The Crusader, Eighth Army Weekly, No. 46, Vol 4, March 15th 1943

A.R.P. IN KENT SCHOOLS Although Kent is one of the most vulner­ able counties in England an official of Kertt Education Committee stated recently that not one child had been killed on school pre­ mises in the large area under the control of the committee. Many Kent schools have been bombed but no school has been hit iwhen the children have actually been in the building. Every one of the committee's schools is now provided with a shelter, and shelter drill is a regular feature of school life. Many schools boast that they can clear the classrooms, and have all the children in shelters, within a minute of the siren sounding. In areas subjected to tip-and-run raids the schools are being linked up with local spotter-groups so that they can receive *he earliest possible warning of the app­ roach of enemy aircraft. Here's a spot of nostalgia for th* men of the west country. Poriock Bay in Somerset. LADY MACROBERT'S GIFT Lady MacRobert, whose three sons were killed while serving with the R.A .F.. has put her Scottish Mansion, Alastrian House, at the disposal of the R.A .F. It will be used as a rest hostei for operational air crews and will be opened in April. * * * NO MORE SPOONS T o discourage cutlery souvenir hunters and to economise in sugar consumption, one of- Britain’s best known multiple tea shops has announced that it will supply no more sugar spoons for the duration. They will have sep­ arate urns of sweetened and unsweetened tea from which customers will be served. A PINT AND A TRIM “A pint of beer and a hair cut.' This request is often heard in the village pub at Holmebridge near Huddersfield. There is an acute shortage of hairdressers in the district and so Freddie Chaplin, an amateur barber, has set up his saloon in the taproom of the Commercial. W hile the landlord draws the beer Freddie spreads his sheet on the floor and gets down to work with the scissors. Freddie cuts hair any night in the week except Monday, which is “darts night” and he is captain of the darts team. If they didn't make use of Freddie’s ser­ vices they would have to spend 4d. on a bus to reach the nearest hairdresser. GIFT TO AMERICA Y orkshire women are to present to the American Navy a replica of the first Stars and Stripes to come to Britain — the flag of Commodore Paul Jones who harried the Yorkshire ports during the American W ar ot Independence. The flag will be handed over to Admiral Harold Stark,C.-inC-. of the American Na­ va! Forces in Europe and will then go to the American Naval Academy in the acro­ polis where Paul Jones was buried. * # * NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY ! Jo h n W illiams of Page Street was fined because he doesn't like strong adjectives. His works foreman swore at him. John didn't like it — so he walked out. “It was more than I could stand so I walked out rather than use personal violence" he told the magistrates. Describing John as an honest man who didn't like strong language, the magistrates fined him 40s. for leaving his work without permission * * * QUEUE FOR CLOCKS ‘Alarum clocks for sale. This notice in Manchester papers brought a 7.0 a.m. queue of 250 people outside a shop. The shortage of these clocks has led to the revival of the “knocker-up. but the demand for early morning calls is greater than the knocker- up can handle. "SWAFF,” ON US Under the heading. “Hannen Swaffer finds News in the Desert, the famous British columnist, in a recent issue of the “ Daily Herald," has quite a lot to say about “Cru­ sader'' and “Eighth Army News.” He quo­ tes extracts from a number of articles which have appeared in “Crusader,” and pays tribute to the quality of our illustrations and cartoons, particularly mentioning Brian Robb's front page cartoon headed “Recon­ naissance in Force,” and his cartoon of W inston as a tank. * * * SOCCER G.O jM. DIES A . G. Hines, the grand-old-man of Nott­ ingham football, has died at the age of 85. For half a century he was on the council of the Football Association... Nottingham Parks Committee is so anxious to help in the Dig for Victory campaign that it is permitting housewives for a nominal sum to hire a small motor-plough that does all the hard work in the garden. "C mon, bottleneck, we got a ruddy war to win I" * * * . JAM ON IT T h e Ministry of Food announces that all available soft fruit this year will be most effectively distributed as jam. As result the luxury of strawberry teas will disappear for the duration and the public will have to be content this summer to have their strawberries, raspberries, goose­ berries. and blackcurrants on their bread and butter Following Lord W oolton's ap­ peal to eat potatoes rather than bread the Edmonton Food Committee says that many local bakers now divide their queues into two. — one for bread and the other for baked potatoes. KING MAKES MUNITIONS The King is now doing part-time munition work, turning out special parts for R.A .F. guns For two and a-half hours each day the King works at his bench dressed ,in overalls or slacks' and sweater. King Geor­ ge had a week’s instruction and is now a proficient artificer on a delicate precision operation, exact to a hundreth of an inch. * * * P.C. TO C.C. D avid W arnock, who started his police career as a constable at Ayr, has been ap­ pointed Chief Constable at Glasgow at a salary of £2,000. He is a teetotaller and «drv-ismokei\ a devout churchman and an enthusiastic supporter of football. He was Chief of Kirkcaldy for a few years. - 2 - I I
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