WWII Memories Without Regret - By Leonard A Harris - Royal Navy

up the convoy, but around noon she broke down again. Helpless, she was hit by one torpedo from U-432 and a few minutes later by a second and sank almost immediately. The captain, 7 officers, 136 ratings and 39 survivors were lost. Aconit returned to the scene and with depth-charges, gunfire and ramming sank U-432. During the day, the French corvette picked up four survivors from U-444, 20 survivors from U-432 and 60 survivors from Harvester, including 12 survivors from the William C. Georgas. HMS Hollyhock Bombed and sunk by Japanese naval aircraft on 9th April 1942, east of Ceylon, along with the aircraft carrier HMS Hermes, Australian destroyer Vampire and two tankers. HMS Aster Survived WW2. Sold and scrapped at Bo'ness starting on 29 th May 1946 HMS Danae Served in China during 1939-41, followed by the Eastern fleet from 1942-44 and ending with the home fleet from 1944-45 Broken up 1948. HMS Cowdray Bombed off Algiers in November 1942, repaired and recommissioned. HMS Cowdray was allocated to the Royal Hellenic Navy as Admiral Hastings from March 1944 until June 1944. Then returned to UK. Broken up at Gateshead 3rd September 1959. L. A. Harris Medals Palestine 1936-1939 Burma Star Atlantic Star 1939-1945 Star 1939-1945 Medal Long Service & Good Conduct Note: Any person’s using an extract of this document in any publication authorship must be acknowledged in the credits.
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