The Crusader, Eighth Army Weekly, No. 26, Vol. 2, October 26th 1942

C R U S A D E R LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS CRUSADER, Eighth Army Weekly, is published each Monday. Correspondence should be addressed Editor, "Crusader", Advance H.Q., Eighth Army. Produced with the collaboration of the Editorial Staff of PARADE and printed far the publishers by Al-Hilal. Editor . C a p t . W.M.J. C h a r l t o n . ; • V : I N.C.U. TAKES OVER HERNE HILL A t one time it looked as through Herne Hill, the centre of English track racing, was lost for ever. In need of repair before the war. the blitz on London rendered it prac­ tically useless. However, the National Cyclists’ Union approached the Iease-holders, and are now in possession. Plans are being prepared and hopes are running high of a first class track for post-war lacing. Not only the surface and banking but better exits and seating accommodation for spectators are under con­ sideration. Meanwhile, Paddington track is keeping the sport in the public eye. Free admission, and the “stay at home” policy, has meant large attendances. WESTERLEY R.C. “100” Hard conditions was the reason given by the limit men for this years “not so fast" Westerley “ 100.” The last 50 miles were apparently the worst, and only one man, the winner, managed to beat 20 m.p.h. over this stretch. Mechanical trouble and punc­ tures were also responsible for a number of retirements, including that of the sole occu­ pant of the scratch mark, C. Roberts of Ad- discombe. Roberts gave it best after a puncture, gear trouble and a few ripped spokes. No­ thing, however, could deter W ally Nock of the Archer R.C. from beating his previous best and with a 20 minute allowance on his 4 hours 49 mins. 34 secs, he captured the first handicap award. Result were :— 1. A.E. Derbyshire (Calleva R.C.) 4 hrs. 40 mins. 23 secs. ; 2. L. M. Seath (Veg.) 4 hrs. 46 mins. 44 secs ; 3. R. Wilson (Ox­ ford City R.C.) 4 hrs. 46 mins. 49 secs. ; team prize : Dragon R.C. (E. Berry. M.A. Newman and L. V. Reason) 15 hrs. 5 mins. 8 secs. WARRINGTON R. C. “50" This is certainly Harley s year. Up to 100 miles he is practically invincible and the Warrington “50” proved no exception. He romped home the winner by over 3 mi­ nutes. In accordance with the practice of the local clubs the team prize was decided on the handicap basis. Result : 1. D.K. Hartley (Dukinfield C.C.) 2 hrs. 10 mins. 10 secs. ; 7. C. Cartwright (Man­ chester Clar.) 2 hrs. 13 mins. 33 secs. ; 3. W . B. Chapman (Pyramid R.C.) 2 hrs. 14 mins. 43 secs. ; team prize : Abbotsford Park R.C. 6 hrs. 22 mins. 32 secs. MASSED START EVENTS The breach in the ranks caused by the massed start controversy is growing wider and wider. In defiance to the N.C.U. Mid­ land cyclists have formed a Midland league of Racing Cyclists to cope with the many suspended riders. The latest event was the Morecombe to Bradford (65 miles). The winner was E. Clements (W olver­ hampton R.C.C.) who won by half-a- wheel from G. Clark, (Bradford). Percy Stallard punctured, but caught the main bunch after a chase of 20 miles and started an immediate breakaway, finishing third. In order to meet the demand for this type of racing the N.C.U. is endeavouring to promote events round the London Parks. The L.C.C. have agreed in some instances and Battersea Park is to stage an event be­ fore the end of the season. J.B.W. L ovely D orothy M orris, M.G.M. starlet. 3. CENTREPIECES The following fragments are the exact middles of quite common words. None of the parent words is hyphenated : psich, apego, zzoti, derra, riw', tser, skete, nofo, evedo, gmaro, owled, gwu. tacly, schol. 1. GRAND CHAIN Alice's two dominoes totalling 23 must have been 6-6 and 6-5 Betty’s two dominoes totalling 20 must have been 6-4 and 5-5 Clara's two dominoes totalling 18 must have been 6-3 and 5-4 Dolly s two dominoes totalling 16 must have been 5-3 and 4-4 since the 6-2 is in Alice's hand. Alice cannot begin by playing the 6-6, for if she does, Betty must play the 6-4, Clara the 6-3 ,and Dolly either the 3-5 or the 4-4. No piece can be played after the 4-4, and only one after the 3-5. Therefore Alice must lead off wijh the 6-5, and the play is necessarily as follows : 1st round 2nd round 6-5 6-6 5-5 6-4 5-4 6-3 4-4 5-3 2. WORD SQUARE STRAND TREMOR REPUTE AMUSES N O T E R S DRESSY 3. MEN AND PLACES Frensham; Godalming; Carmarthen; Ang- mering; Sandringham; Camborne; Notting­ ham; Manchester; Dumbarton; Sydenham. Last Week’s X-Word Solution ACROSS : !. Safeguard; 8. Inoculate; 11. Nail; 12, Easel; 13. Glisten, 15. Erupt; 17. Roc; 18. Raps; 20. Tara; 21. Impetus; 23. Tied; 24. Dene; 25. Yarn; 26. Hefty. DOWN : 1. Sincerity; 2. Anagram; 3. Foil; 4. Eclipsed; 5. Guest; 6. A.A. 7. Delicate; 9. Latitude; 10. enor; 14. Erase; 16. Upper; 19, Etch; 22. Ant. Alice Betty Clara Dolly bottom right-hand corner just reaches the top side of the strip. W hat is the length of the fold ? And at what point in the right-hand end might one start folding so as to get a shorter fold 7 ACROSS 1 and 5 Down. Single paper rents (Anag., 2 words, 8 and 8) ; 6. Wonders ; 11. Inclu­ ded in boiled puddings ; 12. Trader ; 13. Often bent in defeat ; 14 Illness from going out ; 15. Servant ; 16. Let’s begin with tarts ; 18. Rise for his Majesty ; 19. The start of mathematics ; 20. Soldier ; 23. W a­ ken ; 24. It’s a tree (Anag.). DOWN 1. Orator ; 2. Become popular ; 3. I get1 the games mixed up ; 4. Favouring relati­ ves ; 5. See 1 Across ; 7. A thin clue ; 8. Do the ambitious use this ? ; 9. Spoken ; 10. Impartial ; 17. Four-fifths of 16 Across: 20. Colour ; 21. An ally ; 22. Fixed. 1. FIND THE FOLD A rectangular strip of paper, four inches wide, is folded from a point one inch below’ the top right-hand . corner, so that the
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