The Crusader, Eighth Army Weekly, No. 26, Vol. 2, October 26th 1942

R e v i e w • f o r t h e B lu e RUSSIA Hate campaigns were in full swing on both Russian and German sides as Sta­ lin wrote : “It is imposible to defeat the enemy without learning to hate him with all our soul,’' and the Germans raised fresh cases of alleged ill-treatment of German prisoners by the British. The Germans threatened to take reprisals against any United Nations' prisoners for ill-treatment by any army. At the same time the British Government pro­ tested against a German report that Bri­ tish prisoners had been burnt during an R.A.F. raid on Kiel. Protest was based on the keeping of prisoners near a mili­ tary objective. German move was taken as possible blackmail to stop R.A.F. raids. The Germans pushed the Russians back out of one block of worker's flats in Stalingrad but made little or no prog­ ress elsewhere. While the Russian government called for the immediate trial of Hess, Frau Hess applied to the International Red Cross for permission to join her husband. MALTA Total bag in the Luftwaffe’s latest at­ tempt to subdue Malta came to 114 pla­ nes. Most of them were brought down by Spitfires. SOLOMONS Little news came though of the Japa­ nese full-scale attempt to re-take the So­ lomon islands, but it quickly became ap­ parent tnat Japanese warships and mer­ chant vessels were taking a pounding from the U.S. air force. Earliest messa­ ges reported loss of six Japanese war­ ships including one heavy cruiser as against one American destroyer. The situation was described by the Ameri­ cans as “serious” but Admiral Chester Nimitz, C.-in-C. U.S. Pacific Fleet thought that the Japs would be dealt with. LIBERIA American troops landed in the inde- pendtnt Republic of Liberia, last strong­ hold of the Germans in the last war. Li- oeria lies about 700 miles south of Da­ kar, is on the shipping route to South Africa. • Here is the story- specially told for "Crusader" by j ! Captain Peter Haddon. of how the popular radio ! ! "Message Home" feature began, and how it has deve- I • loped. Don't forget you still have until October 30th. to ] | submit your entries for our Broadcast Home competition. I I remember the morning I was sent for down on leave fi;om the Western Desert, by the General Manager of Egyptian State sending cables home. I went over and Broadcasting, and as I entered his office, he joined them and wrote out the following said, "Oh Peter, theres a cable in from the text : B.B.C., and they want us to give every facility to a new Programme that Sandy T o th e British B roadcasting C orporation MacPherson is starting. London. M acpherson program m e ex cellen t Apparently he is going to arrange for stop. M ay th e M iddle East F orces d o a si- the wives and mothers of the boys out here milar program m e hom e. to send messages and to play whatever happens to be their favourite tune on the And shortly afterwards the reply came organ. W hat do you think back : of the idea ? And I know I S end us a trial program m e replied, W ell, candidly... it # o f tw entu minutes. savours to me of stunting. 1 . . . , , However if the B.B.C. want \ k \ Tha‘ tn, al Pr°9ramme took it... w ell have to do it." \ U S * V .P mor(! of . m> ’ b . me t th*n .anfy ' «thing else 1 had tackled for And a few weeks later, . lyears. I realised how much found myself in Number Two /38E\"^to£ ^^depended on it. For one thing Studio at E.S.B. listening to I < — /j 'N MacPherson had an organ. I the first Message Program- j f I / \ hadn't... and even if I had, I me that MacPherson sent over. p . <«r?f*'ws ' , / couldn’t play the perishing and within five minutes I was l \ y r g f r . j r ' thing. So what? Altogether I knocked sideways and made \ | I j drafted out well over twenty to feel more than a little bit \1 \ J different programmes, and as ashamed at my original re- V I finished, one I hurled it into action to the suggestion of a d V , the waste paper basket and Message Programme. e c' J on started another. It was from a wife to her husband. She The day came when I got the idea to call talked of making ends meet while her man town from where a fellow came, and was away, and she talked of the children's ^us gain everybody s interest, boots and shoes and other important items W e sent our first Programme over to in a family budget. She spoke so simply England on 18th December. 1940. and des­ and so sincerely that I felt a queer tighten- pite the fact that the offensive had started ing in the muscles of - t b f-" in Libya. General my throat, then final Jk W avcil came alor„ ly she said But to the Studio and don t worry. Bill f - watched the who e dear, they'll be al! ¦ r show from start to right and look' finish. The after them for you was equally cncour- and keep the home | H k -A aging the other going till you get ¦ j e n < ^ ' ^ or within twel- b a c k. Goodnight ve hours of the Bill...I love you... , JrQ f J r * J i Programme having God bless you." I ’ f Jffi H been received in I didn't wait to hear I i i / m j W London, a cable ar- any more. I left the f J jK V » rived from the studio and walked Jm JHRyLjy Y ' f B.B.C. saying downstairs into the h W ell p la yed take main hall of Radio ~ ~ 1 half an hour a fort- House where there * night starting first were a lot of chaps, (S tory continued on P a ge 2) January.
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