The Crusader, Eighth Army Weekly, No. 41, Vol 4, February 8th 1943

THE VICAR'S MISTAKE The vicar of St. Paul’s, Slough, Rev. A. A. Dowsett, recently forbade a member of the Land Army to enter his church because, as he said, she was “dressed like a man.” The next Sunday the Land Army girl, Joyce W heeler, of Slough, again went to the church, accompanied by 30 other members, all in uniform, and by Lord Addison, chair­ man of Bucks W a r Agricultural Committee, who read the lessons. After the service the vicar shook hands with Joyce and said: “It was all a mistake. I did not realise it was your ordinary uniform that you were wearing.” * * * MAFEESH TONIC ! The familiar order of “gin-and-tonic,” heard in most bars, will soon disappear— at least the tonic part of it will. It is expect­ ed that the Government will prohibit the making of tonic waters. They contain qui­ nine, needed in 'large quantities; for the Ser­ vices. Makers and bars will be allowed to use stocks they have, but there will be no replacements. * * * MODERN WICKET MASTER W alter Marshall, for 35 years head groundsman at Trent Bridge Cricket ground, has died in his 90th year. He was one of the greatest experts in the country on the preparation of modern wickets. He prepar­ ed the wicket for the first T est played at Trent Bridge in 1899 and fro<n that time until 1934 he devoted himself to the same stretch of turf set aside for the England- Australia games. * * * VETERAN CYCLIST DIES M r W alter Popplewell of Woodbridge Road, Ipswich, a noted motor engineer, has died at the age of 97. He was Britain’s champion cyclist in the days of the “ Penny- farthing" and owned the first of these ma­ chines in Suffolk. Altogether he won nearly 200 caps with it at local racing events. * * * HOUSING SHORTAGE ? “Gentleman has large dog kennel for dispo­ sal, specially made for him, separate com­ partments, 2 entrances...” (Advt in Sussex paper). scape in Berkshire. DREAM COM i? 7 ¦ T he ambition of Private shaw. the Newcastle V.C., h -iis Before he said goodbye children in their one-roc .o ' ¦ Dyke Street, he told hit w fc. “ W hen I come back we shai; new home.” Adam nevei caisi the Adaln Wakenshaw V. rt. vided Mrs ! W akenshaw a' ren with nearly £3,000 ani; ed into a new home. Said “T his is my dream home c^a know to thank everyone fc It is just what Adam was to give me. I've got everyt. I : and the children are so ha could have been here to ha * * * POCKET HEP C aptain Arthur Butterwortl .? ¦ . 2 ins) whose home is in ia; Street, Newcastle — he is the probably the toughest shipni Merchant Navy — has beei M .B-E- for bringing a boat-i. vors safely to land after a 13 over 380 miles of stormy se; fifth award for bravery at sea has been torpedoed, five time. in war. He is now 48. He was c-.. ford, Yorkshire. “How he do- s don’t know for he is only the ha<,lr penny worth of coppier’ ,’ said ! e the last war he was just like jack. No sooner had he lost a si was off on another. Expect I s . him for a few days and he wil in- • off again." * * * "N O FLOWERS" — NO C H O !C £ ; A t many funerals soon it will be ; N. , « . ers — by necessity” because i> :* ?ncr mous cost of floral wreaths. In ie '.,o- area £5 5s. was asked for a wi. ; 18 ins. in diameter and made .n v o leaves. A spray of flowers m ad/e u o.. blooms and some evergreen cost ! rists say the high cost is due to restrictions on flowers and the difhc. U obtaining cultivated blooms locally SH O W GOES ON The show' goes on at Bournemouth Pavi- ion. where they are playing “Mother v ’oose” despite the death of one star and ury of another. ihnny W atson, at 98 the stage’s oldest •tainer, died just before the first per- lance on Boxing Day, when he was to taken his troupe of performing dogs ? the footlights. lie W allace fell during the first even- ¦rformance and double-fractured her Mow she appears twice daily, despite •able pain, with her forearm in plas- US SPIRIT ! T h e dispersa o hisky stocks dn Scot- land is ;o ccmin Some 40 per cent of li- qui<? stores hav een distributed to safe zones and t*;e- r under will follow as quickly as &r&n nents are made. A few million jour.c.;* c ;h of whisky was ’ des- called safe area 941, some of it in a so- * * FEATH ER! - • • • ’ * W A R WORKER Beachcomber, tl jigeon that brought to Enylacd inc. ¦ lews of -the Commando raid on {Dieppe, as bred by Mr E. King, of Hatfield Roa Ipswich. Its compare fciri v ius . cate message was ;:hot down. M r King is a racing pigeon fancier 4nd was a prorninent j memb Ipswich :«> ina Club be :'.^e the war. Today he is c » 0r crating in tl Pigeon Breeders National -¦¦rvice scheme. ‘Beachcomber is an Out- •v.fcidJng bird” 1 u s says. “He is still on ac- ti y e servffe ’
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