World War One Memoirs & Letters of Private W J Fletcher 138933 Army Service Corps 33rd Division

World War 1 Memoirs Father’s WW1 Memoirs - Private W J Fletcher 138933 Bom 1s t Feb 1895 Died 16th April 1979 1915 33rd Division, Grove Park and Reading - Wolesley 3 ton 1915 (Christmas) 56th Division to France 1916 33rd Division - Bethune, France - Daimler CB 2 ton I will begin in July 1914, which found me at Dennis’s works Woodbridge Guildford. 1 was in the Components shop under Mr. Warrener. In our shop was a German (name forgotten) He with a fitter and myself had a special job o f making the landing gear for an airship (Parsifal). Some of us in the shop wondered and discussed why this man was on this work and with me had big blueprints laid out on the bench and had some of the draughtsmen out to see to the details as they came up in the job. We did a week’s work and the gear was sent over to the Farnborough Aircraft works. Being close to this Jerry I often asked his opinion on the articles which towards the end o f the month came into the papers. He was very noncommittal in his talk After August Bank Holiday it was the custom to close the works for a week, now however we had to keep on with several new type lorries for the War Department. The Saturday before war was declared “Jerry” took his money and on the Monday did not turn up with the rest of us. We never found out where he went. No doubt he had his orders from the “Fatherland” and got out before such as he was detained. I think we had a few days off in the holiday week and had letters calling us back. I had meanwhile heard o f a job in Bristol through a friend of Father’s and worked on lorries for the RNAS for a few months at the Tramways Dept. Then many hours of overtime told on my health and 1 was home ill for a few weeks. When 1 recovered 1 got back into the Garage at Guildford where I had served my time (apprenticeship?) Several of the staff had gone to the army. I had tried but was not up to the full standard o f measurements. However I did good work in the garage. There were big camps being built near Godalming and the contractors always wanted cars to run from camp to camp. 1 did heaps o f repairs too. A few long runs came in for officers who wanted to see various Generals to be drafted into their favourite units. One run took me for a weekend to Swanage and Frome, the many hours overtime did not tell on me here as there was so much open air work. (He had had polio as a child) I tried to join up again after a few months but the standard was still high and I went on working. I now had a week at home (Oakhill) and went to Bristol to have another shot. Lorry drivers were wanted and when I tried at the Colston Hall there was no hitch and I was up to standard now. I had to pass an exam in engine questions etc but that held no fears for me and I passed them all. In 1930 (at his garage in Castle Cary) an Insurance assessor came to look at a smash job and I met the man who had passed me again. 1
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