TRIBUTE TO THE FARIDKOT SAPPERS AND MINERS - In commemoration of all those, including civilians, porters, and troops, involved in the East African campaign of 1914 to 1918.

131 Notes 1 The source of this section is the Faridkot section of a recent history of the Indian State Forces produced by the Centre for Armed Forces Historical Research in New Delhi. 2 The Forgotten Front by Ross Anderson, published 2004. 3 This was later to be the inspiration behind the film The African Queen, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn. 4 Oliver and Julian Martin Smith were nephews of Bessie Sneyd. 5 Bessie Sneyd’s eldest son. 6 Horses were requisitioned for use by the military, apparently brewery horses were very suitable, apparently horses were taken from Wadworth’s, Brewery in Devizes. Keen not to lose out on their beer, football clubs and other groups volunteered to pull hand cats laden with barrels. 7 Evelyn Hambro, Bessie’s nephew. 8 Cicelia Martin Smith, Robin’s aunt. 9 Sybil Martin Smith Bessie’s niece. 10 John Glencross was son of George Glencross the vicar of Morval. 11 Later George VI. 12 H.M.S. Cumberland was patrolling in the Atlantic hoping to intercept German warships returning from South America. 13 The Emden was a German warship. 14 A volunteer with the Inns of Court Volunteers. 15 Wife of a Captain. 16 A drift was a river crossing where the river bottom had been raised so that the river was passable on a reasonably level surface without a bridge having to be built. 17 His 30th on 24 June 1916. 18 The Berthon collapsible boat bridge is named after Rev Edward Berthon who invented it. It was much used in India particularly on the North West Frontier. Twelve boats are required to cross a 100-ft wide river. 19 It was Robin Sneyd’s thirtieth birthday. Had his Christmas pudding from his mother been sent on from Mesopotamia! 20 Rank and File. 21 Robin Sneyd’s sister. 22 Ralph Sneyd had been involved in the Campaign in the German Cameroon, winning the D.S.O. 23 This seems to have been a very rare time of rest and recreation for Sneyd. 24 Robin Sneyd’s sister. Norna apparently was thinking of stopping at Balaghat for the hot weather and then going to Paehemari for the rains. 25 His brother. George, Robin and Norna went to the Baihar plateau but tragically Norna died on 18 May 1918 as a result of wounds inflicted by a wounded tiger. 26 This was the incident where Robin Sneyd won his Military Cross. Richard Sneyd. September 2014.
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