North Luffenham 'Gen'

Wing Headquarters S ta n d in g : W 02 Thompson; Sgt M acFarlane; Sgt Bendle; W 02 Cooper; LAC Vachon; LAC Meens; Cpl G ange; LAC Moir; LAC Hache; LAC Drake; Sgt Golding; Cpl Baker; FS Yaternick; Sgt Pearson; W 02 W illiam s. Seated: F /O H. C. D. Chalmers, Education Officer; F /O E. G. Steeves, A/CAd.O.; F /L P. A. Townley, Adj.; W /C T. H. Spear, C.Ad.O.; F /L A. J. Lewis, Entertainm ent Officer; and F /O Croswell, A /A dj. Functions. The W ing HQ OR perform s the functions of a Command and a U nit OR w ith regards to adm inistrative m atters. Hours of Business. The Wing HQ OR is open for business at the following tim es : (1) Queries 1100-1200 hours daily, Saturdays and Sundays excluded. (2) Queries at any tim e on urgent m atters w hen appointm ent is arranged for personnel by Section Com m ander through WO i/c Wing HQ OR or NCO i/c Records Section. (3) A Duty Clerk is on duty each Saturday m orning during the hours 0745-1200 hours. (4) An adequate staff is on duty in the OR during all operational week ends. Daily Routine Orders. Daily Routine O rders are prom ulgated at this U nit daily Monday to Friday inclusive. Personnel are urged to read them daily and should any errors be noted W ing HQ OR is to be advised im m ediately so th at corrective action can be taken. E ntries intended for prom ulgation in DRO are to be subm itted to the DRO Section Wing HQ OR not later than 1200 hours on the day previous to th at on w hich the entry is to be prom ulgated. All entries are to be on the approved entry form. Requests for in itial or additional copies of DRO are to be made in m em orandum form by Section Com m anders only to Wing HQ Adjt. Movements. Incoming personnel should bear in m ind that no action can be taken regarding Form A42, N ational Defence Travel O rder and Claim, until all docum entation has been completed, and their TOS entry appears in DRO. Although it is appreciated th at travelling claims appear difficult to compile, claim ants m ust complete Block “ J ” entitlem ents. The latter can only be arrived at after times, dates and places of departure and arrival, together w ith mode of travel, have been shown in the appropriate columns of Block “J.v Although claims for TechJWing, 410, 441 and 439 (F) Sqns personnel are originated by their respec­ tiv e O rderly Rooms it is im perative th at these personnel sign “ In ” and “ Out ” in the TD book m aintained in the Wing HQ OR. Failure to do so w ill result in delayed paym ent of claims involved. Frequent queries as to who should sign regarding availability of R ations and Q uarters are clarified below and should be used as a guide only : (1) Rations and Q uarters w hen visiting an RAF, USAF or RCAF unit—Certification by adjutant of unit visited. (1) Rations and Q uarters w here no unit is visited—up to seven days certified by claim ant—over seven days by U nit A djutant. Tobacco and Spirit Ration Cards. All single airm en, Cpl and below, are to obtain tobacco ration ¦cards from Wing O rderly Room. All m arried personnel living out, or w ith wives in U.K., and single officers, are to pick up their spirit and tobacco cards from this source also. Instructions contained in SSO re tobacco and spirit ration cards are to be strictly adhered to. Food Ration Books. A ll m arried personnel living out'm ay obtain a food ration book from the SWO’s office. All books for dependents are to be obtained from the local Food Office. Tem porary ration cards m ay be obtained from the SWO’s office by personnel proceeding on leave or week-end passes. Quarters. M arried personnel desirous of m aking application for m arried quarters, should apply to Wing O rderly Room. Single accommodation is allotted by SWO. Purchase Tax Coupon Scheme. Personnel are advised th at m em bers of the Canadian Forces and “ their wives are not entitled to use the Purchase Tax Scheme.
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