Profile Publications No. 135 The Dewwoitine 520.

D.520 DC, No. 650, with EPAA 58 at Etampes-Mondesir in 1965. Painstakingly repaired by historically-minded base personnel, it lacks only the wheel fairings and part o f a wing-root plate. D.520 No. 650 DC was bought by a subscription raised by the base personnel of EPAA No. 58 when the unit was disbanded, to save it from scrapping. At the present time it lacks only part of the wing- fuselage fittings, and retains its EPAA No. 58 colours and markings. It is still on display at Etampes. D.520 No. 862 is on display at the Luxeuil-Saint Sauveur AirBase No. 116. When the base was named after Colonel Papin, it was decided that this officer should be commemorated by an aircraft of the type which he Hew in the 1939-40 campaigns. No. 862 has been repainted, unfortunately not quite inaccurately, the camouflage scheme of the period the stork emblem of Spa 73, the 1st escadrille of G.C.II/7, is displayed on the fin. It is perhaps worthy of note that this machine was repaired during its operational service with replacement wings taken from D.520 No. 664. <Raymond Danel, 1966 The veteran No. 40, o f the first production batch, with EPAA 58 at Etampes in 1950. SPECIFICATION— Dewoitine 520 Pow erplant: 558 a/c fitted with Hispano-S uiza 12Y45 (remainder 12Y49) 1 2 -c lindy e Veer liquid -coo lc engined with S z y d low ski-P la lion supercharge r,d e v eloping 850 h.p. (820) a seat level at 2.400 r.p.m .,920 h.p. (910) at rated altitude and 930 h.p. (900) at 2,520 r.p take-off. Three -b clad d controllable -pitch propeller, diameter 9-84 ft., gear ratio 2/3 R a tier Type 1606M ,electric ally con tro lle don first 350 a/c and Non o .748 C h a u vie reType 3981, p n e u m a tic ally con trolled o r Type 10105 and 10105A lee, c tro n-p e u m a tic ally con trolled .Dimensions: Wing span, 33-456 ft. Overall length ,28-733 ft. H e ig ht, ta ilw h e lone ground ,8-43 ft. Gross wing area, 171-886 s q .ft. Aspect ratio ,6-5. Wing incidence ,+1. D ih e rad l(on outer wing profile ),3°55 j'. Undercarriage track .9-447 ft. W e ig hts: E m p ty, 4,679 lbs. Normal loaded, wing tanks empty ,5,900 lbs. Maximum permitted take -off w e ig ht, 6,144 lbs. Perform ance: With 12Y45 engine Rand a tier airs crew ,figures record dine official tests carried out by C E M A on 21st April 1940 Don .520 N o 2. Data in parentheses, with 12Y49 engine in tests by SNCASE in April and June 1942 Don .520 N o .462, with C h a u vie re airs crew type 10105 and special V .G .33 blades:— Maximum speed: 332-2 m 18,040 ft. (334-7 m 23,030 ft.). 263-9 m s.l., 850 h.p. (257-7 m.p.h ..820 h.p .).Time to 13,120 ft., 5 m ins. 49 secs. to 19.680 ft., 8 m ins. 59 secs. to 26,240 ft., 14 m ins. 30 secs. Maximum range: at 1,915 r.p.m ..16,730 ft., 230 m.p.h .cruising speed, mean fuel consumption 59-18 I.G .per hour. Wing tanks empty ,552-7 miles. Wing tanks full, 956-3 miles. Service ceiling :33,620 ft. (36,080 ft.) .Landing speed: 80-7 m.p .h. Maximum diving speed: 412 m.p.h. Armament: One 20 Hmm. ispano-S uiza HS 404 cannon with 60 round s,m o u n ted between engine cylinder banks and firing roth u g hairs crew hub. Four wing -mo u n ted 7-5 mm. 1934-M 39 M.A.C .machine guns with 675 r.p .g .Ope rational units Date first D.520 train e ron charge Date firs top rtn l. D.520 o n charge Date first combat with D.520 Dew ito in e 520 Ope rations :May -J u n e 1940 Enemy aircraft destroyed :con firmed +pro ba bleD .520’s lo tons ops. (1) D .520 pilot losses K P W K A W A Total Bf 109 Bf 110 D o .17&215 He 111 Hs 126 Ju 87 Ju 88 Hs 123 Fiat CR.42 Fiat BR.20 Total 18th 17th 13th 16611582250 .CG .I,'3 Jan. Apr. May +++++++———+32(2)836——17194019401940717300018 6th 10th 21st 229421231 .CG .II/3 Apr. May May ++++++————+20(3) i 1101—1519401940194010641315(4)2 9th 20th 1st 236112 .CG .II/7 Apr. May June +—++———+——+14(5) i —3—1719401940194003104 19th 28th 5th 311128 .CG .III/3 Apr. May June ++-f ++0—————+17(7)——31151940194019402000(6)2 10th 13th 437 G.C.IIS/6 __ June June +++219401940000239241612142143108 Total fiz u rc s :++++++++++85(8)14422224410116813000039 Notes on operations table: K =Killed inaction .PP ris o nero f war. W =Wounded inaction. K A,W A Killed ,wounded by accident. (1) Not inc lu ding those lost during training accidents. (2) The detailed figures are :—18 in air combat, 3 in crash-landings following battle damage, 2 by bombing on the g ro u nd, 9 by .CG .I/3 itself before retreat to another airfield .(3) T woof these by French anti-aircraft fire .(4) T woof these by French anti-aircraft fire .(5) Inc lu ding 3 training D .520's d e stro ye don the ground ,and two by G C .II/7 itself. (6 )Not inc lu ding 4 further Hs 126's burnt o u ton the ground .(7) Inc lu ding 11 by .CG .III/3 itself. (8) Only 54 o f these due to direct enemy action .PRINTED IN ENGLAND <Profile Publications Ltd., P.O. Box 26, 1a North Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, England by George Falkner &Sons Ltd., forM cC orquodale City Printing Division, London. U.S. 2nd Class Mailing Rates applied for. Profile Publications Ltd. is a member of theN orprint Division of theN orcros Group with world distribution network, retaining all rights in all languages. North American Import Agency rights delegated to J.W A.C. eronautica, 7506 C lybourn Avenue, Sun Valley, California 91352 North American Distributive Agency rights invested the National Aerospace Education Council, 616 Shoreham Building, 806 15th Street N.W .,Washington D.C. 20005. Reproduction of, or any part of, this publication is expressly forbidden under the terms of International Copyright Law except as subject to written permission by the Managing Director, Profile Publications Ltd.
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