North Luffenham 'Gen'

Accounts Information (Located upstairs in Administration Building) Back Row : LAC Cleary; Cpl Kindre; Cpl Lambert; Cpl Clark; LAC Robinson; LAC Hume; LAC'Bryant; LAC Bent; Cpl Litke; LAC Thompson; Sgt Garrett; LAC Smith; Sgt M acDonald; Cpl Sanderson; Cpl Roberts; Cpl Dann. Front Row : Sgt Devost; Sgt Girvin; F /O G. B. H awkins; S /L J. A. Brown; F /L W. W. Fink; W 02 Highet; and Sgt Ridley. Norm al hours at which the accounts section is open to the personnel of the unit are as follows : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday : 0900 to 1100 hours for enquiries : 1030 hours for casual pay parades ; 1100 hours for paym ent of Travel Claims. It is requested that enquiries be m ade in person, not via telephone. Except for emergency cases, the Pay Accounts Section is closed at all other times. Em ergency paym ents m ay be arranged by Section Commanders when necessary. Canadian Transfer Bank Accounts m ay be opened in any bank in England and money from these accounts m ay be transferred to Canada at any time. Deposits in such accounts m ust be made in Canadian Dollar instrum ents, i.e. Canadian Currency or dollar cheques, money orders, travellers’ cheques, etc. Pay m ay be deposited in these accounts by the Canadian Treasury Officer in London. A rrangem ents may be made through the Pay Office. Under existing regulations, personnel in receipt of M arriage Allowance are required to m ake a supporting assignm ent to their wives. The m onthly am ount in the case of an officer is not to be less than $80.00 and in the case of an airm an $60.00. If the individual is transferred to U.K. at Public expense, the supporting assignment is not required. Personnel who move dependents to U.K. at their own expense m ust make a supporting assignment. These assignm ent cheques are made out in Canadian Dollars. Such assignm ents m ay be paid direct to the wife or m ay be paid to any bank in Canada or England, for deposit in the wife’s account. Such accounts m ust be in the w ife’s name or m ay be a joint account w ith the husband. Any change in m ailing address m ust be im m ediately notified to the Chief Treasury Officer (Overseas). Personnel are inform ed that a group plan of Aviation Accident Insurance is in effect for all ranks of the RCAF. The Plan provides coverage for death, disablement, disem barkm ent, etc., pertaining to Aviation only. Personnel interested m ay obtain details of the plan and application forms at the Wing O rderly Room. The Plan m ay be commenced from first of any m onth by completion of Assigned Pay Forms. Under current regulations, Fam ily Allowance is not payable outside of Canada. Consequently, personnel who bring dependent children to England, w ill cease to be entitled to this allowance. Income Tax regulations allow an exem ption for children not qualified for Fam ily Allowance of $400.00 as compared w ith $150.00 for children qualified for Fam ily Allowance. Therefore, a new form TD1-AF should be completed as soon as possible after such children arrive in England, so th at the parent m ay receive the benefit of the increased exemption. These forms are available in the U nit O rderly Room and the Pay Office. Additionally, new Form s TD1-AF are to be completed annually in the m onth of January (Annual Verification) by all Service personnel having exemptions of more than $1000.00. Presonnel are rem inded th at any change in personal exem ptions by reason of Marriage, Births, etc., require the prom pt filing of a new TD1-AF. Failure to do so before the end of the calendar year for changes of this nature would m ean th at the credit adjustm ent could not be actioned in the pay account and reim bursem ent credit would have to be awaited from the Income Tax D epartm ent which could m ean considerable delay in settlem ent. Any changes in the foregoing w ill be advised to personnel through the m edium of Station DROs.
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