A Personal Tribute IN MEMORY OF RIFLEMAN 23368 ALBERT JOHN FEASEY Compiled by ALAN FEASEY From personal letters written by AJF And War Diaries of the 11th Rifle Brigade

fifty minutes. Orders for this move will be issued by Battalion Headquarters and is dependant on the capture of the BLUE Line. 8. The Battalion will advance to the BLUE Line in Artillery formation preceded by scouts under xxxxxxxx in columns of platoons prepared to break up in columns of sections if heavily shelled as per the attached diagram A. From the BLUE Line it will advance to the BROWN Line in accordance with the attached diagram B preceded by scouts and a screen. 9. After crossing the BROWN Line “B” Coy with a Coy of 10 th KRRC in support, will capture and hold the bridgeheads No 23 and push out patrols into MASNIERES. “A” Coy will support “C” Coy with a quarter Coy and with the remainder hold the line marked in GREEN on the map. “D” Coy will be in Battalion reserve in the area marked with dotted blue lines. General instructions as regards tactical dispositions and probable action will be given at an officers’ conference. 10. After the passage of the 20 th Division the 11 th RB will form a defensive flank along the dotted red line. 11. The tanks will be operating in front of the Battalion after passing the BROWN Line. Some of these will be moving across our front and all ranks must clearly understand that they must not lose direction by attempting to follow them. The intention is to overwhelm the enemy with a sudden rush of tanks and to penetrate the enemy defences before he has time to realise the nature or locality of the attack. Rapidity of thought and action is therefore all important. 18/11/17 Captain & Adjutant 11 th (S) BN THE RIFLE BRIGADE Issued at 4.00pm
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