The Crusader, Eighth Army Weekly, No. 26, Vol. 2, October 26th 1942

C R U S A D E R t l T T I R B O X E i g h i b A r m y S A Y I N G S O M E T H I N G Dvr. ). Glass ford R.E. leaps into the Ha- mish — Medlow fray with die following i “Concerning the communication of one “T.G. Medlow, Corporal" to your, and our, Paper re Hamish Henderson's letter of Sep­ tember 21st. I have no wish to start a controversy about this matter but I must say (as in duty bound by ties of good Gaelic blood) that I and a good many more of the same breed were, on reading Cpl. Medlow’s letter, as­ tounded at the unwarranted attack on one Scot by another whose only claim to that title is that he mispronounces the word “Glasgow.” If Hamish has a bee in his bonnet ('Bal­ moral' would be a better term for a profes­ sing Scotsman to use), I should like to tes­ tify that the same bee is in many Scottish bonnets. I have read “Crusader” regularly — in fact ever since the first copy appear­ ed on the blue — and would, with many others, like to see in it more about the Scot­ tish countryside. I would also like to take this opportunity of saying that my own re­ gard for my country rises far above mere football results. The fact that Cpl. Medlow has been only a short time in this country is evident by the gist of his letter. To you and the “Crusader,” Mr. Editor, I repeat Cpl. Medlow’s remarks “All the best for now and the future.” Should you print this letter (I would re­ mind you of your promised welcome to cri­ ticism !) I would appreciate it and so would, I’m sure, many more of my countrymen. Should you be flogged out with correspon­ dence on this subject — then please divert the flow to me — I Will be only too glad to deal with it in the fit and proper man­ ner ! And so would we. All future correspon­ dence on this subject should be addressed to Dvr. }. Giassford, Chief Engineer’s Branch, Main H.Q. 13 Corps. “Is it too much to ask through the me­ dium of “Crusader,” if anyone who can write harmony or orchestrate an original composition would communicate with me forthwith ? “The position is that I have two babies — more on the way — but no doctor to bring them into the world.” Is there a doctor in the house 1 “ B L U E ” BABY F.O. Trelease, R.A.F. i “An Amateur Ra­ dio Society has recently been formed at Ad­ vanced Air Headquarters, Western Desert. “W e should greatly appreciate it, if you could afford the Society some publicity through the widespread circulation of “Cru­ sader,” as we are particularly anxious to contact amateurs in the desert. “A cordial invitation to look us up is extended to all persons interested in Ham Radio, and it is hoped that many interest­ ing Q.S.O.'s will develop." * * * Tpr. S.N. Lang t “Thanks for the news regarding 'Stallards Massed Start Race’ about a month ago. “I was a keen competitor of these races when I was in Blighty,’ and I am a perso­ nal friend of P.T. Stallard. “I’ve since received news of another simi­ lar race held on August Monday. This was won by ‘Ernie’ Clements of the promoting club, the course was ideal for such a race and it included Shrewsbury, Much Wenlock and Wolverhampton. “If any racing men or others wish to drop me a line I will gladly answer them." * * * S/Sgt A. E. Davis, R.A.S.C. of a Field Butchery Unit i “I'm an amateur composer and I’ve knocked out a couple of epics. Due to my lack of knowledge of the more tech­ nical side of music I need assistance from someone who can harmonise and finally or­ chestrate the baby of my brain. This little girl cam e to "T he B lue" with an Ensa co n cert party. T he troop er seem s to h a ve m ade a b ig hit. Sgt. A. Lewis t “It is now some time since you mentioned any motor cycling news in your sports column. The enclosed infor­ mation may be of interest. Jimmie Simpson. — Famous T.T. rider is now a Major in the R.A.S.C. Jock W est. — T.T. rider and leading British rider of the German BMW. racing machines was recently promoted Sqn/Ldr in the R.A.F. F reddie Frith. — T.T. winner holds rank of Sgt at a Northern School of Driving and maintenance. S gt. Lionel Van P raag. — Member of the speedway team. W as recently awarded the George Medal for rescuing a fellow-member of a bomber crew, which crashed in a shark-infested sea. Jack W illiams. — (The 'Cheltenham Flyer) well-Jcnown competition and T.T. rider, in an O.C.T.U. Ft.-Lt. Chris. Staniland. — Well-known to Brooklands habitues, recently killed in flying accident. He was holder of three Brooklands Gold Stars. W as chosen as a Schneider Trophy pilot, and shared many car records in U.S.A. with Capt. G. Eyston. G e o r g e G u m p tio n No. 4 — G e o r g e o n L e a v e no - i'm soR& y- i ? c a n ' t C to o u r w i t h You Tersi&nT / i t ' s 6
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