The Crusader, Eighth Army Weekly, No. 42, Vol 4, February 15th 1943

C R U S A D E R ( I ' d , , , Pte J. B, Philipson, R.A.M.C, $ I should like to draw your atten­ tion to your answers to the que­ ries of Cfn. J. Gardner about pit ponies. Pit ponies ARE STILL used down mines—I can take you to quite a number of collieries in N.E. England where you will find them at work. This may sound like cruelty but these po­ nies are born to it and they are looked after well. Many of them are born blind so darkness doesn't worry them. May I add a few words that may help to clear up the question of the “Pit Pony Derby." The race for the North­ umberland Plate— run at Gosforth Park on the Wednesday after­ noon of Tyneside’s Race Week is known locally as “The Pit­ man’s Derby." Usually on the evening of this day the jockeys riding in the “Plate" and other races take part in a race on don­ keys and seaside ponies at W hit­ ley Bay— and this race is known as the “Pony Derby.” Finally, how about a picture of Judy Garland for the boys ? Carry on with the good work. You are definitely part of our rations. Many thanks for clearing up the pit pony problem. You’ll find a picture of Judy in this issue. Our office boy, who conies from Whit­ ley Bay, - ays you mean “Donkey De; “ ' e:b>.’ i * *i “Admirer” I agre- with your ..A'lOn in printing photographs of gory corpses' in “Crusader.” It certainly does give people out­ side the front line some idea of the sacrifices made in war. Pho­ tographs such as you have print­ ed should be published in < all countries periodically to keep peo­ ple in mind of the price we paid for peace. I am not callous or bloodthirsty, I only believe in facts. Concerning Alex Clifford's sto­ ry. Where did the petrol ration­ ing come in, when he drove from the Strand to Kensington Hiqh Street ? Presumably Mr Clifford rode in a taxi. Petrol for taxis is rat­ ioned, but not so severely as for private cars. Pte J. Greenhalgh, R.A.M.C. : I want to congratulate you and all concerned on the speed and efficiency with which you ans­ wered my query. Truly your house is blessed with Socrates and Wizards of Oz. T o show my appreciation I dedicate the en­ closed song to our great paper. I hope you and the staff like it ; if not please wrap the bricks in cotton wool as I have tender skin. W e appreciate your song very much, Pte Greenhalgh, and mod­ esty alone prevents us from print­ ing it. Pte I. Hadfieid of the Cheshire Regt : Whilst on the withdrawal from Gazala last June I lost a wallet containing a wedding ring, silver horseshoe, a lock of brown hair, silk handkerchief, a necker­ chief (silk, ladies) and numerous photographs, including one of my fiancee, on the back of which is written “Frances and I, Feb. 19, 1941." * * * Cpl J. Jenkins, R.AS.C., of an Armoured Brigade ! After chasing a copy of “Crusader” round the section for at least two days, I finally laid hands on it, and read about “Mickey,” a little dog be- ¦ longing to a fellow desert rat. I t.ave a lu tie dog, n < itn ed _ “Whis- Vey," which I found homeless in a village in Greece. I picked him up, gave him a gopd bath, and ever since he has stuck to me like glue. It is just on two years since I befriended him and during that time he has trav­ elled many thou­ sands of miles, in at least seven different -coun­ tries. He has been in two evacuations, one retreat, and two advances. Whiskey is well known in many units especially my old Company. He is a one man dog, with just one exception, a pal of mine who came from Greece with me. and helped smuggle him aboard. BLUE LETTER E IG H T H ARM Y SAYING SO M ETH IN G BOX SUSPICIOUS PHENOMENA L/CpI C. Lockyer, 501 T.C. Unit, C M . Police : Could you please help me through your col­ umns. I have lost a roll of films, Kodak 127. The roll has been ex­ posed and was lost between Mer- sa Matruh and Benghazi. Should the film be developed and print­ ed it will contain snaps of Mersa Matruh, Alamein, Halfaya Pass and various photos of military policemen." No. 2 — Activity of empty petrol No. 3. — Aggressive attitude of cans in desert storms. tents in bad weather. We’ be teUitt# you... Here are some more answers to Eighth Army film fans. Cpl T . Burgess, R.E. : Basil Rathbone was bom in South Af­ rica in 1892. He won the Military Cross in the Great W ar. * * * Pte G. Harrison, R.A.S.C.: The first cartoon to be made on mo­ tion picture film was made by J. Stuart Blackton in 1906. It was called “Humorous Phases of Fun­ ny Faces.” As far back as 1826 there was a contraption called the Phenakistoscope (don’t ask us why !) which gave the illusion of animation to a series of draw- irg-j. W alt Disney started his studio in a garage in Hollywood in 1925. * * * L/Sgt. A. Daniels; Peter Lorre, born in Rosenberg, Hungary, in 1904, was a bank clerk in Vien­ na before coming to Hollywood in 1935. His first big role was in the German film, “M.” * * * And here are some more ans~ wers-in-brief on other subjects : Captain S. F. White, R.AS.C.: All battle pictures in “Crusader” are taken by the Army Film and Photo Unit and are submitted to the censor before publication. A.F.P.U. are the official recorders of the war in pictures and are permitted to take pictures of any battle scene. The censor decides which of these may be published. Obviously the same facilities can­ not be given to individual sold­ iers, and the “lengthy list of pho­ tographic subjects which are for­ bidden,” to which you refer is a security measure to prevent the indiscriminate taking of photo­ graphs of W .D . equipment which might be of great value to the enemy. * * * Sgt D.H. Godfrey : (a) All bo­ roughs have mayors. The civic head of an urban district is the chairman of the Urban District Council, who does not have the title of mayor, (b) Any commun­ ity administered by a Rural Dis­ trict Council can be called a vil­ lage. W e ve no means of finding out which can claim the largest population, (c) First militia call- up before present war was June 1939 ; age — 20. Origin of mili­ tia dates back to Saxon times when Alfred issued a decree ren­ dering all able-kcMied men bet­ ween 16 and 20 liable for milit­ ary service. It was then known as the Fyrd. (d) It is possible in exceptional circumstances to transfer to the Senior Service. * * * Dvr H. Rosenthal, R.A.S.C. s Copies of the Services Pocket Diary are available in the M.E. You should apply through your C.O. * * * Dvr H. Goodall, R.A.S.C s Paul Whiteman, not Irving Ber­ lin, was given the title of “The King of Jazz.”
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