parrish & Sons, 63, High Street, STAMFORD. It consists of a blazer w ith the school badge, a tie, and a cap w ith the school badge for the boys. 9. It is very desirable th at every child should have its own pair of running shoes for phy­ sical education and dancing lessons, and the school asks th at every parent co-operates in the m atter. A rough cloth bag, w ith a cord strung through the top is also desir­ able, so th at the running shoes can conveni­ ently be hung from the back of the child’s chair in school. 10. The School has a Parent-Teachers’ Associa­ tion, organised by the parents themselves, which usually holds its m eetings on the first Thursday of every m onth at 8 p.m. in the school hall. M embership fee is 2s. 6d. per fam ily per annum, and all parents and friends of the school are welcome to attend. 11. The Head M aster, Mr. R. Ferguson, resides on the school site, and is alw ays glad to see parents about the education of their chil­ dren. His telephone num ber is North Luffenham 242, ext. 44. Secondary Schools Parents w ith children aged eleven years or over should consult F /O Chalmers, Education Officer, regarding entry to Secondary Schools.
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