The Crusader, Eighth Army Weekly, No. 46, Vol 4, March 15th 1943

C R U S A D E R FILM OIF WAR The London newspapers are unanimous in declaring “Desert Victory,” the feature-length film of Eighth Army’s advance to Tripoli as the greatest film of the war. Seton Margrave of the “Daily Mail” says : “This is the most real, most moving and most important film ever made. It is impossible to take your eyes from the screen for a single sec­ ond.” F u ll o f H igK Iigh ls The “Daily Express” says “Desert V ic­ tory" will make the blood of millions tingle. Ernest Betts tells the story of the thirty odd sergeant-photographers of the Army Film and Photo Unit who were given a camera instead of a rifle. Some of them were kill­ ed, a number wounded or taken prisoner. ¦The result of their work, ' he says, “is a drama so full of highlights that it is hard to pick out a transcendent scene. Most of the national newspapers, on the day following the film's London premiere, published a shot of three begrimed gunners lighting cigarettes during a lull. The “Daily M ail" captions this picture : “These men are only three of the many stars of this great film who not long ago were bank clerks, shopkeepers and engin­ eers, but are now the world’s finest fight­ ing material. F lo w n to C airo Copies of the film are being flown to Cairo, Palestine and other Middle East countries and arrangements are being made for the early release of the film in America. Here “Crusader” presents some of the men, who to paraphrase E. V . Emmett, the popular Gaumont-British news commenta­ tor. were responsible for presenting Eighth Army to the world. Illustrated London N ew s describes this battle picture, which p ro ­ vides a background for the heads of some of the desert rat cam era­ men, as one of the finest of the war. ¦ » The Men Wlio • > Made II The men with the red and blue flashes bearing the letters A.F. F.U. were a familiar sight to des­ ert rats from the start of the battle that ended in the first great victory of the war for an Allied army. The pictures they took of the battle were praised highly by the British and Ameri­ can newspapers and by the public who were given an insight of the magnitude of the task of Eighth Army through the medium of the newspapers and the screen. The Army Film and Photo Unit was formed just over a year ago. The cameramen were in the thick of the battle from the start. The great reception accorded “Desert Victory” is the culminating tri­ bute to the work of these desert rats with cameras. C R U SA D ER , Eighth Army W eekly , is published each M onday. A ddress correspondence to A dvance H.Q.. E ighth A rm y.
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